Title: The Sunshine Foundation
Featuring: Xander Haze
Date: 22/5
Location: Philadelphia
Show: Evolution 21




May 21/2018 11:50 P.M.


"Another shot of whiskey."

The scene opens to Xander takes another shot of whiskey in this old run down shit hole of a bar named PonyBoy's his face is full of mixed emotions part of him is still quite angered at the fact that yet again he has to accept another lost. But on the hand other hand almost a sense of release of at least some of that anger when he let some of that anger and aggression out on Billy Anderson. Xander begins to develop a sadistic smile on his face as he reminisces back to what he did to Billy throwing him around like a little bitch, making him bleed, and leaving him barely breathing. He snaps out of it when he hears the T.V. over the bar recapping the Paradise event eventually getting to the horrendous assault on Billy Anderson. The smile stays on Xander's face as images of a bloody beaten Anderson being carted out to an ambulance Xander slaps the bar and yells at the barkeeper.


"More whiskey barkeep."


The barkeeper brings over a bottle of Black Bush whiskey and pours Xander another shot.


"Leave the bottle."

Xander throws down the shot of whiskey the barkeeper poured for him he then picks up the bottle and joyfully pours himself yet more whiskey as he continues to watch Anderson being loaded in to an ambulance.The journalist cover the story makes a comment on the condition of Billy Anderson.

" Ladies and gentlemen I know it looks bad right now but sources closest to Mr. Anderson say he will make a full recovery and CWF Management have confirmed that he will make it to next weeks Evolution and the match has already been made Xander Haze vs Billy Anderson the only question left is why Xander why?"

The smile that once covered Xander's face has sinced vanished and seething anger took its place. He picked up the bottle of whiskey but instead of getting another shot he throws the bottle at the T.V. above the bar the bottle hits the T.V. shattering in to a number of tiny pieces the barkeeper jumps in shock.

" Get the hell out of my bar before I call the police."

At first Xander acted as if didn't even hear the barkeeper at all still just looking at the T.V. with the same look of anger on his face. The barkeeper reaches under the bar and pulls out a 12 gauge shotgun finally Xander looks away from the T.V. and looks at the barkeeper still with the seething look. He then grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and points it towards his own chest and again yells at the barkeeper.

"Well if you're gonna do it then do it stop wasting fucking my time you inbred hillbilly."

Unaware if Xander was being serious or trying to call his bluff nevertheless the barkeeper backed off in fear lowering the shotgun to the floor.

"That's what I thought."

Xander then reaches behind the bar and grabs another bottle of whiskey and  walks out of PonyBoy's flipping tables and chairs on his way out. Finishing the alcohol he stole After leaving the bar as he stumbled his way back to his hotel passing out on his hotel room floor.

 The Next Morning. May 22/2018

Knock...Knock...Knock Xander starts to stir as the knocking continues Knock...Knock...Knock

"Hold your fucking horses I'll be right there."

Xander picks himself up off the floor dusts himself off the best that he can walks over and opens his hotel door. Standing in the doorway is a young woman in a white shirt and tie Xander slams the door shut in the young woman's face. Before he could turn around to sit on the couch there was more knocking at the door annoyed more then anything else Xander opens the door once more.

" Listen here you little fuck no I haven't heard the word of the lord nor do I want to hear the word of lord.All that it is good for lazy ass fools to hide from their problems by believing in some invisible magic man who solves all your issues." 

As Xander begins to shut the door the young lady sticks her foot in the way of the door she then begins to speak.

"Excuse me sir my name is Nancy Sutherland I am not a Mormon I am involved with The Sunshine Foundation we help dreams come true for severely physically disabled children."

Xander stares at this Nancy woman with a confused look on his face.

"And.... what are you doing here?"

" Well Xander can I call you Xander?"


" Ok... Mr. Haze we are running a new ad campaign its called Handicapped Heroes. We have been talking to a number of physically disabled celebrities about their childhood and other experiences they had to overcome that lead them to become the person they are today. We are putting it all together for a few commercials and you are the last one on the list."

" How much?"

A confused look overcomes Nancy's face.

"How much what?"

" Don't try and bullshit me how much money do I get?"

The look of confusion disappears from Nancy's face and it turns to utter disgust.

" Sir although yes we are allowed to pay you an allotted amount of money but I must say everyone we have talked too have volunteered their time to help shoot this commercial with us."

"Do you even know who I am?, Do you know what I do? Do you even watch the show?"

" No I'm sorry sir I know you are a wrestler but I don't pay attention to wrestling."

" Well nevertheless if you want my time you are going to have to pay me and pay me good so where is my money?"

" Well sir if we are going to go this route I don't have any money on me at the moment a check will be written out for you after we shoot the commercial. We would like to shoot the commercial asap so if you ready I will be able to drive you down to the shoot right now."

Xander wipes off whatever dirt is left on his clothes puts on shoes and coat Nancy looks Xander up and down.

" You'll be able to get a shower and We'll also get someone to take a look at you when we get down to the shoot hopefully they can fix you up."

Xander and Nancy leave the hotel and hop in to Nancy's car before leaving the hotel parking lot Xander notices a suspicious looking car. The driver of the car looks to be taking pictures of  himself or maybe Nancy. They leave the parking lot while driving to the shoot Xander just happens to look at the rearview and sees the same car from early which now seems to be following them. Unaware if Nancy sees this car but decides not to say anything to her after what seems like driving forever they finally arrive at the commercial shoot. Xander steps out of the car and looks for the car that seemed to be following them its nowhere in sight he tries to put it to the back of his mind. Nancy begins to look around trying to see what exactly Xander is looking at.

