Title: [CD] Comas Suck!
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Nuts
Location: ECMC, Buffalo NY

*Boo bweep!*


*Boo bweep!*


The beeps of the heart monitor in Mia Rayne’s room seem to be the only noise. Ataxia is dozing in a corner, refusing to leave Mia’s side since the attack. It had been almost an entire week and Mia had yet to rise from her slumber.


*Boo bweep!*


Ataxia twitches. It had been all he has heard since he took up sentinel over Mia’s bedside. A part of him believes that despite outward appearance, she is still very much active in the ol’ noodle and she was just trying to figure out a way to wake herself up. He couldn’t imagine the terror of being trapped in one’s own head, especially one that makes Mia unique in every way. He rubs her hand, hoping it will provide support. She moans and his eyes shoot up to meet hers…


It had been too long since he had seen her beautiful eyes. He couldn’t wait for her to sit up so he could just sweep her up in his arms and...


*Boo bweep!*


Mia lies motionless still. Ataxia looks down at her hand that he is still holding, stroking lightly over the top with his thumb. He didn’t know why or even HOW he knew; but somehow that simple motion brought comfort to his sweet, and if he couldn’t have her back on her feet, that would just have to be good enough for now.


*Boo bweep!*


He squeezes her hand lightly and continues lightly stroking hers with his thumb, making small little patterns just to see if she would react. One time he even thought he caught a glimpse of a smile, almost a flicker of its former self. Ataxia couldn’t tell if it was the lights playing tricks on him or if it actually was Mia slowly waking up, one emotion at a time…


*Boo bweep!*


No response. No squeeze back, no more lip twitches. It doesn’t matter what he says or does, what little progress there has been a muscle twitch here and there, had been minimal at best. The only thing that was increasing was the amount of time Mia Rayne was spending in whatever kind of state she is currently in. There had to be something more that could be done. Something.


Ataxia stands up suddenly and in a solid movement whips the chair he was sitting in across the room. He is panting slightly but realizes he is still holding Mia’s hand. Even in her current state, she calms him.


Ataxia sighs and gently releases Mia’s hand before retrieving his chair and retakes his position at Mia’s bedside and grasps her hand once again, continuing to stroke her soft skin. Whether it was real or not, Ataxia swears he sees her smile and for right now that was good enough for him.


It had been the same routine the past several nights. Wait for all parties that were going to leave, to leave.




Wait for all extra parties, added on for “protection” to fall asleep or go on their nightly runs.




Slip past the dozing guard, posted at the doorway to scare away any would be intruders. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on the shadowy intruder and for what seems like the zillionth time, he has to snicker a laugh. No. This wasn’t the time for celebrating, not yet at least. Soon though.


The stranger slips in through the closed door and listens faintly for any noises that shouldn’t be there. Someone is always posted in this room, someone always makes sure that they have enough drugs in their system to make sure that they’re out. It’s amazing what some nursing staff will do to make a quick dollar, or several hundred as the case might be. It was worth it though.


“Everything is going according to plan.”


His voice is an excited whisper as he stands over the prone body of Mia Rayne, sleeping or lying comatose, it didn’t matter. He had been promised the hypnotic suggestion he’d been pumping into her ears every night since she landed here would be powerful enough to… It didn’t matter. It was almost time, almost…


The stranger is getting ahead of himself and has to take a steady breath to focus on the task at hand. First step, headphones for Mia. He plucks them from where Chloe Hawkhurst so carelessly left them. Sure she thought that on some level it would help Mia regain her footing and come back all the sooner like some sort of crazy heroine destined to destroy evil. Sorry kids, but that’s not how this one is going down.


He slips the ear pieces gently over Mia without making too much noise. Quietly he plugs his iPod into the headphones and hits the play button. He didn’t know what was on those tapes, only that they didn’t come cheap and they were made with something specific in mind. Almost immediately Mia’s features change as she starts to struggle in her sleep. The stranger takes his post in the darkest corner of the room and waits as Mia continues to struggle.


That’s the thing about anxiety victims though. Even when they’re asleep, some of them care too much about their surroundings to make too much noise to better avoid disturbing anyone else. Pick the mark appropriately and badda bing! Instant target for some fucked up shit. Eventually though, sooner than it has been the last several nights he’s been doing this it seems, the struggling stops. The stranger checks his watch and smiles.


Yep, a new day would be coming soon, sooner than anyone and everyone would ever expect. It was going to take the CWF by storm and by then the stranger could cease power and get some measure of revenge for a similar situation from years past. Almost absent mindedly The Stranger goes about his routine that he has adjusted to ever since Mia landed herself in the coma ward at ECMC, one of several of Buffalo’s hospitals. Money talks in places like this though and the right people were more than happy to earn an extra paycheck’s worth of cash in exchange for looking the other way and for one additional favor.


The Stranger finishes with what he’s doing and slips out of Mia Rayne’s room as silently as he can. As soon as the door shuts…


Mia Rayne’s eyes fly open…



Friday, August 24th 2018:


Most of the hospital staff is in pandemonium. It isn’t everyday that patients that were in a coma the day before go up and missing the next day. This is the exact case though as The Forsaken show up to ECMC in Buffalo New York, where Mia was being taken care of, to find that no one can give them a straight answer as to where the fourth member of The Forsaken is. Some claim that she woke up over night and signed the appropriate paperwork to sign herself out, even more claimed ignorance, but each and every one of them had one thing in common.


Not one could give anyone exactly where Mia had gone. Just that during morning rounds early on, her bed was found empty. The hospital was searched according to hospital policy, but they didn’t come up with any clue as to where Mia was. Chances were good that she had just signed herself out and needed some quiet time to herself, didn’t want anyone to worry about her. The hospital was sure she would be just fine, everything on their end is in working order, and Rayne probably just didn’t want to be disturbed.


Not a single member of The Forsaken were buying it.


And as each of the remaining members went around to the hospital staff to demand answers and getting all different results a shadowy figure remained in the background trying to hide the smile on his face as he brushes the fiery red hair from his eyes. The time had come and now there was nothing to do but to enjoy the wave of chaos that would consume the entirety of the CWF, starting with one of their biggest stables. The figure smiles one last time at the back of The Hawkhursts, demanding to speak to some head, charge, administrator something or other before he turns around and with a slight hop in his step, starts to whistle a jolly tune while heading to the bank of elevators that would lead him to the outside and onto phase two of a glorious plan...


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