Title: Every Night I Gots Ta Fight
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: May 26, 2018
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Show: Evolution 21

“When I first got the message about the match that I was booked in, excitement flowed through my body. You see, the very thing that I complained about to Rish, he finally wants to give to me. True competition, Caledonia, Amber Ryan, and Omega, three women who are heralded in their own rights. But I would be lying if I didn't say as quick as that motivation came, that motivation left.. On paper this match has star power written all over it, guaranteed to give the fans their money worth.”

“If you don't know me by now, then you should know I'm all about giving the folks their money’s worth. The titles, the money, the fame, accolades are worth it, but if those fans don't go home happy is the job really done.”

“But the more the days past, the more I trained, the more my thoughts came together, I saw the bigger picture. You have the Tag Team Champs, World Champ, Unhinged Briefcase Holder, one of the founding members of the Academy, and the recently Forsaken. All jumbled up in what is sure to be a classic. But there's that voice, and you all know I might listen at times. But that voice tells me, this is a recipe for disaster. The more I try to focus on my opponents, the more Elisha and his cultist creep through my brain. I mean it's clear they obvious influence on this company. Something that I know for a fact that everyone in match as a whole, want to put a cease too.”

“Maybe I'm overthinking things, maybe not, but there are too many variables to this match that make me, less than comfortable. Maybe I'm reaching, maybe I'm searching for reasons to make excuses. Thinking to myself maybe I might be a little bit over my head. You see, walking through those doors I never expected to make it as far as I have. I expected to carry the bags, open the shows, you know jerk the curtains open. When that first bell rung and I sent Kancer’s tooth flying from his mouth, I've been blazing a trail unseen by the likes of anyone. Well maybe Caledonia can stake those same claims. You see since her arrival she's been on a tear that has been seen and recognized throughout the whole company. Tag titles, World champ, higher, wire, fire, or whatever that madness was. She's stood strong and tall, there was a time I discredited you for merely being a woman. But you along with a few others have opened my eyes to the dominance that you have on this company.”

“For that I respect you, I respect those women who stand tall in the eyes of adversity. Who show and prove that women are just as good as men at anything. But that's enough for tooting your lil horn. You see a point has to be proven, a few more eyes need to be open…. Evolution 21, that high you're riding on Cali is gonna be blown. Personally I like you, I respect the movement, but as with anything in professional wrestling. This is business, but we all know where the real fight lies. We all know what's really at stake, none of that matters though, cuz I'm here to turn heads. I'm here to get the people talking and the only thing people will be talking bout is how Smokin’ Aces and Hawkhurst took out the top guns.”

“The past, present, and future - Omega, Ryan, and Cali, it's almost iconic isn't it? From Insurgency to Academy, no matter how you look at it, these three will forever be intertwined. At one point, having the same goals, the same end games. But now deception and titles paint ugly picture, a group that should be a well oiled machine. Cali not knowing if she truly trust her partners. One, who might know the secret whereabouts of her husband. The other likely chomping at the bits to take the World title.”

“Amber seems like a woman of her words though, still doesn't change the fact that I don't like you. You come and go as you please, you choose the appropriate times for when you want to show up. Is that really the type of people we need lulling around to move this company in the right direction. I mean I have a legitimate question for you Amber.. Whenever you do cash in your briefcase are you going to be the champion this place needs, or are you gonna be the type of champ who comes and goes as she damn well pleases? Don't get me wrong, you're a formidable opponent, you have talent out this world. But I respect those who can show up on a daily basis and not just when she feel like it… You haven't been on the road grinding with the rest of us, you get that superstar, I'm holier than thou treatment. Pay per views and special occasions, the only time you wanna show your face. I guess I could give credit where it's due though.. Unhinged Briefcase is in your possession, you've gotten your fair share of victories. So that should garner some type of respect right? Some kind of pat on the back?”


