Title: Reruns!
Featuring: Colton Mace
Date: Between Evos
Location: Toronto and Buffalo
Show: Evolution 29

Bang bang bang!


Bang bang bang!


Bang bang bang!


It is a rude and rough wake-up call for Danny Tremaine, of Tremaine Talents, as he answers the furious and fervent knocking on the door to his room in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada. It isn’t hard to predict who it would be standing on the other side of that door. Only Colton Mace would be so inconsiderate to disrupt Danny’s sleep before the sun has even risen. The trick is figuring out what could have possibly upset or enraged the Action Diva this time.

He opens the door.

Sure enough, there is Colton Mace, ignoring, for the moment, the traditional constraints of modesty wearing nothing but a pair of My Little Boxers that were a gift from Danny’s mother. Mace shoves a “Mace? Do you even know what time it is? I was sleeping.”

Colton shoves a handful of very official looking papers into Danny’s face.

“Sleep? How could you possibly be sleeping when we have a crisis on our hands!”


A crisis?

Battling the veil of bleary-eyed, sleep, Danny pours over the documents.

“What the hell is that shit Danny?”

“It appears to be a Notice of Intent from one…Michael Morrison. Apparently, he took exception to things you’ve said.

“Yeah. But what on Earth did I say? “

Trying to pinpoint the specific words Mace says that insults someone is like trying to find a needle in a defamatory and denigrating haystack. The star was never shy on expressing his low opinions on anyone that isn’t him.

“And who the devil is Michael Morrison?”

“Mikey Unlikely.”


Danny gives Mace a sideways glance.

“From CWF you fool.”

“Oh…Wait. That no talent hack plans to sue me? ME?! He’s nothing more than a Day-Time Soap Opera version of me.”

Not that Danny is going to voice his thoughts, but truth be told, this is a record for Mace. It’s been at least a couple of weeks since his last issue with slander and defamation litigation.

“Maybe that’s it. Maybe he’s suing for gimmick copyright infringement.”

“Gimmick? I’m no gimmick! Others may have come and gone before me saying they are a superstar. But they were fell far from the mark. They could never earn top-billing. I’m the only TRUE star this company has EVER seen. I got the looks and I bring the talent. Without me the CWF would be languishing. It needs Colton Mace, and there can be only ONE Colton Mace.”

And thank god for that. The world would indeed be a difficult place to live in if there is more than one Colton Mace. Regardless, it’s clear that the countdown for a Mace tantrum is underway. Danny knows he’s going to have to do something to avoid any further complaints from their neighbouring guests and exaggerate Mae’s woes (which of course will be blamed on Danny).

Luckily for Danny, such adversity has encouraged and developed a proficiency for damage control.

“Mace. Get in here, grab a drink and cool off. It’s still too early for law offices to be open and you keep carrying on like this your gonna cause a scene.”

“I don’t cause scenes!”

Already a small handful of fellow hotel guests are beginning to stir and poke their heads out to investigate the commotion.

“Just come in! You can watch the recording of you beating Ripper. Or one of your show-reels. That seems to usually calm you down. And I promise the minute the offices are open I’ll deal with this. Yeah?”

“Not the very minute. The very second!”

“Fine. The very second.”

“Promise?” Mace stands there pouting.


This placates the Hollywood Hot-Shot who saunters into Danny’s hotel room. The crisis is averted for now, but it is a good indication of the trouble that is more than likely to come.

Life is never boring when you’re around Colton Mace, that’s for sure.



The title card and intro theme have barely started to fade out and onto the set of At the Wrestling, before the sound and scene of an enraged Colton Mace, seated beside his companion, Mark Carlton, comes into view.

“-And he has the audacity to threaten to sue me. Apparently, I said some things that he didn’t like. I mean what could I have possibly said that warrants-“


“It’s not like I didn’t say anything that isn’t true.”



One sure fire way to draw the ire of Colton Mace is to interrupt him, few could get away with it unscathed, but Carlton had been around Mace long enough to not fear the risk of the A-List Athlete’s consternation.

“We’re live.”

“What? OH SHI-Why didn’t you tell me.”

Carlton looks at Mace with the expression of a man who was trying to do just that for the last 5 minutes or so. With a flurry of movement, the two men are composed and focused on their filming.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of At the Wrestling. We’re your hosts; “The Fearless Atlantic Gentleman” Mark Carlton. And-“

“The Man who is destined to be World Champion, Colton Mace. And if anyone has any doubts. Then they should watch the replay of Evolution last week. When I soundly beat, ‘The Ripper’, Danny B, to advance in the tournament.”

“Shouldn’t all the praise go to Jaiden Rishel. I mean without him the result may have been different.”

