Title: Grand opening...
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 9/17
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 30

I pulled up to my old apartment, killing the engine and popping a piece of nicorette gum in to my mouth. I had quit cigarettes days ago, resorting to the gum was the next step. I blamed my latest blunders on my lack of conditioning. It was amusing, because I noticed I never took the blame for anything. It was always someone or something else's fault. Oh well, I had lived my life that way, why change it now. I was never to blame, and it's how I kept myself from dropping deeper in to a depression.

"Shit." I said as I sat in the car, my stomach tightening in to a giant knot. I had never felt a fear so strong. I had no idea what I was about to walk in and see. I only hoped Aurora and our son would be fine.

I got out of the car, and quietly shut the door. I didn't want my presence to be known, but I had the sneaking suspicion that I was already expected. This felt like a trap, but I went against my better judgment. I had to do this. I had failed before. I couldn't fail here.

I walked to the front door, as the porch steps creaked beneath me. "Fucking awesome." I muttered as I made it to the door. It was already slightly open, as if someone had just left. Perfect I thought. Get in and get out.

I knew this house by heart. It was empty, besides the remaining furniture which had been covered by plastic. Looked almost like a murder site. I walked through the kitchen, and reached the living room. I looked around, seeing no signs of life here. I quietly moved to the back rooms of the apartment, and remembered that there was a basement. A large one at that. A perfect spot to keep a captured woman for ransom. I opened the door, and my stomach floated in to my throat. The silence was overwhelming. Almost like a drama, before the final stand-off between the good and bad.

I didn't know what side I stood on. It was a toss up. I slowly walked down the stairs, the gun being held against me by the waist of my jeans seemed to burn with energy. It was amazing the power I felt with it attached to me, yet the fear was still present. It loomed over me like a storm cloud.

I continued down the last set of stairs, anticipation building up to where I felt as if I would explode. Before I stepped in to the darkness, I took a long, deep breath. This was the moment I hadn't been looking forward to. A woman sat bound to a chair, her silhouette visible through the darkness. It was Aurora.

What sat in front of me was either death or life. I had been praying for life.

"Aurora?" I whispered. No response. Not even a movement. My greatest fears were built up inside me. I was petrified for what was about to happen. "Aurora?" I said again, this time a little louder.

Upon hearing Freddie's voice my head jerked up and I began to make semi-shrieking sounds however they came out muffled because my mouth was taped shut. I began to move my body as much as possible to get his attention to let him know it was me. The chair shook and made noise and the wooden floor which was decaying every single day. I tried to wear through the rope that bound my wrists but all that did was give me severe rope burns around them. My flesh under the rope was caked with dried blood and now fresh blood which was caused by the reopening of the wounds. I let out a painful shriek as tears of frustration coursed down my cheeks.

"Mmmmmphhhhhhh" Was all I could manage seeing as how the tape was still around my mouth.

My stomach dropped, and I realized Aurora was fine. I searched for a light, until I found the string dangling from the ceiling. I pulled on it, and the light nearly blinded me at first. The pain was tiny compared to what I could've seen.

I rushed over to Aurora and slowly pulled the tape from her mouth. My eyes welled up with tears. I finally felt human. "I'm sorry Aurora. I'm going to get you out of here.". I managed to get out through tears. I hugged her tightly before beginning to unfasten the ropes binding her to the chair. Her wrists were raw, and bleeding. The asshole had actually made Aurora bleed. Right then, I knew I was going to kill someone. Fuck the gun, I would use bare hands.

I untied her wrists, as I made her way to her ankles. I feared for our child. I had to get her to a hospital as soon as possible.

I looked at Freddie and finally broke down and sobbed. I kept my arms wrapped around his neck tightly and buried my face into his shoulder. My tears fell onto his shirt, dampening it. I wanted to speak but I couldn't find the right words. I just wanted to get out of there and back home with Freddie.

Finally after calming myself down a bit I was able to look him in the eyes. I sniffled a bit and exhaled a deep sigh.

"You found me…I didn't think you cared Freddie. I really didn't." That was all I could say as I felt my legs sort of give out in exhaustion.

To be honest, I didn't think i cared either. But, for once, the voice in the back of my head actually had helped me. I was actually doing something for someone I cared about, instead of myself. It felt amazing. Until I heard the loud bang, and the nauseating pain in my back. The last thing I saw before I fell face forward to the floor was Aurora's eyes. So beautiful. I was happy it was the last thing I saw before everything went black.

