Title: god-like?
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 9/8
Location: Unknown
Show: Wrestle Fest IV Wrestle Fest IV

"So that's the deal?" I asked. She had given me an outrageous offer, but there was something about her eyes. They seemingly convinced me she was telling the truth. I was making a deal with the devil; and every dream ro fantasy I had ever conjured up, could be a reality. I wouldn't say I was desperate, but how could I refuse? I could be immortal.

"Yes, it can all be yours." She responded, the same satisfied smile on her face. Underneath her attractive exterior, sat the devil herself. "I know about your lust for power. I could see you were desperate for it the first time I saw you. This is your chance to control your own destiny. It's yours for the taking."

I still was hesitant is agreeing. A deal with the devil was overwhelming to say the least. I knew of the stories and legends of hell, and it's emperor. I wasn't quite satisfied with the deal yet. I wanted more on my end. If I was losing my soul, then the gain had to be outrageously in my favor. "I need something else."

"Oh yeah?" She said. A hint of frustration in her voice. She was trying very hard to bargain with me. It threw me off a bit. "I want freedom. Pure freedom. Freedom to do as I please, when I want to. If it comes up, I want the freedom to kill. I want to be feared." It was true. I wanted to feel the rush of killing someone. No one I knew, just random people at completely random times.

"I doubt you'd be able to handle that power. You really think your strong enough to kill with no remorse? Maybe I was wrong about you, should I take this offer elsewhere?" She said, and loudly snapped the gum in her mouth.

"No!" I yelled. I realized what I had just done, and looked around me to see blank stares from numerous people in the bar. It felt as if they were staring right through me. Little did they know I was becoming stronger than any mortal man. I turned back to her, speaking quietly. "I can handle this. You and I both know it. I deal with convicts and victims everyday. I want to know what those men feel when they kill. I want the power to take life. I want the strength of my victim. Give me this, and you have a deal."

She stared at me, thinking over her options. Everything I had said, I meant. She knew it as well as I did. I watched as she slowly gave in to my request. "Fine. I'll give you the power you desire. Along with the wealth, and the lust of the most beautiful women in the world. In return, I get your soul. Are you ready to sign?"

I could already feel myself grow stronger. I'm sure it was just my mind fucking with me, but I had made a life altering decision. I was in cahoots with the devil, and she had made my wildest dreams true. I'd be able to experience an unimaginable adrenaline rush. I was going to drain the life out of some poor fool, and feel their fear and pain. I couldn't wait to look in to their eyes, and watch them die. Never had I felt so strong, or so sure of myself. Fuck my current life. I was ready to embark on something so much greater.

"This is ama-" I said as I turned to reply to Maria, but she was gone. Funny, I hadn't even seen her leave. Oh well, I imagine I would be seeing her soon enough. I was anticipating the moment I left the bar. I was craving for blood and death. So maybe I was a bit out there, but only few have ever felt the power I felt at that moment. There was no drug, hallucegenic or not, that could give me the high I was feeling at that point. I had to experience it all first hand. It was the start of a new, better life.

I sat in the pew, head down, chin resting on the back of my intertwined hands. It had been a long time since I had been here. I was sitting in a church for the first time in almost eight years. I had lost sight of it, and still hadn't found my religious self. But I needed someone to talk to. God was always there right? Or atleast that's what I had been told.

I looked forward, staring at the enormous statue of Jesus crucified at the cross. I stared at the wounds on his hands and feet. He had died for the people. The same people who had lynched him, and had not believed. Somehow I could relate. I could picture myself being nailed to that cross, crucified for being a GOD.

All the stress of this sport had started to build up. I still had to meet with some stranger, who knew where Deshawn and Aurora were. He hadn't seen them in almost a month. He would be lying if he said he wasn't worried. He hid this fear with his calm and collected persona. Deep down he was terrified for them. Who knew, maybe they were already dead. "Fuck you! Quit thinking like that!" I mumbled to myself. I had no idea when my life had taken this sharp downward spiral, but I could already feel that the ending was going to be catastrophic. There was bound to be some sort of loss. It's how it always ended. Call it unlucky, call it fate. Whatever it was, I was growing tired of the constant roller coaster ride with my emotions. I wasn't able to take much more.

I continued to stare at the large cross, wondering how the Son of God had changed so many lives. I wondered what people saw when they looked at him. Or maybe even what they felt. Guilt? Sorrow? Joy? I had felt all those things in the span of a week, yet religion had nothign to do with it.

I began to grow angry. I had gone to the church to look for some sort of sign. A sign that everything would be alright. I hadn't seen anything for the entire hour I had been there. I stared the statue of Jesus in the face, and readied myself. "Fuck you. I don't need you. You've never looked out for me before, why woudl you start now? I'm greater than all of this. I am Freddie fucking Styles. The new MESSIAH."

I smirked, and arose from the pew. I had come to God's house, and spit in his face. Who was I kidding. I looked down on God just as I did everyone else. I was my own man, with my own responsibilities. I didn't need followers to preach my message. I am a fucking messiah! There is no one else like me. I do what I want, when I want. And there is nothing that the Jesus, or the almighty God can do to stop me. I am an immortal. Forever to be remembered.

We are the leaders of the tag division. Fuck you Bobby. Fuck you Michael. We rule supreme in this house, and in this house, you will only pray to the Smokin' Aces.  I hope you've enjoyed holding onto our property for your little kicks this last week or so.  I really hope you took all the pictures, got all the snaps and instagram shots, all the facebook posts and tweets out of your system.  You've lived the false dream...so now its time to bring the reality of Aces life crashing down on you two chumps like a knee to the face.  We've taken on far better people and beaten more superior talent than you two.  How dare you walk into our house and take what is our hard earned and won championships?  Don't you know who you're fucking with?

You feel the anger rise within Freddie, as he's feeling the power rush through him.

I'll be damned if I...WE...let you two run around one more damn night with our titles.  You're just some funny little bitches perpertrating with our belts, and best believe we are going to step down on you with the force of greatness.  Bob, Mike.....I hope you've enjoyed your moment in our spotlight....because now you will become a footnote in my hall of fame career, and a very short chapter in the story of the Aces.

You come at the kings, you best not miss....and fellas...yalls aim is about at good as a kid with an uzi.  You won't hit shit.  But best believe we will....one knee, one boot, one sound.


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