Title: Lessons
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: varies
Location: various
Show: Evolution 30

Lessons Learned
Post-Match WrestleFest

As I left the ring, opting not to attack Dorian’s 9 year old kid. You could hear a pin drop in the arena. The stunned silence was one of the most potent sounds you can imagine. I stopped at the top of the ramp as the EMS Team was making there way to the ring. Of course I had to stop and watch, I had to absorb the results of my work. A masterpiece is not something you simply bail on at the first sign of trouble. I feel a smile spreading across my face, followed by a sigh of contentment. Something I haven’t felt in a long time, even in losing I know I win. I then exit the ramp to the gorilla position where I grab a clean towel and begin scrubbing my face with it vigorously. I grab an offered water bottle from one of the stage hands and douse my face and then rinse my mouth out. Grabbing another towel I again dry my face, I could still feel the tingling of the mist on my skin but it wasn’t unbearable and would do until I could get to the shower.

???: What exactly was in that mist you sprayed your best friend with?

I turn my head to see our lovely Tara, with an ugly scowl on her face. In the distance I can hear the booing of the crowd getting louder as I’m sure my visage is being broadcast on the tron now.

Jimmy Allen: I did what was necessary. 

Tara: So, this wasn’t because you lost?

I roll my eyes at her question and then shake my head at her audacity.

Jimmy Allen: Do you really believe for one second that title means anything to me? Do you really believe that I would do that to my best friend over a title? I’m not that shallow, but evidently you are.

She is now obviously fuming over the insult but I cut her off as she tries to respond.

Jimmy Allen: No princess, we’re done.

I leave the area and head back to the dressing room, walking among people who are somewhere between shocked at my actions and furious with me for attacking Dorian like that. I enter the locker room and go straight to the shower so I can scrub this off of my skin. Not just the mist, but other things as well. I may never feel clean again and I’m okay with that.

/Scene Fades

The Next Day
Wylie, Texas

/Scene Opens

I sit on the front porch, watching the noon day sun rise to its peak has always been a favorite thing of mine to do. Most people find the heat of even the Texas “Fall” to be too much. Already it was ninety one degrees, with a heat index well over one hundred due to the humidity and dew point readings. I smile as the perspiration rolls down my back, although that’s not really what the smile is about. No, it’s not about the sweat, it’s about the reaction of the wrestling world. I had done the unthinkable. Kristen and Charlotte stand near the doorway watching me, probably saddened that I took away their lucrative payday.

Jimmy Allen: Has the office not contacted you yet?

Kristen: They have, I don’t understand though….why are you having us dismissed?

I almost laugh at the question but maintain, there’s no reason to add insult to injury at this point. The office had assigned them to me. They had hired this actress and her daughter to play a roll for television. 

Jimmy Allen: It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. I really don’t feel the need to have someone portray me as anything other than what I am.

The uber I had called for them pulled up at that moment and I bid them farewell as the driver put their bags in the trunk of his car.

Jimmy Allen: I’ll damn sure not be what they expect me to be….never again. They did the same thing to me that other places have done. Here do it this way it will help get you over with the fans if we can show them that you’re a family man. The thing is, adding a fake wife and child to someone doesn’t get them over with the fans. You are either over with them of your own merit or you’re not. Period, end of story. I grow weary of people trying to make me into what they think their best version of me is. It’s way past time for me to take matters into my own hands. Step one was already done, the war with The Forsaken was initiated. Yes, it was calculated since the day i stepped thru the doors of this company. Dorian won the battle but retaining his title is all he accomplished. I know you better than you know yourself, and I know you’ll be out for blood. I welcome it, come get you some son. 

/scene fades

Twenty four hours before Evo
Memphis, TN

/Scene Opens

I sit on the hood of the rental car in the parking facility, wearing a Nike shirt with Ataxia’s face on it, the caption underneath is reads, “Even if it means sacrificing everything everyone….Just Do it!”, skinny jeans and nike shoes(Air Jordan 11s - the blackouts). I idly kick my feet back and forth as I think about what I want to say.

Jimmy Allen: Dorian, you were absolutely right. You needed that match. When we were kids and later coming up in the business together. I was always the better athlete. We both know that to be true, it’s not brag, just fact. I’ll address the why’s tonight at Evo, let’s just for now say that it was a reminder of exactly who the fuck you’re dealing with. You seem to have forgotten. 

