Title: Suplex city is a bad place for a vacation
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: Florida
Show: Evolution 28

"Suplex City isn't so nice"

Post match // Back hallway

Ready // Steady // Go



Autumn silently nodded in thanks as one of the crew backstage pushed a chair over in her general direction so she could sit down and watch the rest of the show from one of the feeds backstage.  She winced, adjusting the ice pack on the back of her neck, still feeling the aches and pains from Panda's assault on her.

"You took a pretty big hit from Panda there Autumn.  You sure you're ok?"

Autumn chuckles, but no smile graces her face.  Instead her eyes are glued to the feed of Jace Valentine's romp through Disney World while keeping the ice pack securely fascened to her neck.  She'd never been there, but right now the happiest place on earth was the farthest thing from her mind.

"I'm fine.  It's just a hard bump.  Doc says I'm clear to wrestle next week, if I just take it easy this coming week and take pills if the pain gets to be too much."

"Didn't think Panda would come out like that.  Seen him in sticky situations, but not like he was tonight.  What a doozy."

Autumn made no move to respond, only hearing the shuffling as he shifted on his feet, speaking to someone else who was standing there with him.  She didn't know who, and she didn't really care.  Inside she was steaming at what had happened towards the end of the match.  Her eyes shut, tuning out the noise and the quiet conversations, before hushed gasps caused her to open her eyes slowly....seeing the image of Mia lying in the ring with that pool of blood behind her head.


Her body shifted, preparing to fight the pain and get up but she stopped and sat there.  The two were...distant...if that and her presense wouldn't accomplish anything anyway.  She had her...companions...to rely on and that would have to be enough.  It seemed that The Smoking Aces were walking targets after tonight..

Maybe a small something...

"...What was Silas doing out there anyway?  I thought you two were an afterthought?"

"We are.  Silas just wants to keep digging and digging at things until he's satisfied at the end result.  He can't stand the fact when someone other than him is being successful or will be.  He knew that he could fuck things up by being out there.  I had that won, and he stuck his nose in business that wasn't his to begin with.  Fucking jerk.  Is he even in the building right now?"

"I can't say.  Just try not to make a mess if you see him."

"That's a promise I can't keep man."

Her eyes flickered to him as she slowly got up and walked away from the huddled group, feeling the eyes on her the whole while.  She rounded the corner, and let out a sigh, seeing the door to her locker room in sight.  A door was opened and she stumbled inside, sitting down with a grunt.  There was a time when the rest of The Coalition would be gathered like this backstage, talking about important matters or whatnot.  That was a time when things were simple and they were all trying to make a difference about things.  Silas wasn't completely nuts, Sam and Dean were still getting along, and she was trying to do her own thing all in the name of them.

"That was back when I was fairly new here, and thought teaming with a bunch of guys to form this group would do me some good.  How wrong I was, looking back at it now."

She paused, and in a strange echo, added...

"This has been one hell of a night."




Ready steady can't hold me back //


The Family Arcade Corportation was one of those places that everyone knew about, and all ages were seen visiting.  It was open late into the early morning, drawing teenagers and some adults who were looking for a quick video game fix to curb their appetite.  Autumn herself was a video game nerd through and through, and prefered places like this over sitting around in a sterile room or sweating her ass off in some distant dusty gym.  Blow up zombies, or dance around to techno music, that was her exercise.  Right now, she was clicking buttons and playing Raiden II....because...well...why not.

She was here until her quarters ran out.

"I can't believe what happened to Mia.  That was some sick shit man.  The fuck were they thinking?  Damn near killed her.  You gonna spring on someone, do it with the lights on, not be a coward and shut the lights off.  Show your face and step up.  Me and Mia have paired together on occasion, and there's a...tentative...very tentative...friendship per say there.  I don't hate her, I respect her, but I wouldn't want to go out and girl it up with her if you catch my drift.  I'm sending her a little something for her trouble, because why not.  She deserves it.  Those who did this to her deserve to get their teeth kicked down their throat.  I'd like to throw my name in there for that."

She frowned at the game over screen, and walked away to find another game to play.

"Fucking Silas.  Why the holy fuck did you have to stick your nose in my business...in business that wasn't even yours to begin with?  I had that won, I had Panda under my thumb, and you come out acting like a god damn gentleman reject from Buffy thinking that that shit is cute and I'll come running back.  Get the fuck outta here with that.  Don't you get it? You don't.  It's obvious.  You lost, you got your ass kicked, and you still can't let things go.  You can't let our story fade away.  Let us be two people.  I already have.  You are the one hanging onto the ghost of the past.  One day...one day it's all going to come back to haunt you and this is going to end...one way or another."

She stopped at a Simpsons pinball game and put her quarters in, grinning a bit.

"I watched your match last week Jimmy, and I have to say, I thought you had it.  I thought you had that W against The Shadow.  I know what he's like, when he's full speed, and it's no joke.  You came close, but it wasn't enough.  We've both had our share of losses, and it sucks.  I think you and I can agree on that.  The one thing we can't agree on is who's going to win.  Because we each have our own...demons...haunting us.  Stuff that we're trying to overcome.  Can we prevail?  Really, can we prevail over what haunts us the most?  I've broken free of the shadow that's constantly...that was constantly...that still seems to be there...but no one seems to get it.  No one actually sees the truth..."

A sigh.

"I want to climb to the top.  You see, with my demons haunting me....or what people still think is after me...I can't get to the top.  I can't reach for that gold and show myself as being the ultimate best at what I do.  There's a vacant title sitting in a room collecting dust, a title I could very well be mustering my strength to go after.  I could be focusing on WrestleFest, but no, instead I have to deal with Silas Artorias and his stupid childish shenanigans.  I have to deal with people not giving a shit that I've seperated myself from him.  I have to deal with a lot.  I want it all to end, and I want to deal with you as a strong person, someone who's not afraid to talk with her demons, not as someone who gets knocked down and doesn't get back up.

I hope your demons are ready to carry you out after tonight.  I don't want to lose this one.

I want to be...free."

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