Title: The Bar
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: various
Location: NY mostly
Show: Wrestle Fest IV Wrestle Fest IV

“The only people in my life that I owe my loyalty to are those that have never made me question theirs” - Anonymous
Setting the Bar
Atlantic City, New Jersey
/Flashback Sequence Opens
5 years ago…

We got thrown out of a bar in Atlantic City….sounds like the beginning of a really campy Ron White joke doesn’t it. That’s essentially what happened though. I remember it well….

The Casino bar was thick with people, the smell of them after way too much to drink, the smoke from cigars and cigarettes. Wearing a simple purple polo, blue jeans, and white new balance shoes, I sit next to a mountain of a man, he was easily six foot four and probably went three hundred pounds. I had struck up a casual conversation with this guy, he seemed like an alright sort. I sat there nursing a glass of laphroaig, and he was tending to his own drink. 
I found out that he was married and had a little one to take care of. He was there to see the show, which I was a part of but didn’t tell him that. I found out that he wanted to get into the wrestling business because cracking skulls seemed like a fun way to make a living. He wasn’t wrong, it is a hell of a lot of fun. 
Dorian had a quiet intensity about him, it was in his eyes and the way he carried himself. You knew from the first time you saw him,  he had that “it” factor to him. I didn’t know it at the time but I was about to find out what he was like when his temper was unleashed. Three “gentlemen”, who were obviously thirsty shove their way between us, we’ll call them Larry, Moe and Curly for the sake of simplicity.

Larry: Out of the way chump stain!

He declared as he shoved me out of the way in mid drink sending very good scotch everywhere. I stand up from my bar stool and ask the bartender for a towel.

Jimmy Allen: bar towel!

The bartender hands me a clean bar towel and I pat my face dry. After a moment my vision has cleared. That’s when I notice that Dorian has risen from his chair as well, “Moe” makes a declaration as if to intimidate this man.

Moe: Step off asshat, I’m a third degree black belt in Taekwondo!

Dorian signals for him to bring it on and Moe makes the mistake of doing so. He throws a half assed straight jab at Dorian. The big man allows the punch to connect and when he looks at the guy with this big smile on his face I seriously think this guy is going to crap himself or feint. The problem for Moe though is that he has way too much liquid courage running through his veins and takes another swing at Dorian, who simply blocks the man’s punch and drives his forearm into the man’s elbow. The sickening sound of bone breaking and ligaments being torn loose echoed throughout the bar. 

Jimmy Allen: Well, that happened.

Dorian shrugs and I shoot him a wink as security starts showing up. Are you starting to notice a trend? I tend to get in trouble even when it’s not something I’ve necessarily done wrong. I digress, security swiftly called for emergency medical for the idiot with the broken arm and start asking questions. They look as if they might detain Dorian until the bartender steps in and explains. So one went to the hospital and the other two went downtown to sleep it off in the drunk tank.

/Flashback Sequence Ends

/Scene Opens

Present Day…

You know those “interview” rooms you see on television? That shit is real, the alphabet boys use the crap out of them. So, I sit in an interview room, at least they allowed me to shower and change into clean clothes. No handcuffs, no threats, they are simply allowing me to sit in here and think about why I’m here. I know they are likely on the other side of the looking glass Alice, simply waiting for me to say something of use to them. So, I sit in silence, focussed on my breathing. There are a lot of people in this world that don’t realize that practice is more positive than any drug you can take to calm your nerves. Finally tired of waiting I say out to no one in particular…

Jimmy Allen: coming up on the 72 hour mark boys.

It’s one of the more entertaining things about Interpol, they have zero jurisdiction in the United States. They rely solely on the cooperation of the local police officials, which they always get. Am I worried? No, not really. I sit up a little straighter as Agent Crispy enters the room with the two plain clothes detectives on his heels. They stand behind him as he takes a seat.

Agent Crispy: So, let’s talk about your “Uncles” as you like to call them.

He glares at me almost as if daring me to make yet another smart mouthed remark. So, you know me, I oblige him.

Jimm Allen: Sure thing Crispy Cream, which one would you like to know about? My Uncle Kenny, My Uncle Myke, my Uncle John

He slams his hands down on the table in frustration causing a thunderous echo in the interview room.

Agent Crispy: You know damn well which Uncles I’m talking about!

He points his finger at me as if to make an emphasis, I smile at him in return. I hold up my hands in mock surrender.

Jimmy Allen: Alright, alright….where should we begin….Tenchai? 
He nods in agreement, his nostrils still flaring from being angry. He eases back in his chair and begins recording my statement.

Jimmy Allen: Tenchai as you call him, was born in Mobile, Alabama and has been a professional wrestler for a decade.

He turns the recording off and leans across the table.

Agent Crispy: Bullshit!

He barks at me, rising from his seat, now trying to tower over me. I lean back in my chair and smile.

Jimmy Allen: Chief, I don’t know what you’ve been told or by whom, but I’m not lying to  you. I met him for the first time in the offices of a certain wrestling company. He and his two brothers, Kaito and Sora were placed with me as part of the show at the time.