I slide off the hood of the car and lay my hand on my bag as I get ready to enter the facility. 

Jimmy Allen: A fatal four way match, no payoff, nothing insinuated, just an opportunity for four people to beat the hell out of each other. The three other competitors? How about just the one competitor who represents something I can at least respect. Fucking Duce Jones.

A range of emotions play across my face; calm, amused, and finally rage. I guess I’m too much like my father after all.

Jimmy Allen: Duce, it’s hard not to respect a person who pretends to be nothing other than what they are. There’s a special place in hell for liars and pretenders in my opinion. As far as I know, all you represent is the Glass Ceiling. A business arrangement, 3 men who have joined together because they have a similar vision for this business. Or at least a vision for what they want as CWF goes. I don’t really have an issue with that. Hell, i don’t even have an issue with y’all taking out Mia for that matter. It made sense to be honest. You and your friends were never going to keep Jace Valentine around anyway. You had to have a way to level the playing field, that was a bold move on your parts. If I wore a hat I would tip it to you but, yeah….I hate hats….fucking douchebag rednecks. A pretender you are not, you are exactly what you seem to be. The path of the warrior; do you know it I wonder? It’s supposedly an honorable path where everything is laid bare for all the world to see. Yeah, I never bought into that bullshit either. What I do buy into though is me. I don’t have a problem with you personally, but we’ll see if it remains that way after this match is done. I won’t stand aside and just let you win Duce, nor would I expect you to do the same for me. 

I pick up the bag still looking at the camera.

Jimmy Allen: From the one that I respect most in this match to the one I respect least in this match. Fucking Azreal….The angel of death? Really?! More like a washed up attention whore. So, this guy becomes irrelevant and decides to just do the most insane thing possible to get attention. He tries to kill himself by cutting off his dick. Next time you decide you need some attention, I’d suggest a prostitute but with your injury and all that may no longer be an option for you. A puppy perhaps, you know...because neutered creatures like to hang out together. 

I sling the bag over my shoulder and begin walking towards the secure entrance. I then stop and smile at the camera.

Jimmy Allen: Don’t worry bagman, I haven’t forgotten about you. 

I point to the shirt, drawing attention to it once again.

Jimmy Allen: It may not be sanctioned or official but it’s so very appropriate. You are the biggest pretender of them all in this company. You pretend to care about Dorian, Mia and Shadow. Yet, there is no ongoing search for Mia. She’s yet another person that you have allowed to simply fall by the wayside, another victim of the game that you like to play. The list of victims is a long one is it not? First there was Mia, although she really seems to be just an innocent bystander, either that or the Glass Ceiling is really bad at follow up. Then Shadow, he got completely dominated by our resident jester. There’s a lot to admire about Loki Syn ya know? She plays the game better than you.
I hold my hand up to the side of my head in a “call me” gesture, shooting the camera a wink I continue.

Jimmy Allen: What happened with Dorian, there is no doubt when I say this Tax, his blood is on your hands. When I first returned to this business I made it clear why I was here. I felt there was something that was broken inside me, I was seeking redemption for things I had done in Boardwalk Wrestling. Then it dawned on me, the real reason I’m here….is….you. I am here to fix the damage that you cause wherever you go. I am here to put an end to you Ataxia. Your corruption of others stops with me. I will not allow you to go on making pawns out of every person you come across. Even if it takes the very last breath in my body. 

I continue walking as the camera follows me, my expressions shifting between amused and intense hatred.

Jimmy Allen: I know you well enough to know that  you will put your own ridiculous spin on this. That being said I will say it simply so there can be no misunderstanding. This farce of a family you try to be the patriarch of, it’s nothing more than a house of cards. While it amuses me to watch it waver, to watch it begin to topple. It’s somehow not enough for me. No, I have to have more, I have to set that mother fucker on fire and watch it burn. I won’t take my eyes off of it until there is nothing but ash left behind. Some might call this me seeking revenge, I call it justice, I call it a long overdue reckoning. I will not stop until you are no more. See ya at Evo….Frand.

/Scene Fades

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