I watched as the lights above me moved at the speed of light. Almost as if the sun was moving around the earth, faster than ever before. Somehow, I managed to look around and view my surroundings. Doctors, nurses, medical machinery. It didn't take a rocket scientist to tell where I was.

"What the fuck am I doing here!?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Not even a murmur came from my mouth.

"They can't hear you." a voice said from behind me. I whirled around, and standing behind me, was no one. I whirled back around the other way, looking for whoever the voice had come from, but it was no luck. I was all alone. My body was laid on the gurney, silent and motionless. Was I a cadaver? No. I wouldn't go that easy. HELL NO!

My mind raced as I continued to walk beside my body. "His breathing is becoming shallow." I heard one doctor say. There was no way I was going like this. It was going to take a fight.

"We need to get him to the ICU! On the double!" Another doctor shouted. What didn't they understand. I was standing next to them. I was alive and well. I was Freddie STYLES!

The began running with my stretcher, a race against time to save my life. It all seemed like I was in some sort of bad movie. Shit liek this never happened in real life. I had tried to do a good thing. I was shot in the back for it, and on my way to dying. Fuck my luck. I'd make my own.

I leaned down in to my ear, and began to scream until I was hoarse. "God damnit, you're not dying here!! Fuck no! There is far too much that needs to be done! YOU NEED TO LIVE!!"

I looked down at my own face, as lifeless as could be. My eyes laying wide open, waiting for death to pull me from this misery. I would soon see what Hell looked like. I couldn't wait.

But this is when I saw my first miracle. I watched as my lips slowly began to part, my nostrils opening for air. I watched in amazement as I came back to life. All the trouble, and all of the hate I had caused, and still I was giving a second chance. I wasn't willing to miss out this time.

I slowly began to feel overwhelmed with exhaustion. My eyelids slowly grew heavier and heavier as I took two last breaths. "Pinch me", I thought, "This nightmare is awful." I then lost all consciousness, the sheer exhaustion cutting my thoughts off.

This is where it ended....

...this is where it begins.

I know your anger, Dorian.  I know your dreams too.

We walk within similar darkened places, toeing the line between calm and chaos.

That consistent walk makes you think about the life after this one. Someday we will all leave this earth into the afterlife, and a lot of people worry about their legacy. At least those who haven't accomplished much of anything. My legacy in CWF is a work in progress, even as a hall of famer.  There's still so much that I want to do.  Evolution makes you the next part of my legacy puzzle. You're the Impact champion...basically the #2 champion in the company.  You've held that belt twice, and are a formidible foe as a champion.   I've held these tag titles two times, and defensed them with Duce against all comers.  I've main evented PPV's and walked with world champions...beaten some, taken others to their outermost limits.  But on my own, I've got a hump I've got to clear before being a hall of famer really feels real....before it truly "fits" me.  But what of you Dorian? What is your legacy? When you retire, what will the wrestling fans say about the Demon of Sobriety, other than those title reigns? That you are/were Forsaken? 

Evolution will see us in the main event...your belt against mine, and as must as you want to win, I NEED to win. I've lived with those whispers....those voices in my head for so long, they're like family.  They help and they hurt all the same.  I look at you, and I look at Chloe, so eager to follow dear old daddy into the shadows, just like I followed my mentor into the business.  I didn't have a choice in this like she does.  Wrestling was the only way I was gonna make it out of Mechanicsville alive.  Those voices kept me alive to be able to live this dream, and best believe I will draw from them to take you on with everything that I have.  

Bad for you, thant those voices aren't clouding me right now.  I am laser focused on you, good sir.  Any mistake you make will be capatlized on. I will grind you down until you are weakened. Every time you think you have the match won, I will pull victory from your grasp. This isn't about a Glass Ceiling....not tonight.  This is about one man defending what is his...defending the honor of the Aces.

This is about the honor of a man that's trying to make those hall of fame boots fit like they should.  This is about becoming a champion on my own accord.

Know this from the start Dorian...Me and you won't leave Evolution the same.
And I ain't playing with your mind, it's just a warning to let you know the truth

I will make it clear to the world Freddie Styles is gonna be that somebody

Come on Dorian...come and beat me...let me know that you and your demons are real.

Because if you on that fake shit like you were against Jimmy, putting on like you're Mia, your title is gonna get snatched away with my knee in your fucking face.

Look into my eyes Dorian.....what do you see?
I'll be everything you wanna be....I'll tell you 1+1 makes 3
I'll take your Impact fortune and your Forsaken fame.

Two words to my legacy....BALL GAME!



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