Title: No one cares, why do you
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Nowhere
Show: Wrestle Fest IV Wrestle Fest IV

The fire crackled madly, casting dancing shadows over the room.  It looks to be a rather comfortable space, with the movie posters hung on the walls and pop figures sitting on the various shelves.  A video game controller sits idly on a small table, next to a half-drunk glass of pop.  No noises from the tv in the room can be heard, however, only the fire...and the slow methodical breathing of the person sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace.  A wad of paper was thrown into the dancing flames, eyes watching the flames slowly consume and turn the discarded thing into ash.

Then there was another.

And another.

Five more before the figure even decided to speak a word.

"I wish I could tell you things could have gone better with that match.  I wish I could offer an explanation for what happened, but unfortunately I can't.  It turned into something that shouldn't have happened, the ending at least.  I ended up with more cuts and bruises than I could count that night.  I went home and collapsed, staring at nothing, wondering how I could have lost to Silas so horribly.  It was my chance..."

Autumn trails off with a sigh.

"It was my chance to put him to rest and finally leave it all behind.  To stamp him out and completely walk away from it all.  That, of course, didn't happen, and here I am still dealing with his...stink still lingering around me.  His presense continues to fuel the fire of those around me, who still can't separate me from the deranged presense that is Silas.  They still whisper and talk, spread rumors, with him still around.  They wonder, speculate, form their own opinions about the whole situations and it seems nothing I say or do lately changes their minds."

Another balled up piece of paper is thrown.

"It's a never ending cycle, but a cycle that has to end nonetheless.  With him existing anywhere near me, I will never be able to be free.  I will never be able to fully succeed with him haunting my every move.  I need him gone.  Is that so much to ask from the universe?  To erase the thought, the memory of one Silas Artorias from the minds of many?  I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would be glad that his twisted presense is no longer haunting the halls."

She sighed, twisting her hands together in frustration, seeming to be fighting with her own inner demons.

"I can't even recall a match card where it was just me appearing without him being around.  It's always both of us at one point, or the higher ups decide to smash us together as a team thinking that it's the greatest idea in the world when they know full well that it's the worst idea in the history of mankind.  Case in point, a few weeks ago.  I abandoned him to the wolves.  I left him to rot in that match, because simply I didn't care.  I just wanted to see him suffer, without my presense there.  He did, and I smiled.  I relaxed that night, but like freakin clockwork, here we are weeks later at WrestleFest in the same situation that they like to put us in.  Everyone in this match, Shadow, and Loki mostly, are having a hay day with that one simple fact."

Autumn shuts her eyes for a brief moment, before opening them.

"Loki, I'm not hanging around Silas by choice.  It's just the fact that when my name is mentioned, people automatically tack his name on like an afterthought.  Same goes for him, his name gets mentioned, I get brought up.  People think we're this on again, off again couple that can't decide whether to stay together or split apart.  I've...I'm trying to tear myself away from him, but it seems the more I try, the more he seems to stick and stay around.  Seriously, if you want to do me and the whole world a fucking favor, go rent a cannon and shoot him into the sun.  I don't really care.  Everything you're saying isn't new to me, it's old news...and it's getting really old to hear.

I can't change people's minds lately Loki.  Including yours."

Autumn shrugs, indifferent.

"We have met several times, Shadow.  Glad to see you're paying attention.  Thank you for not dragging us through the mud that bad.  What do you want me to say to you, hmm?  What do you want me to say to you that I already haven't said before?  Explain everything that's been going on, and then try to sugar coat it for you?  Ok, I'll bite.  I don't have the stellar record in CWF like some of you here, and I wasn't aware that you needed to be a perfect son of a bitch to be successful.  I am beginning to think that even accepting Silas's offer of forming the Coalition was the wrong idea all together.

Because now, people can't tell us apart.  I haven't really done much of anything to be spoken of in a positive light, and the chances that I've had to get anywhere ahead have fallen through my hands like grains of sand.  I can blame this on me, and I can blame it on Silas's presense alone.   He's a curse, a punishment for not being my own person and following my ideals like I always have.  Being led, not leading my own ways, has dammned me to this position.  I have wandered wondering what to do, where to go, and how to accomplish everything that I want.  These thoughts invade my time and make up a part of me now, only because Silas continues to be the stink that won't go away.  No one can seperate us, take us apart, and just let us both go and do our own thing.

I failed to take him out last time.  I wanted it to be the last time.  The last time that anyone would associate either of us together.  So what am I doing here?  Why do I still exist and show up to do this every week?  Because I love it.  I'm not going to let a bunch of people scare me off because of a bunch of shit that happens.  I'm going to continue doing this job, and I'm going to keep going despite the odds.  It's that simple.  If I can't find freedom from this situation in the traditional way, Shadow, there are other ways to achieve it.  I'll have everything I want."

She sighs.

"Then we come to the cow in the room full of wolves, Silas.  Congrats you sadistic fuck.  You won the match.  You had your way with me, and beat me into submission.  I hope that one single thought helps you sleep at night...if you even sleep anymore with the Passenger biting at your ass."

She shakes her head.

"Here we are again, like a bad dream, having to face off against each other while everyone else points fingers and laughs.  'Autumn and Silas are back in another match...together...again!  Can't these two ever stay apart for more than a few cards?'  I kinda have to agree.  You and I have been fighting together, against each other, on these cards for god knows how long.  Probably since we both started.  That's where the problems began, when you offered me the chance to join you and form the Coalition.  Looking back, it was a mistake to even accept your offer.  If I had seen what was to come, I would have kicked you straight in your balls and told you to go to hell.  I wasn't your teammate, I was practically your babysitter!  Half the time I had to smack your ass back into reality to keep that damn Passenger from ruining everything.  Maybe the whole time it was that...thing...that was behind everything.  Maybe we...I was just a tool for you to use and get further into this doorway.

I do know that accepting your hand was a fatal mistake.  Now I cannot go anywhere or win, or anything without people saying I can't do it on my own without help.  I've had...someone...there to guide me along.  You, or anyone else that has stood with me.  You still stand here with me, talking, making up stories, all of it.  You're still here, Silas.  Your very presense is the problem.  You bring your freakin knife, or whatever you want.  I'll bring my bat, and a few other tricks up my sleeve...sometime later...because at some point a new story has to start and the old one has to end.

This has to end, and it will."

Autumn clenches her fists together tightly.

"Speaking from my heart seems to get me somewhere and nowhere all at once.  All I want is the freedom from the chains that bind me to this mortal ground.  I want to fly and soar above everything, like I was meant to.  I don't want anyone to help me, not anymore.  It's that ideal of help, and the offering of hands that's keeping me grounded and holding me back.  It's been the one reason all along.  Beating Silas and crippling him is just an afterthought.  I would love to win this match at WrestleFest, I really would.  It would lay to rest so many things and clap a hand over so many running mouths.  God it would be a dream.  No more Shadow telling me of things that were, and things that could be.  No more Loki wondering if I even matter, or have my own way in this place.  Then, especially, no more Silas fucking Artorias to be around and darken my life or be the constant reminder of a mistake that should have never been."

She takes three pictures, one of each of her opponents and looks at them.  She shrugs, as if not caring at all whether things in this match go one way or another, then throws them into the roaring flames.

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