Title: Answers to Questions You Didn't Even Know
Featuring: Loki Synn
Date: Mmmm... Nuts
Location: ECMC and unknown
Show: Wrestle Fest IV Wrestle Fest IV

They say that in order for something “GREAT!” and “NOTEWORTHY!” to happen, one first needs to have the skills required in order to make these things happen. My friends, readers, and anyone else that is forgotten in these tomes; regardless of what beliefs you hold near and dear to your collective hearts and which ones you only love to despise and cast away; Loki Synn is here to tell you all that this is NOT the case!

I shit you all not. Also, I know what you’re all thinking. What the hell am I reading right now? Well you lucky sum of a bitch, YOU are currently reading the innermost rantings of Loki Synn’s mind! How wonderful! I know this for a fecking fact! I know that this article that I sit here and type out will be shared and read and judged by people the world over. I know that at the end of the day, any chance of a relationship for me to have with any other human on this crusty ‘ol Earth we call “Home” is going to be based solely around what is typed here. And read. Over and over again. So essentially, you’re all my disciples. If you’re reading this, you’re going to start at the beginning and go to the very bitter end because you can’t help it. You, from here on out, will be called “Reader” will go cross eyed reading every little thing I type here.

Doesn’t matter if how crazy it sounds.

Doesn’t matter how insane it becomes.





It’s all here dear Reader. Anything asked for is delivered. Such is the disciple of Loki. See? You’re intrigued already and I’m hardly a fixture in anyone’s vocabulary! Not like someone like… What’s her name?

That… Bird girl. Caw Caw, always has that other Bird Person hanging around her? Yeah, YOU know who I’m talking about. THOSE two. Silas and Autumn. The fragments of The Coalition that are a walking and talking domestic dispute case waiting to happen. Oh, those two. It tickles the very cockles of my fucking heart that you want to insert yourself into my business Silas. Here I am falling into the trap that everyone else seems to be doing anymore. They bring up Autumn and INSTANTLY move onto Silas. It’s like they pull up this rare and hard to find gem, unique in its own right and are instantly distracted by the giant turd hanging off of it. 

Seriously dude. You stink and you drag people down. I’m honestly not sure why Autumn is still hanging around you. Autumn? Are you there Autumn? It’s me, your mother fuggin’ goddess Loki Synn, I have a question for you… WHY ARE YOU STILL HANGING AROUND HIM?!

I’m not actually expecting an answer mind you, that would be awfully silly of me.

But still, Autumn used to be some sort of unique and awesome personality and now look at her. She’s… Silas’ shadow? Does she even have her own ring entrance anymore? Does she show up without Silas anymore? Are they…

The SAME person?

The world may never know.

Not that anyone really cares. I mean, come on! It’s Autumn Raven, who only appears on the card if Silas is somewhere on there as well and holy crap, in a SUPRIZE turn of events! IT’S SILAS FUCKING ARTORIA!

I wish I could say that I’m excited about this. Truly, I do! I wish I could bring some sort of… Party Xpress that would put some pep into this coming match! But I would need SO much to counteract the amount of boredom the two of you bring to any type of match that you’re involved in. There hasn’t been any kind of a card in the last… Dear LORD has anyone even been able to count how many months its been that you two have existed anyplace outside of the SAME MATCH ON THE CARD?!

Oh wait…

I’m sure there was a week here and there that you were both off. That counts right? What were you doing? Was it make up sex?

I bet it was make up sex. Bet it was violent. Inquiring minds want to know Silas, which of you wore the rubber gimp suit?


Did I mention that I’m going to make the two of you bleed oh… SO MUCH BLOOD come WrestleFest? My eyes, my GOAL was on The Forsaken. Just them, I could give two SHITS what kind of passive aggressive nonsense Autumn brings to the table and I could care even less about Silas and whatever barnacles you have growing on that weird, shiny, veiny face of yours. Speaking of, what exactly do you have growing on your face? Is that what happens when you touch yourself too much at night and then itch your eye? Hmm? OH! Did someone attack you with a Sharpie? Do you need an adult? Did they touch you in the “no no” spot? 

Don’t pretend that people haven’t noticed the marks Silas and don’t pretend like that is supposed to be any kind of intimidation factor. Truth of the matter is, you are weak, foolish, and have a massive opinion of yourself. Your skill in the ring is matched only by your skills in trying to talk to your fellow person.

For those keeping track at home, that means my opinion of Silas is less than… Well, I can’t think of anything. Silas, I don’t believe that you pose any kind of threat to me. Your presence does nothing more than annoy me. Seriously. 

The fact that I even have to be in the same place as you is enough to sour my highest of all high moods. I just think very little of arrogant pricks who talk a big talk but can’t back up what they say with any kind of authority. You say that you have so much Silas! The looks! Talent! Skillz! And THAT my friend is with a “z” so you KNOW that that means it’s super serious! 

