Title: Picture Perfect
Featuring: Colton Mace
Date: Fanfest
Location: Radio City Music Hall
Show: Wrestle Fest IV Fan Fest WFIV Fan Fest

The CWF Fanfest.

An extravagant event hosted by the frontier wrestling promotion, leading into the largest and most exciting Pay-Per-View event of the year. The aptly named WrestleFest. Throughout the Fan Fest the fan-base of the CWF Universe are privileged with a near unbridled access to their favourite wrestling superstars. As such the entirety of the Radio City Music hall is packed, a buzz with activity as people mill around in the hopes they achieve even a split second of one-on-one time with the starts of their choice. Former CWF tag-team champion and member of the Hall of Fame, Colton Mace, also the man who is contending for the CWF World Heavyweight title had jumped at the opportunity for more attention. He is not the kind of person who would ever give up an opportunity to talk about himself. At least that was the hope coming in as he demanded his very own stall close to the entrance of the hall to gain the most exposure.

Sufficed to say, the day hadn't exactly gone according to plan, starting with the convenors refusing to accept Colton Cash as an approrpiate form of currency. If Danny's Mace-Senses are any indication the day is a Category 5 disaster waiting to happen.

"Took you long enough." Colton scowls as Danny returns with a cup of coffee.

"It's not like this place is empty. I had to wait in line."

"Save it." Colton snaps and slumps down on the stool behind the counter to enjoy his caffeinated drink. Only for the contents of the coffee cup to end up all over Danny as Mace splutters and sprays it on his manager.

"What is this shit? I demanded a venti, half-whole milk, one quarter 1%, one quarter non-fat, extra hot, split quad shots (1 1/2 shots decaf, 2 1/2 shots regular), no foam latte, with whip, 2 packets of splenda, 1 sugar in the raw, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon! This barely even passes as Motor Oil!"

The cup is thrown to the ground.

"This is a convention. There isn't a Starbucks or anything. That's the best I could get."

"Where's Jaiden? He'd come through for me. HE knows how a star should be treated."

Mace sits at the stall, arms crossed and pouting.

"Mace... It's not like you've exactly enamoured yourself to these people. I mean you walked out of your Q and A panel."

"Their questions were either about...well...you know...THAT. Or were about that blasted Flair woman!"

"...She is your opponent at WrestleFest."

"But I'M the one everyone should be talking about! It's not Colton Mace is facing MJ Flai for a chance at the vacant title. It's Colton Mace is generously sharing his spotlight, allowing MJ a brief glimpse into true fame and celebrity when she steps into the ring to face a True Superstar before he is crownd the World Heavyweight Title."

"The other way is less of a mouthful."

"These ungrateful-"

"You have also refused any photos."

"I can't have those filthy neaderthals spiling my perfect photogenesis!"

Danny sighs in defeat. Its a fine art trying to negotiate and placate the A-List Athlete, who's tempermanent was as fickle as the weather.

There is hope however as a small, sheepish boy tentatively approaches their stall, one hand clutching a picutre tightly, and the other wrapped around what one would assme is his mother. Danny gives Mace a brief jab with his elbow, drawing attention to the dimunitive fan, staring starry-eyed at Mace as he approached.

"Hey there little guy. Come to get a signature?"

Star-struck the little boy can do little more than nod.

"Well come on!" Colton barks, reaching out for the photo.

It is offered with shaky hands.

"If I sign this, you gotta do me one solid favour little guy."

The boy nods vigourously.

"You gotta cheer all the harder for Colton Mace as he takes Mariella to school at WrestleFest. Now who do I make this out to."

"ah...Rory..." stammers the little boy, his face now one of confusion.



The last thing Danny wants is another incident. Mace doesn't exactly have the best trac record with cons. There was one instance where he got evicted by security for styarting a fight with a kid who had insulted and laughed at Mace. Or another where Mace had propositioned a Mother and Daughter in front of the Husband/Father.

This however, it far worse. It's what Danny calls a Code Red. In Mace's hand is Rory's photo. But it is not a still of Colton Mace. It is in fact a photo of another CWF superstar and famous actor. The individual known as Mikey Unlikely.

"That does it!"

Colton Mace tears up the photo in front of the little boy to the shock and indignation of the Mother.

"HEY!" She calls out in protest. Uncaring Mace is gone from behind the stall and marching with a purpose through the hall, forcing and barging his way through the attendees.

It's days like this Danny asks himself why he gave up being an insurance broker. He pulls out a cheque book and approaches Rory and his mother.

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