Title: Book 3 Chapter 1: Untitled
Featuring: Dorian Hawkhurst
Date: Immediately after WF, then a few days later.
Location: Various
Show: Evolution 30

Somewhere deep within the bowels of the arena, Dorian Hawkhurst sits in the locker room, where he's being tended to by the medical staff. After the yellow Mist attack by Jimmie Allen, our hero is finally able to walk on his own. She is kneeling in front of a sink, his eyes being flushed out she is kneeling in front of a sink, the mysterious yellow liquid is being flushed out of his eyes.

Chloe Hawkhurst is slamming Lynk on any surface she can find. A few of the lockers are dented, showing that Chloe is also prone to the trademark Hawkhurst rage.

Dorian: “God damn this shit Burns!”

Chloe: “Don’t worry, Daddy. Mr. Jimmy's got a receipt coming.”

The use of Asian Mist was not that uncommon in America. However, what was unusual was it's used by a Gaijin. So he did not complete as much training as Jimmy Allen, Dorian was not unaware of its existence.

Dorian: “Don’t be mad at Jimmy, baby girl. We were both taught to use any technique that works. At least he was man enough to do it to my face. A true friend will always stab you in the chest.”

Chloe: “But why, Daddy?”

Dorian: “I have no idea.”

Chloe: “But why after the match? It didn't change anything. He's still lost.”

Dorian: “He lost a match. It was one, single match. What do you mean did was show that he intends to make this a war. He lost tonight. But that's just the first battle.”

Chloe: “Well, I'm not going to take it. Mr. Jimmy hurt you, Daddy. Mia wouldn't let someone hurt the people she loves. Miss Mia would kick their ass.”

Chloe holds Lynk in front of her, looking like the old Power Rangers when it was time to morph. The humor of this is lost on Dorian, however, as he still face down in the sink.

Chloe: “It’s Mia time!”

Dorian: “Baby girl, it's my job to protect you. I get what you're trying to do, but I put on my big boy pants today. I'll handle it.”

Chloe: “Sorry, but that's not good enough, Daddy.”

Chloe slams Lynk down on the bench causing another loud thud to Echo throughout the locker room. She storms out, slamming the door behind her. Dorian tries to get up, but the Medics hold him down.

Medic: “Mister Hawkhurst, you can't get up yet. We need to finish taking care of your eyes.”

Dorian: “Could we at least get security to bring the kids back here?”

The camera feeds cuts out with one of the medics relaying the message to a staff member.

We open the scene to Dorian Hawkhurst looking much better than the last time we saw him. His blue tip hair remains, despite the fact that WrestleFest was several days ago. Also notable is the fact that instead of wearing one of his own forsaken demon t-shirts, he is wearing a Mia rain t-shirt. As usual, Chloe stands in front of her father. Her dark brown hair has been dyed completely black, aside from the tips of her hair, which it been dyed Emerald blue to match that of her father and Mia.

Dorian: “I am noticing a trend developing around here. We, The Forsaken, are not allowed to have a single-minded focus. We have our common concerns, trying to figure out where Mia is, dealing with Loki sin, and of course, dealing with the glass ceiling. Then, we have our individual concerns. The ever looming presence of Silas, the reemergence of the Ripper, and for me, dealing with my own personal Judas, Jimmy Allen... all those hang over our heads like the Sword of Damocles. Somehow, we are to be expected to hold our Focus.”

Chloe sends both of her hands downward. She releases several high bounce balls, which scatter within the confines of the small room. Every one goes in a different direction at a frenetic pace.

Dorian: “This, right here, is the best way I can visualize what's going on in my head. We are being bombarded from all sides. Before we scared our Barros away, it looked as though we had friends. It looked as though we had allies. No, no, no. They were nothing more than fair weather friends using us for their own agenda. That is why we are Who We Are. That is why we are the Forsaken. As soon as we no longer serve their purpose, they chose to forsake us. That's all fine and good, man. We do not need to stand with them, so long as we stand together.”

“Jimmy, I considered you a brother. Literally, we have been through blood, sweat & tears. When I thought all others would forsake me, you are the man that I imagined, then I envisioned, standing by my side. When I look at Chloe, I see you. How could I not?”