No. Just…


You spew shit and nonsense and there isn’t one person out there that is buying it. After Wrestlefest you will KNOW your place when it comes to Loki Synn. You will WORSHIP the ground I walk on and you will bow before your superiors! Silas, one day you’ll learn and unfortunately you have officially bitten off WAY more than you could ever chew at once. I’d expect more out of a cocksucker like you.

Was that too far? It’s hard for me to tell.
Several weeks ago:

James Milenko had seen a lot in his years in the wrestling business. Near death experiences?


Upsets? Oh yes.

Massive comebacks? Sure!

Hostility had been full of a little bit of everything once upon a time in a land far, far away. Ups and downs. Lefts and rights. X’s, B’s, Y’s, and yes even the A’s. Voodoo mystical legends that invoke powerful spirits to take over a body and unleash a brand of chaos the likes of which have never been SEEN?!

That was a lot for even Milenko to take in and as previously noted, he’s seen a lot. Yet here he was meeting with someone that could give him such power to invoke such a force, that if this plan succeeded, well… CWF would fall like Hostility did… Once… Upon… A Time. He looks down at the tape recorder just handed to him by a shadowy figure in a fedora headed in the opposite direction. He didn’t take any payment, he knew what he was getting into. He wants to avoid trouble.

Milenko didn’t blame him as a sense of impending doom clenches at his stomach. Maybe this is what the Rish’s felt once upon a time when they destroyed the one thing that Milenko could honestly say that he cared about. Maybe that icy, cold feeling wasn’t dread at all but a thirst for revenge. Yeah, that was it.

James puts the recorder safely into a hidden breast pocket inside his jacket. He brushes the red hair out of his face before looking up at the buildings in front of him.


He nods to himself and makes his way into the massive building, the doors shutting behind him as he disappears inside.


I forgot about what’s her face again! What was her name? Caw CAW something? Fall Pelican! Wait, no… Winter Cardinal? That’s not right…

We all know that I could do this all day Autumn, but do you see my point yet? 

You dear lady, are most forgettable. What is one notable thing that you have done recently? When is the last time that you had a match without Silas right there to reign you in as soon as you were done? I honestly wish that there was something more to say about you Autumn but mark down the date and the fuckin’ time, I’m rendered speechless. 

It isn’t because I find you breathtaking or I’m worried about being in the ring with you either. I know what some people HAVE to be thinking right now with my last comment but in all honesty Autumn, I nothing you.

That’s right, I said it. I nothing you. I don’t like you by any stretch of the imagination but you are of no consequence to me. I don’t harbor any personal ill will toward you by any stretch of the imagination, but why would you?

You haven’t really DONE anything recently have you?

I’ll make this easy on you, name one thing you’ve done in the last three months.

TWO months?



Last seven hours? How about the last fifteen minutes?

Do you SEE the point I’m trying to make Autumn? I’ve been around the CWF for how long and I’ve made such a massive impact that I have one of the biggest stables this federation has to offer ready to chop my head off and in my pay-per-view debut, on the BIGGEST event of the year, Loki Synn enters into the opening match and becomes number one contender to THE championship in the CWF.

Cool right? Talk about splashes.

You dear Autumn, haven’t even caused a ripple or a stir. 

Me? Tidal wave.


Well, in comparison to me you aren’t that much. But buck up! At least you have a wonderful home… life…

Shit, you have Silas to look forward to. 


Well, at least you have a quarter chance of win…

No… That isn’t right either since you’re against me. I don’t really feel like coming up with my own math on the topic either, but let’s just summarize and say that you winning that fatal fourway isn’t looking too good.

What DO you have Autumn? Please tell me, so I can take that away from you as well. You quite literally have nothing and I’m honestly not sure what you’re doing in this match outside of being Silas’... Shadow…
August 25th, 2018:

The parking lot outside of Erie County Medical Center, or ECMC for short almost has a desolate nature in the early morning. Milenko enjoyed the solitude most, the moment right before the morning commuter is on their humble way to work, stopping at the local coffee store, in this case Tim Hortons seems to be the place of choice. Seriously, they’re on every corner and James couldn’t see why the heck not. In the last couple of weeks since James Milenko has been a fixture at a nearby hotel or Tim Hortons if he wasn’t getting the tapes ready to brainwash Mia Rayne with. 