" Is everything ok Mr. Haze?"

" Ya everything is fine just show me where I can go to get ready"

Nancy showed Xander to a dressing room where he was able to take a shower as he finishes his shower and steps out of the washroom there was a young woman waiting for him. She has a shirt and tie and what seems to be a cart of makeup with her Xander looks at the young woman and shakes his hand.

" I'm not putting on fucking makeup so you can leave the shirt and tie and walk your cute ass out of here."

Before the young woman leaves the room she writes down her number on a small piece of paper and shoves it in the shirt pocket. Xander throws on the clothes left for him barely even looking in the mirror on his way out of the dressing room where Nancy is waiting for for him.

" Right this way Mr. Haze I will show you to the set"

Xander and Nancy arrive at the set of the commercial which is just a random park bench in front of poorly made park designs Xander can't help but make a snide comment.

" What in the hell is this all of this looks god awful why could you get at least some decent set designs?"

" I'm sorry Mr. Haze we are just a small charity we do not have the money to make a big budget commercial."

" Whatever I don't care you just make sure you have my money ready for me at the end of this."

" Don't worry Mr. Haze we will have your money for right after we finish here it shouldn't take to long. Let me explain to you how this is going to work you will be asked questions from someone off Camera Questions about events in your childhood and other events from growing up all the way to adulthood that lead you to become the person you are today sound good?"

" Yes come on I get it lets do this I'll got places to be and asses to kick."

Xander takes a seat on the park bench and prepares for the first question the cameraman places the camera into position. 

" Are you ready Mr. Haze?"

" Yes I'm fucking ready lets hurry the fuck up."

" Ok Mr. Haze ACTION!!! can you tell us a little bit about the disability you have and how it effects your  everyday life?"

A confused look comes across Xander's face.

" Wait are you not even going to introduce me?"

" CUT!!! no need to worry Mr. Haze when we put everything together we will have a voiceover that will introduce you along with all the other celebrities who we have already filmed."

" Ok fine whatever."

" Alright when I call action again just answer the question that I've already asked you. ACTION!!!"

" I have a disability known as cerebral palsy it was caused during birth the umbilical cord somehow wrapped around my neck and caused me to stop breathing so basically I  technically I was dead for a few minutes."


" Wait what happen why'd we stop?"

" I'm sorry Mr. Haze but children will be watching this so could we maybe not mention death."

" What the fuck do you want me to lie to the little idiots? Aren't they going to find this shit out sooner or later."

" Maybe that is true but they don't have hear it from us we want to give the children inspirations of greatness not visions of death just continue with your story. ACTION!!!"

" So cerebral palsy is basically brain damage that effects the right side of my body I don't have as much use or movement in my right side as I do in the left side of my body. So I have to work twice as hard just to do as good as someone without a disability."

" Can you tell us about your childhood?"

" I had an awful childhood my brothers were pretty sad and sadistic little boys who would torture me just because. My father was an alcoholic who took pleasure in beating his children half to death."

" CUT!!!"

The frustration shows all over Xander's face.

" What in the fuck is it now?"

" First of all Mr. Haze you mentioned death again and second could you try not to be so graphic"

" Life isn't some big fucking comfy couch its hard as hell and these dumb little fuckers need to know that life will beat you down until you stay down unless you do something about it like me. Its not gonna give any golden opportunities you are going need to make your own and not give a shit about anyone else."

" please Mr. Haze just try to keep it child-friendly from now on."

" No promises"

"ACTION!!! Mr. Haze how did you know you wanted to become a professional wrestler?"

A sadistic smile starts to creep on Xander's face.

" That is an easy one ever since I was a child I would use pro wrestling to escape my own horrible life. I loved pro wrestling but not because I two guys have a scientific wrestling match. No I love the violence, the pain, the agony....."

" CUT!!!"

Xander stands up flipping over the park bench the sadistic smile that was once on his face has turned to straight white hot anger. the cameraman tries to shut the camera down but Xander pushes him down to the ground and keeps the camera focused on him. 

" No, no more cuts these people would have you believe that life is all sunshine and rainbows. I might be a sick bastard but at least I am honest about it life is not fair boo fucking hoo you use whatever you have to take everything you can. Which is exactly what happen to you Billy boy you want to know why Xander why? Its because you are nothing but a tool a stepping stone for me to get what I want out of life you mean less to me then the dirt on the bottom of my boot. Once I finish what I started at Paradise and end you  for good people will have no choice but to take me seriously and then life will be looking up."

Xander throws the camera to the ground he then walks off set he turns around as he get to the exit door looks right at Nancy.

" Where's my money?"

Nancy shaking in fear hands Xander a check he aggressively rips it from her hand. He then makes his way out of the building and then out to the parking lot. Where Xander see the same suspicious car that was following him earlier he also sees a man sitting in the front seat. Xander walks over to the car slamming his fist on the hood on the car.

" Why the Fuck are you following me?"

The man steps out of the car.

" Hello Xander funny seeing you here."

" who in the hell are you and how do you know my name?"

" Its my job to know things my name is John Kreese I am a private investigator do you know this individual?"

John shows Xander a picture of fellow wrestler Impakt

" Maybe whats it to you?"

" get in the car lets take a ride I have proposition for you."

Both John and Xander get into the car and drive off into the distance.

Fade To Black. 



Xander Haze

Nancy Sutherland




John Kreese


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