Dorian tears up thinking about their past.

Dorian: “Do you remember? Do you remember almost 10 years ago when I asked you to be Chloe's Godfather? Do you remember when I asked you to protect her should I ever be in the position where I couldn't? Did you remember any of that? Did you even think of how you'd be affecting her when you tore my heart out in front of the world?”

“Of course you didn't, man. You are just as forsaken as I am. You chose personal glory over everything else you stand for. You have forsaken our bond. You have forsaken your honor. For what? Why? You couldn't handle that I was the better man for once? Is it the fact that you couldn't handle the fact that I was better than you were at least one thing in life? When we were children, when we were training, you were always the best. If I broke 5 boards, you'd break 6. When I'd break 3 concrete slabs, you'd break 4. You were always, always, one step ahead of me. You were always just that little bit better.”

Dorian wipes the tears from his eyes.

“I never cut you down like you tried to cut me down. You inspired me to do the right thing. You inspired me to do things the right way. I busted my ass. I worked harder for everything I wanted. When I was detoxing, I kept looking back at our time together as children. I wanted to get clean for a number of reasons. One of them was so that I could challenge you once again. I knew that I had to be at my best to do that.”

“When you showed up here and CWF, it was like the sun breaking through the clouds on an overcast day. It was like the Red Sea had parted. It was something I never saw coming. I felt like a kid walking up on Christmas morning. At WrestleFest, when I got that gift, it was like the Grinch stole Christmas.”

Chloe starts rocking back and forth, as though she is in a trance.

Chloe: “One, two, The Demon's coming for you. Three, four, better lock the door. Five, six, Freddie is a prick. Seven, eight, Gonna take your golden plate. Nine, ten, The Demon's coming again.”

Dorian: “That's right. Despite everything going on around me, Freddie Styles, you will not get off the hook that easily. You see, you have something that I want. You have something that you stole from The Forsaken. That being the CWF Tag Team Championships. Now, I will be the first man to admit that this is not very fair to you. But I ain't looking a gift horse in the mouth either. I know that the suits have thrown in my Championship to sweeten the deal. That doesn't faze me one bit.”

“I expect you, Freddie, to not be completely out of your element here. I know of your accomplishments. I also know that you hear things. We all have demons. We all have those little voices that tell us the things we don't want to hear.”

Dorian's face contorts, and he lowers his voice to a near whisper.

Dorian: “Those voices, they creep into everybody's head. We all have doubts about ourselves. We all question if we're good enough. Not everyone is in a business like ours were they get to prove whether they are or not. I know my worth here. I go out and prove it each and every week. I don't need to second-guess myself.”

“I can only imagine what it's like to have an old man in this business. The pressure you must feel each and every time you step out of the locker room must be immense. Unlike you, I'm not living in my old man's shadow. But I know a thing or two about walking in the shadows. This week, in this match, I am going to be YOUR shadow.”

“I am going to take your best shot and remain standing. I am going to make you second-guess everything about yourself personally and professionally. I am a little voice in the back of your head that's going to tell you that you're not good enough. I'm going to be The Whispers that tell you you're not half as good as your father was. Where you're at, the trout isn't going to give you their approval. It is no better than the mob back in the Coliseum that is sitting there waiting for your blood to be spilled.”

Dorian returns his voice to normal, but his demeanor is no less intense.

Dorian: “I've got a lot of bad mojo going on, man. And if there's one thing you haven't figured out by now, it's that I no longer drink to solve my problems. I work my shit out by busting skulls and yours happens to look mighty good this week. I haven't forgotten, but you are part of the problem. I haven't forgotten that when I try to figure out what happened to Mia, all signs point to the glass ceiling.”

“One other thing you might want to consider, my friend. I am white dude that comes from money. The glass ceiling doesn't apply to me. So, at Evolution, I am going to do what I need to do. I don't really care about the titles as much as you would think. What I care about, it's getting revenge for Mia. And if I should happen to take what rightfully belongs to The Forsaken anyway, that makes it so much sweeter.”

“Freddie Styles, I hope you're prepared for when you're getting hammered!”

The scene cuts out with both of the Hawkhursts staring into the camera.

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