It was really a stroke of luck that the cards fell where they did, right when James was beginning to get desperate. He had reached out to several ex-Hostilites, Talon, Chris Bond, Ozric Mortimer even, could you fecking imagine?! Alas, they had all moved on and James Milenko was left with zero hope. But fortune smiled its sexiest smile at him and in came the benefactor of a mysterious legend of old, passed down from generation to generation. It was a good one and James was close to believing it himself. In it, a witch punished a court jester for making the king laugh at her expense. The legend tells that as this jester grew older, the only person he wouldn’t be able to make happy, was himself. Try as he might, he always found himself lackluster and dull and as these feelings grew, his abilities to spread laughter faded. Driven insane by the echoing of the witches voice in his head, he was finally driven to murder the royal family he was tasked to make laugh. The interesting part is the curse followed his entire bloodline until someone was smart enough to bind the curse to a name, a persona, and a mask. 

Loki Synn.

The name had surfaced on Milenko’s own roster and he had never known about it. Not until Tobias Deveraux came to him and told him about it, just as James was thinking he would never, EVER get his sweet revenge on the CWF. Now…

He had done the calculations and planned everything just right. If everything goes according to plan, Loki’s newest incarnation would be waking up pretty soon. Lucas had said she was pretty unstable to begin with. The two dudes with the chairs did a number on her noggin.

“Let’s see how this plays out…”

The red headed former owner of Hostility turns on his heel away from the parking lot and heads through the familiar passageways and long hallways that he has had memorized for a while. He introduced himself as a close family friend checking up on Mia and the nursing staff was quick to pick up on his natural charm. The money certainly helped matters along too. James chuckles at the memories and enters into Mia’s room silently. Taking his usual post he puts the headphones on Mia and hits the play button on his tape recorder. He doesn’t have long to wait as in what seems like no time at all, her eyes snap open.

Ah, but then there’s another participant in this dance that just cast HIS shadow over Autumn and Silas combined to form… Well, something of very little consequence to begin with.

But you sir, YOU…

Have been my target all along, which admittedly hasn’t been terribly long. Still, you’re a legend of sorts in these here parts. I’ve heard SO many epic tales of your exploits and the people you’ve squared off against. You ALWAYS come out on top. Shadow, it’s like you’re the very definition of an “anti-hero.” You’re a walking stereotype ManoMan. Let’s take a look at the facts shall we?

You have this dark and twisted, secret past that you ensure to let everyone know that you have a secret, but you won’t tell just ANYONE because it just hurts… So...SO… Much. 



Everyone has pain Shadow and everyone has taken a twisted turn here and there to get to where they are. You aren’t special but you treat your peers like you should be given some… I don’t know, privilege JUST because of your past which… I’m SURE would kill any lesser man, right?

Did I get close to the mark? Maybe? Moving on…

You, Shadow are labeled as a hero, whether you like it or notice it. Maybe that’s it and you’re just blind to the obvious, what else, Dear Shadow would be new? However, you are labeled as a hero by fans and peers alike. Survey random people and ask them their top three picks if they were to choose a team to defend The CWF from invaders. I think you’d make the list. What do YOU think?

I think you placed yourself at number one. But that’s just me and what does a jester know, right?!

With being labeled a “hero” you have unknowingly allowed this to go to your head. You make yourself out to be this… Dark and mysterious figure that swoops in when needed to save us all from whatever threats the world might present to us! 

What happened to The Ourorurus? The Forsaken, led by The Shadow drive them out of The CWF. You don’t have to take credit for it, we all know what happened. We all watched it happen. They imploded but who was the last one to gain an upper hand on them? Who really got the last laugh?

It wasn’t me, I wasn’t around at that point. 

All you’re missing Shadow is super powers to complete your “anti-hero” persona you have going on. Don’t worry though, you have your group of super friends rallied behind you to toss in their support when needed. 

Solid through unity right?

What really happened once Mia was labeled as “The Strongest” of your little group of super friends Shadow? Didn’t she start getting attacked and blindsided a LOT more? Didn’t she get put through table after table and pop back up to defend you? How exactly did that work out?


I bet that stings don’t it? 

Do you know what’s better Shadow? The pain it’s causing your love sick puppy in burlap. This is a fun game for me Shadow and I firmly  believe that you underestimate the lengths I’m willing to go to destroy you from the inside out. No, I’m not expecting a once and done job.

I’m expecting an extended stay here in Shadow’s Realm. 

I’m unpacked and I’m here to stay to make your life really… Interesting. When you lose to me at WrestleFest, when you look at my arm raised in victory as you backup the ramp, you WILL realize that MY games? 

They’re only just beginning Shadow. 

Right Parenthesis.
August 25th Continued:

She whips the headphones off of her and Milenko quickly escorts her into a nearby wheelchair.

“Loki? It’s good to see you again.”

Loki looks up at him and nods.

“If you’re the one that brought me here, must be some fun to be had. Shall we get this road on the show?”

Milenko smiles and pushes her to the checkout lane, allowing her to sign herself out. Of course people could look the other way for the right price and they were all just happy to see “Mia” ok. 

Oh yes, she’d be ok...

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