Footage of the closing moment of the match in question comes up on the flat-screen tv between the two presenters. As Mark mentions a hooded figure entered the ring and attacked Ripper with a steel chair, laying him out and leaving him defenceless for Colton to take full advantage.

That hooded figure was revealed to be CWF Pariah and prodigal son, Jaiden Rishel.

“What are you talking about? I got the pin…”

“Yeah but…oh never mind. Any idea why Jaiden would come to your aid? You guys weren’t exactly on the best of term?”

Mace merely shrugs.

“Perhaps he finally came to his senses. There’s nothing wrong with accepting a little bit of support is there? It’s refreshing to see some people know what’s good for them. But regardless the undisputable fact is I won. I beat Danny B and am meeting the winner of the other qualifier at WrestleFest. The opening credits will soon be rolling for the beginning of the Colton Cinematic Universe.”

“You just have to beat Mariella-Jade Flair to do it.”


Mark motions with a wave and footage from the second of the qualifying matches is shown on replay. As Mace watches he’s more and more taken aback by the skill of MJF.

“Holy Hell…She’s good…Since when did the CWF have someone so talented, besides me of course, on the roster?”

“Mace. She’s been around for a while…”


Something possibly akin to doubt creeps across the face of the usually cocksure Colton Mace, a shift not lost on his partner. Could it be that the World Title actually meant something more, something not strictly superficial to the Hollywood Hot-Shot? That implies a level of depth not usually affiliated with Mace.

“But the good news is, that’s at WrestleFest. This coming Evolution your opponent isn’t MJ, but an individual we both know VERY well. In fact, without him, we, as the Entourage, would never have existed. That man is of course, Jarvis King.”

“Jarvis frigging King. How is that good news?! We’ve already seen this movie. And if I recall I left him flat on his back. Why is it that whenever I seem to get any sense of traction Jarvis is there to try and pull me down again. Jealousy? Fear? Perhaps he encouraged this Mikey prick to cause trouble and sue me in a bid to psych me out. So, I come to Evolution off my game. Sounds like something he would do.”

Mace was definitely worried. A foreign concept, one that takes Mark Carlton by surprise.

“Things certainly weren’t great between you and King last time. But then, things weren’t great with you and Jaiden. And look what’s happened there.”

“Yeah, but Jaiden is actually behind me. He knows that I’m the only hope the CWF has to pull itself out from this squalor. Jarvis…well Jarvis only ever cares about Jarvis. He’s only here to make my life a living hell and try to prevent me from the prize I deserve! Maybe when I’ve kicked his arse and after I’ve won the title I’ll make him fan me with palms fronds, carry my bags and get my drinks. See how he likes it. I am too close to the grandest award of my illustrious career to let it slip away from me now. And no past figure of my Origin Story is going to get in the way of that! Come Evolution I will close the curtain on Jarvis King once and for all! You thought my victory over Danny B was impressive. Just you all wait and see what I’m going to do to King. There won’t be a rating available for what’s about to come. Now roll the damn credits!”

Carlton has to practically run to keep up with Mace after his furiously hurried exit from the sound studio in Buffalo, New York. With Danny Tremaine notable absent this time around, busy trying to smooth over some legal issues, it is up to Carlton to be on Mace-watch, and this is uncharted territory…the Fearless Atlantic Gentleman, as Mark was once known, wouldn’t wish the duty on even his worst enemies.

“Mace. Hold up. It can’t be that bad?”

In the blink of an eye mace stops in his tracks and rounds on his former tag-team partner.

“Not that bad? I have been the butt of people’s jokes, the topic of their disrespect and derision for far too long Mark! This is my chance. My one true opportunity to finally prove conclusively that I am THE real deal. Finally the story of Colton Mace won’t be the true story of a real fake. I shouldn’t have to prove what is already apparent. But the worlds of Hollywood and Professional Wrestling are dangerous, duplicitous and exceptionally fickle. And because of the likes of Jarvis and MJ, making things more difficult, it’s going to have to be done the hard way. And that’s where Jaiden comes in.”

“Mace. As someone who may once have been considered, something close to a friend. Tell me. What is going on? What is the deal with you and Jaiden?”

“He and I share a vision. We both have big plans. Plans for the future that will change the CWF for the better, from some cheap SyFy channel direct-to-DVD project, to the Prime Time! The only question remaining Mark…are you buying your front row ticket? Or are we going to leave you on the cutting room floor?”

Riding along with Mace couldn't be any worse than everything that Mark is dealing with currently, and if Mace is successful he could ride those coat-tails for a time.

“I’m just here for the ride Mace…”

“Good enough!”

It’s as ready as Colton Mace is going to be come Evolution.

One thing’s for certain he isn’t going to be happy until that belt is around his waist.

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