Title: I'm Ready, Linus
Featuring: Kemsey Ramsey
Date: 9/4/18
Location: CWF Headquarters
Show: Wrestle Fest IV Wrestle Fest IV

“Dude, are you sure this is going to work?”

Kemsey Ramsey’s best friend Todd Smith takes a peak from behind a tree. He looks at the massive CWF headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania, looks back at his friend Ramsey, at the headquarters, at his friend, at headquarters, at his friend….okay you get the point.

“Dude, what is wrong with you?”

Todd sighs as he glares at his friend.

“Sorry bro, it was just my OCD kicking up. But anyway, we are here and all but bro...I’m not sure this is really a good idea.”

The camera spans out to see both Todd and Kemsey with massive guns in their hands. And I’m not taking about their muscular muscles ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about the paint ball guns loosely tied to their shoulders. Todd plays with his gun a little bit, trying to figure it out as he listens to his best friend’s response.

“Listen Todd, this has been a long time coming. I have been waiting YEARS to pull off this prank on Rishel! I mean come on man, he won’t even see it coming!”

Kemsey Ramsey speaks of course (and I say of course in the most sarcastic manner because absolutely no one will remember this) of some lost segment where he had an ongoing thing thinking that it would be a good idea to play a “prank” on the boss. The boss back then, the founder of CWF himself J. Rish.

Ramsey hoists his gun up in the air, waving it back and forth as he lets out a primal cry. A cry that sounds more like a baby that has shit themselves, but regardless it is enough to get the attention of the two security guards standing at the front doors of the CWF headquarters. The two beefy Asian men in suits begin moving quickly towards the scene. Todd notices their approach, slapping his friend on the shoulder.


Todd sprints to the left as Ramsey cuts to the right, completely confusing the security guards who end up following Todd who shoots the paint ball gun up in the air to distract them as he runs. Kemsey Ramsey though, stands at the precipice of a revolution a long time coming. He stands at the doorstep of the CWF headquarters with the biggest smile he’s ever worn on his face.

“Finally. It’s time…”

Ramsey places his paint ball gun right beside a nearby bush, trying his best to hide it as he twists open the door and walks right in like he was invited all along. The two women at the front desk immediately try to introduce themselves and see what appointment Ramsey may be there for, but instead he continues walking forward completely ignoring them. A man on a mission, Ramsey heads for the elevator and hits “up.”

“I will make my moment.”

Hitting floor number twelve, Ramsey arrives at his destination, or at least he thinks so.

“Where the hell is Rishel’s office?”

Ramsey looks all around the 12th floor, not able to find the office of the boss J. Rish (because J. Rish is of course no longer than boss of CWF, Ataxia is). After walking back and forth through the halls looking at the names on the doors several times, Ramsey is exhausted, throwing up his hands as he lets out a frustrated grunt.



A nerdy white kid who can’t be much over nineteen pushes his glasses up his nose.

“I’m not sure if you’re speaking of Jaiden or Justin, sir, but neither have been in this office in a long time. Ataxia is our boss now, for better or for worse. If you’d like to set up a meeting with him, I can show you where to go…”


“Okay Frand, we have a deal. Wrestle Fest four, you make your once in a lifetime return to CWF. You get your big moment. You go against...LINUS STARK! AHAHAHA! Now goodbye, frand!”

Ataxia continues laughing as he slams the door on Kamsey Ramsey’s face. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t upset Ramsey in the slightest, in fact he is thrilled beyond belief. 

This is Ramsey’s big moment.

Ramsey pulls out his cell phone, doing a quick google search on Linus Stark.

“You see Linus, I’m not an idiot. Despite what you may think of me, and despite my past here in this company, I am not a joke. I know exactly what you are going to think of me going into this match. You’re going to think you’re smarter than me. You’ve been an electrician, you’ve learned all you could in that information technology class and it did you well until it stopped doing you well. You’ve been through a lot haven’t you, Linus? But let me tell you something, Linus. Sooler INC. is not CWF, but while they may not be, they will screw you over and put a knife if your back if you’re not self-aware. If you do not do all you can to make a name for yourself, if you do not bend over backwards for the bosses and kiss their ass, guess what they will do to you LINUS!? They will throw you away like yesterday’s dinner. They will call you leftovers. BUT GUESS WHAT LINUS? I am NOT A leftover! I am a freaking thanksgiving dinner!”

Ramsey continues walking down the hall of the headquarters, once again back at the elevator he hits down.

“I will show you Linus.”

Getting in the elevator with a sexy blonde woman, Ramsey winks. She nearly throws up.

He gets to the bottom and begins walking out.

“I will see you at Wrestle Fest, Linus.”

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