Having caught his breath, he sits down heavily in the chair and leans back. A slow whistle escapes him as he thinks.

Agent Crispy: You never had any indication that this wrestling story for the fans might have some actual basis in fact?

He leans back forward again, steepling his fingers in front of his face he continues.

Agent Crispy: Like the fact that they ARE the fucking Triad?! They are the leaders of the Yakuza in this country!

Now it’s my turn to sit back in my chair with a more than shocked look on my face.

Jimmy Allen: That can’t be true…..can it?

The agent then produces folders, each about 3 inches thick with documented homicides and murders. Each file detailing what each of the brothers had done, in this country and others. A slow whistle escapes and I take all of this in. It’s a lot to process.

Agent Crispy: These men are responsible for hundreds, maybe thousands of deaths. How do you expect me to believe that you are not part of this?

Now it’s my turn, I stand up causing the two police officers to get ready and I look them each in the eye.

Jimmy Allen: Prove it hot shot, you think I’m guilty of something? Charge me. Otherwise I’m out.

He doesn’t move right at first, but then looks down at his watch.

Agent Crispy: Detective’s, if you would retrieve his belongings.

The two detectives exit the room leaving me with the agent.

Agent Crispy: I’ll damn sure be watching you kid, if I think that you are involved with them in any way, you’ll be going to jail, under the jail if I have anything to say about it.

Still standing I glare at the agent in charge, my own intensity matching his.

Jimmy Allen: Do you know what defamation and slander are Agent? You’ve cost me a lot of money these past few days, did you know that? I was supposed to be appearing at FanFest this week for my company. Instead, I’ve been here with you. I haven’t been able to do anything the company needs me to do. 

The agent in charge is not phased by what I say and blows it off.

Agent Crispy: I guess that means we’ll be hearing from your lawyer?

I laugh out loud at his question.

Jimmy Allen: Son, I have a team of them. 

He looks at me a bit of surprise on his face.

Agent Crispy: How does a country bumpkin get a team of lawyers?

I smirk at him and flash him that family smile that my father made famous.

Jimmy Allen: When you are a second generation wrestler, you have to make sure that you have everything covered. They handle everything from contract resolution to lawsuits filed against me by promoters.

The two detectives return with my wallet, watch and other miscellaneous items in an envelope and hand it to me. I sign for them and leave the room headed towards the door of the precinct.

/Scene Fades

/Scene Opens
New York - Pier 78
The day before WrestleFest

A light breeze to go along with the cold front that had just come thru the area, okay….I’m a Texas guy….at 67 degrees it’s effing cold. I wear a windbreaker over a thin Pantera t-shirt, with blue jeans and black boots. The Pier is busy as always with tourists wanting to go on one of the much vaunted ferry tours. I’ve been here before so I just take it all in. I’m trying to clear my headspace from all the drama that’s occured and begin talking out loud. 

“I had a lot of time to think about the company from a holistic view point if you will. You know, while I was being detained over a bunch of b.s. The way I see things is probably vastly different than the way others see it. All I’ll say about the world title match is that I hope that MJ kicks your ass Mace. 

The four way for the number 1 contender status. I think the smart money has to be on Shadow. I don’t know who the hell Loki is or why she’s here. I think there have been some clues but most people have decided not to speak to them. The next two….this actually made me laugh….Silas hasn’t been around the company in how long, and he gets this opportunity? Since when did high visibility matches get awarded to people who lose? Boggles the mind sometimes.

Tag Team title match….ugh….really? Do I have to go pull the old man out of retirement? I get it, I know that the Forsaken are busy, Mia is missing...the tag team division needs help...obviously.

Just my two cents...for whatever that’s worth….now then let’s talk about some other very interesting things shall we? Like my last match at Evo...the last show before WrestleFest, our biggest pay per view of the year baby!

Pandy, thank you for being a good partner, that was indeed one hell of a match. You showed up and gave it your all, I can ask for nothing more than that. As good as that match was, it was what happened afterwards that I want to talk about. I’ve replayed that in my head a hundred times since it happened. I wanted to thank Ataxia and Dorian. You see that’s how professionals conduct themselves after the dust has settled.

There was no post match beating, no screaming about anyone cheating, there was simply….respect. It’s really not a difficult concept to grasp, it has nothing to do with friendship. It has nothing to do at all with like or dislike. There are many men and women in this industry that I don’t like, but I’ll never treat them disrespectfully. 

I really wasn’t expecting to get a title shot this early on. Sure, I get it, it wasn’t ordered. Dorian offered this out of respect and friendship. We’ve known each other for a number of years, that respect and mutual admiration has always been there. I have to say D, having your Daughter as your manager is brilliant. That’s one smart little girl right there, she gets this business in ways that adults struggle to grasp. 

So, what can the fans expect of our match at WrestleFest? What they can expect is the best match they have ever seen. We are not simply going to set the bar. Oh hell no. What we are going to do is let everyone in that locker room know that we are the bar.”
/Scene fades to black....

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