“No matter how many times I may have arguments with myself, or talk to the “voices” in my head. I still walk through those arena doors every time. I don't get the luxury of allowing injuries to heal. I don't get the time to sit back and reflect, I gotta prove a point night in and night out, to people the likes of you and Dorian.. Who take people like me and Freddie as jokes! So with all due respect Amber…. Fuck you…. Respectfully…”

“I've always known that respect is earned and not given. And the plan is to earn every ounce of that respect, one body at a time. You see Freddie and me are just as good on paper as we are inside that ring. There isn't any coincidence why we won the titles on our first outing as a team. We were breed for this business, groomed to be the best the world has ever seen. So it doesn't matter if Hawkhurst has his doubts about teaming with us. Like I told Cali, this match is purely business, anything else is just extra.”

“Smokin’ Aces are champs for a reason and it doesn't matter how many spoiler alerts you may have Dorian. The fact remains that Smokin’ Aces are here to change the landscape, to cast out all those doubts that anyone may have. We are here to stay and we ain't going no fucking where.. Cali, Omega, Ryan, I know three aces that's bout to be SMOKED!


I felt confident enough with my promo that I uploaded it to CWF Wired. I stared at my half of the CWF Tag Team titles. I was more than confident that the match would be well in hand. But my focus was more on the Fatal Four Way Tag Team match for a shot at the titles that the Aces hold. Three very deserving teams, and a makeshift. Hell Mia and The Shadow beat the Lost Boys before me and Freddie. Right place, right time I guess.

Hotel rooms had sorta became a safe haven for me, Pops still didn't want anything to do with me. Couldn't say I blame em, after everything I had put them through. In my defense, things were out of my control, I tried to be strong for everyone. Just get us through the madness, but he told me, that at the moment he couldn't stand the sight of me. That I had my battles with my demons and I lost.

Speaking of demons, I hadn't heard from Byson in a while. I guess that was a good thing.. I’d be lying if I said I didn't miss the conversations though. I should feel on top of the world right now. But I don't, I needed my family back, they were the only ones who kept me sane. Kept me striving to fight with everything I had each and every night.

Now there was a void that I feel would take a long time to fill. I mean, Yolanda and I had started back talking. At the end of the day a man isn't really nothing without family. Besides no matter how hard I try to fill that void, it just wasn't the same without Pops rooting me on. Showing me the ropes, giving me that extra advice I needed. He was my hero, the man who I always wanted to be like, even when he pounded it into my head to be my own man. Stand on my own 12½, I understood… It was time for me to step off on my own once again. Prove to everyone that I was more than just a second generation kid. If you ask me, so far so good..

I laid on my queen size bed inside of my hotel, staring at the ceiling, lost in my thoughts. If anyone would have told me seven months ago, that I'd be where I'm at. That I’d be at the stage that I'm at in my career.. I would laugh in their face… My thoughts are interrupted by the sounds of my phone ringing. I grabbed it off the mattress seeing it was Pops!? What the hell??

“Pops!? Sup!?” I questioned, a hint of surprise in my voice.

“I see you won some Tag Team belts boy… Congrats…”

“Thanks Pops..”

“This really isn't a formal call boy… You put this family in extreme danger. And I really can't let this shit go, I know.. I know.. You were going through some things in ya head and all but… Somehow… someway…. You're gonna pay for the trauma you put my babies through.. Then after that.. Maybe we can go back to being father and son.. But for now, enjoy your life, enjoy every moment you have. Cuz you will pay boy…”

Before I could even respond back, he had hung up the phone. I sat there lost for words. Mind going a million miles a minute. I had never heard Pops talk in such a manner before. I knew he was upset but I didn't think he would wanna physically hurt me.

I guess that's life though, survival of the fittest.. I had fucked up, but to what extent I didn't know. But, the one thing he failed to realized, I was his child. Which meant, if he didn't give a fuck.. That I gave lesser of a fuck, family business is family business… And right now, business is a lil krayzie.. Damn shame..


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