Title: Book 2 Chapter 8: Untitled
Featuring: Dorian Hawkhurst
Date: August 20, 2018
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 28

Dorian Hawkhurst is leaning against the front of a brick building somewhere. It could be anywhere, as the location really doesn’t matter. He could be outside of a school, a church, a police station and it would not matter. There was too much on Dorian’s plate. Leaning against the building, the logo of Dorian’s “Forsaken Demon” T-shit is in plain view. Dorian’s hair is tied back, a look the CWF Universe hasn’t seen before. The exhaustion is visible on his face. The film quality is a grainy black and white. Conspicuous by her absence is Chloe Hawkhurst.

"I've got to be honest with you, man. I don't know where to begin. It's like I'm in the middle of one of them cheesy Sharknado movies and I'm just waiting for a great white or maybe an orca to come flying through the air and bite my head off. I can't figure out how things got so messed up. Yet, here we are."

"First, I got to address things with Mia. When the Ouroboros were threatening this company, it was we, The Forsaken, that stood at the front of the line. We served as CWF’s first line of defense, we weren't the heroes that you wanted. We might not even been the heroes you needed. But we were the heroes you got."

"Then, they talked their tails between their legs and they ran. They scattered like a room full of cockroaches when you flip on the light. That might have been the smartest thing they could have done."

Dorian pushes himself up off the wall and stands up straight.

"I've been talkin about lessons. And I'm not going to repeat everything that's already been said. There's no point in that. They knew what was coming. They knew they couldn't handle it. Man, they might have done the cowardly thing. But they did the smart thing. The smartest thing they can do from here on out, it's never show their faces here again."

"Which brings us back to my original point. I don't know who was where when Mia got aced. That woman is like a little sister to me."

Dorian begins tearing up as he continues speaking.

"That woman is a role model to my daughter. That woman is a role model to us all because no matter what she has going on in her head or her life, man, she faces that shit head on. It’s that she doesn't run. She doesn't hide. She doesn't make excuses. Mia Rayne should be on motherfucking pedestal."

"Unfortunately, that makes her a target. There are men and women in the back that seek fame and personal glory instead of choosing to do the right thing. Men, or should I say boys, like Jace Valentine, like Freddy Styles, like Douche Jones, that would stop at nothing to rise to the top. The three of them, and whoever that last little bitch still wearing a hood is, the four of them are snakes. There's only one way to kill a snake and that's to cut its head off."

"I can't sit here and say that I know for certain that it was them who attacked Mia. But I look around the back, I take in the entire CWF roster, and I can't think of anybody else that has motive."

"Until the three of you can prove otherwise, I'm coming at you. The Forsaken were forged in the fires of hell. Everywhere you turn, I will be there. I'm going to do everything I can to make certain that I make your life a living hell."

Dorian continues speaking through the tears. However, his tone grows slightly louder with each breath. His face grows a little bit redder with each word. It is obvious that Dorian Hawkhurst isn’t just hurt. He is pissed.

"I've been sitting here trying to be a good father to my daughter. Because of that, I've held back. You've not seen the true colors of the “Demon of Sobriety”. I got involved in this business because I found the addiction of putting a hurt on people was a lot more fun than the addiction of drinking. You want to get involved in the Forsaken’s business? Game on, bitches".

"I will be the fly in your soup. I'll be that little rock that gets stuck in your boots. I will be the pump on each and every one of your heads and I will be the pea that's it's under your bed."

"Jace Valentine things that we care about the fact that he's been traipsing around Disney all week. Oh, wrong answer, motherfucker. Disney is an amusement park. You came back here to CWF. Welcome to The Forsaken abusement Park.”"

Dorian stops and takes a few deep breaths. Unlike usual, he doesn’t seem to be calming down.

"I can't stress enough that Dorian Hawkhurst, Chloe Hawkhurst, Mia Rayne, The Shadow, Ataxia, we are all family. We are The Forsaken. We are one. You screw with one of us and you screw with all of us. You wanted “The Demon”? You're going to get “The Demon”. I told you I hurt people for fun. This is my life. The work I am capable of doing, Satan himself tips his cap to me. I do it because I enjoy it. And I would do it all for free because your tears are all the pay I'll ever need."

Dorian stops and pauses, not to calm himself down, but to refocus.

"Now, with everything that's going on I don't want you two boys to think I forgot about you. Now, we all know Lucas Green. But, honestly, I did forget about you, Azrael. Someone actually had to remind me that I beat your ass once already. That's how important he is to me.”

“Azrael, you are nothing more than an afterthought to me. I completely forgot that you were in that match where I beat the Revenant, or Pandalike, or whatever the hell his name is right now."

The camera zooms out, revealing the Impact championship around the waist of the “Forsaken Demon”.

"What you failed to do, little man, is make an impact. You failed to make yourself memorable. You failed to make me, and everyone else, care. So, if I actually fought you, and I had to watch the film to remember, man, that's not a good look.”

“Then, we get to watch you throwing a party, for no other reason than the fact that you actually won a match. Dude, act like you've been there before. If you think it's such a great deal that you won single match, a match with nothing on the line, a match that meant absolutely nothing… that makes me realize, that you have no idea whatsoever what it means to be a winner. That shows me that you were thrown into this match for no other reason then to fill spot on my plate. That's bad news for you, my friend. You are nothing more in a meal to me... And, I feel sorry for you man, cuz I'm fuckin’ hungry and I'm going to eat.”

Dorian holds his hand in front of him like a bowl and makes a motion like he’s scooping food into his mouth. Even in his anger, he is able to take a moment to enjoy his own wit.

“As for you, Lucas Green, this is a little more difficult for me. I like you, man. You seem like a solid dude. I've only seen you a couple times. And that's okay because I remember you. You stand out. The problem is, you stand out for all the wrong reasons.”

“I'm watching you, and I'm thinking to myself “How am I supposed to prepare for this guy?” Do I watch a series of old Cheech and Chong movies? Do I sit in a dimly lit room, sitting around and doing nothing but listening to Bob Marley records? I know but those are all cliches. The problem is that you are nothing more than a cliche. You're a freaking cartoon character. Going into this match, I'm wondering if the easiest way for me to win a set throw a bag of Cheetos at you and wait for you to just fall over and pass out.”

Dorian slams the Impact Championship with an audible slap.

"This impact Championship is a point of Pride for me. This title belt means something to me. Azrael is just happy to be here. Why are you here, Lucas? Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see. I see nothing more than a caricature of a man. And evolution, I don't want to see Lucas Green the character. I want to seem Lucas Green the man. I want to see Lucas Green actually pretend or maybe really show that he cares about something.”

“Even though the two of you don't mean a damn thing to me, this match means something to me. This match isn't me trying to teach you a lesson. This is not personal. What I am going to do, as I said, is not teach you a lesson. Rather, I'm going to make you an example.”

“Jace Valentine, Duce Jones, Freddy Styles, and whoever that other psycho Twinkie with a rotten filling running around with them is, they will have two choices: pay attention or learn the hard way. What I care about is my Forsaken Family. This is my opportunity to show anyone who wants to fuck with that family exactly what is in store for them.”

Dorian scowls at the camera. The vein in his forehead becomes visible as Dorian has worked himself up again.

"Lucas Green, I know you're used to getting stoned, but at evolution, you and Azrael are getting hammered."

Dorian storms off, pushing the camera out of the way and he shoves his way through the camera man.

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