Title: Fireside Chat
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 5-26-18
Location: Fireside
Show: Evolution 21

[color=red]Azrael is sitting in his usual chair, with his beverage and fire setting the mood.


Well, that was disappointing.  Not surprising, but disappointing. Not sure how that match was allowed to happen, since I had no say in the stipulations.  Straight jacket, a straight jacket!?! C’est la vie. It has illuminated somethings about you Mia. I was under the impression that you were misguided, lost individual who never found a group to call family.  I was wrong. You don’t need to be saved. You are not going to let them control you, use you for what little you are worth, and discard you. You, my dear friend, are plain and simply crazy. Not crazy like Crazy Chris, or wacky.  No, you are a sociopath and psychopath. You have antisocial personality disorder, with histrionic personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder thrown in for good measure. You do not belong in the ring. You belong in a padded room, getting real help to fix the chemistry in your brain, so you can be a productive contributing member of society.  You lack the conscience to understand limits, while in this profession are extreme to begin with, but you, you are a legitimate threat to the safety and livelihood of your coworkers. This can not, and will not stand.


Azrael takes a deep breath, sips of his amber beverage and continues his monologue.  


So, as some have done, they have looked into my name.  They have found the inspiration as to how I selected the name to match what I wanted to accomplish during my career.  But as I have aged and matured, I wanted to change as well. I didn’t want to be that person anymore. I wanted to bring about a change, within myself and in what I represent.  In how I influenced the world. That is why my current personality, my current point of view, doesn’t match exactly with my name. But it is just a name. A rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet, and prick you with thorns if you aren’t careful.  So Mia, people are allowed to change, grow and mature. The follies of youth do not have to continue into adulthood. So why didn’t I change my name, pick something that matches my current demeanor? Because Azrael has history. Azrael has a past, a tradition, one what I want to continue.  I have looked into my name further and have found several sources that actual match what I am trying to do here. Azrael is the Angel of Death, but just ensures souls go to heaven. He helps people deal with the grief and loss. He is more of a guidance counselor. He provides guidance to the souls in Hell to try and deliver them to heaven.  He has been given a evil persona because we are scared of death. He is just misunderstood. You can understand that, can’t you Mia.


Azrael takes a few deep breaths to ease the pain before continuing.  


Well, I guess I should address the next match.  No, no, I won’t. This match is a terrible idea. Let’s put these two guys, one of whom has seen one match together against three other legitimate teams.  No offense to you Revenant but we stand about as much chance as an ice cube in hell. Not sure how you got sucked into this shit show, but hey sorry. I will show up, and give maximum effort, because I am a professional, but I don’t give a damn about this match or the tag team titles.  I am not here to make friends. I am here for me, and me alone. You don’t have to worry too much. I won’t focus just on Mia. I will have your back. While we may not win, I won’t allow anyone to cheat and take advantage of us like that.


Azrael tips his glass to the camera and the scene fades away.

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