Title: Shoulder Friends
Featuring: Azrael
Date: 8-18-18 or is 81818
Location: Celebration Party
Show: Evolution 28

{Azrael is sitting at a table, in front of him is a sheet cake, decorated with icing balloons and frosting ribbons.  Azrael has the biggest grin one could have, as he is wearing a cone party hat. A selection of two Queen songs are playing at a higher than necessary volume.}

Azrael: For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly gooooooooooooood fellow, no one can deny

{As it becomes clear why Azrael does not have a career in music, he finishes the song with a fit of laughter.}

Azrael: So this is what victory feels like.  This feels good.  I knew I could do it, I knew I had the skill, the talent, the intangibles to win, it just all came together, along with some luck and produced the result I knew I was capable of.  Watch out world.  One is a fluke, two, which is coming is a pattern, and three will be a streak.  Watch out ladies cause Azrael is going Streaking in the Quad.  

{Again, Azrael finds his humor to be unparalleled some of the best he has heard.  As he is finally able to start breathing normally again, he cuts himself a piece of marble cake and begins to top it with a scoop of melty vanilla ice cream.}

Azrael:  I hope you do not mind that I partake in this celebratory cake while I address a couple of things.  First off has to be Lucas Greene.  I will tell you, there is nothing there.  No story, no drama, nothing.  He bumped into me at the wrong time and I lost my cool.  There shouldn’t be anything surprising about that.  I have well documented anger control issues, that I thought were under control.  I apparently was wrong and still need to work on that.  Mr. Greene, I would like to apologize for my behavior that day.  You were just at the wrong place and bumped into the wrong guy at the wrong time.  As for why I helped him help or Andy Murray at Summer Games, well, I had told the fans, that I was not going to sit idly by and watch the haves take more from the not-yets.  I was going to help those going at it alone from the gangs that taken over this federation.  As a way of allowing my anger to be productive and constructive, I am going to be the watchdog that this federation needs.  An impartial third party to lend a hand to those in need as needed.  At is all, nothing more, nothing less.  Just me fulfilling a promise I made to the fans, after my “suspension”.  Now, if you want my true opinion on Mr. Greene, well that I can do, but maybe later.  Right now, I want to enjoy the party and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  

{Azrael digs into his cake, savioring the sweet moistness that is cake.  He also, grabs a corked bottle of bubbly liquid from the ice bucket.  He twists the wire holding the cork, sending the cork flying and spilling liquid onto the cake.  Again, this brings out another fit of laughter}

{Several hours later, Azrael has passed out, next to the mostly eaten cake, and several fancy corkless bottles.  Azrael starts to shift, as two smaller versions of Azrael appear on his shoulders, one in white, the other in red}

Red Azrael: Well well well...look at what we have here.  A solo loser partying like it's 1999

White Azrael: He is not a solo loser.  He won, remember, hence the party

Red Azrael: I am well aware of his victory.  He tried to put me in a corner, and nobody puts baby in a corner.  With you running the show, he won what one match? But with me gaining more freedom results are better

White Azrael: He did that himself, without you.  He stuck to the plan and it finally brought him success

Red Azrael: No it didn’t.  Listen to the people who have seen the change in him.  His new attitude is what gave him the victory and a title shot.  His anger and passion have opened new doors

White Azrael: He was getting title shots before.  He pushed everyone to new limits.  He made everyone around him better

Red Azrael: And what did that get him?  It didn’t get him a title.  It got him shot after shot after shot at the Paramount title.  The lowliest title within the CWF structure.  I got him a chance at the Impact Title, second in prestige only to the world title.

White Azrael: He did that himself.  And all the titles within the CWF are pretty even.  They even gave Lucas Greene a chance after winning what, two or three matches.  A title shot is a title shot.  Champion is still called a champion, regardless of which one they win.

Red Azrael: Admit it, he won because of me.  He found success because I made him take it.  You can not achieve anything without me.  I am the fire that burns his bottom.  I am passion that doesn’t allow him to quit.  I am….DARKWING DUCK.

White Azrael: You want me to take you seriously when you quote an afterschool Disney cartoon superhero?  Yeah, that isn’t happening.  He didn’t use you to win.  He found success because he put you away.  He refused to allow you to control him any more.  You had the controls, and you destroyed everything for him.  You nearly broke him and drove him to the point where he saw no way out.  You brought him to his lowest point

Red Azrael: Don’t be negative.  You only see the bad.  So I may have had a hand in his lowest point, but I wasn’t alone.  Besides, I was also the cause of some of the highs.  Look at this party, over a victory because I was able to be in control.  This celebration is because of me.  When the good comes to bad, and the bad continues to bad, I’m going to live my life like I should. Now all the critics wanna hit it, ya shit can how we did it Just because they don't get it. Now this red cap gets a rap from these critics.

White Azrael: Do we always gotta cry, Do we always gotta live inside a lie

{Azrael sits up and screams Life’s just a blast that’s movin’ really fast.  After he says the line his head falls like a ton of bricks.}

{The scene changes to a hooded figure, whose features are blurred out by the giant bonfire behind him.  He has a flaming stick in his left hand and his right the hair a poor woman.  The rest of the woman is being dragged behind, but only her hair is in his hand}

Hooded Figure: It is not alright for you to take advantage of the unfortunate and weak.  We are directed to “Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”  You are the hand of the wicked, and the weak demand justice.  Since they are unable deliver, and have relied on God to provide the justice they seek.  God has sent me.  I am his instrument of justice for those who are truly wicked and evil.  I am here to avenge the wrongs committed by you against the weak, the destitute, and the afflicted.  Would you like me to remind you of the wrongs you have committed.

Woman: What?!? I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me.  I’ll make it up to those whom I have wronged, whomever it is and how ever it is.  I’ll do it.  Please just don’t hurt me.

{The Hooded Figure tosses the fairly large woman in front of him, allowing a sigh of relief to escape from the woman’s lips.}

Woman: Thank you.  I swear I will change.  I will follow God and provide for those who can not for themselves.  Thank you for showing me the errors in my ways

Hooded Figure: Your time for change has passed.  You were presented with opportunities to change and you chose to continue your wicked ways.  When people complained, and showed you the errors of your ways, you laughed and increased the evilness.  No, you have been judged and determined that you are worthy of my justice,as decided by God.  God has said “I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes. Then they will know that I am the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon them.” How does it feel to stare into the face of his vengeance?  Do you have a sense of hopelessness, worthlessness, impending doom? Do you wonder why or how your life has gotten to this point? How are you going to continue on, are you even able to?  That is the feeling of each and everyone of the individuals you took advantage of.  Feel their pain and suffering.  

{The Hooded Figure places his hand upon the woman’s head.  The woman’s facial expression goes from abject terror and fear, to utter sadness and hopelessness with a hint of anger.  He pulls his hand off her and she begins to cry, tear of sadness and regret. She stops and looks up at the figure, and stares deep into his eyes and has a new level of confidence.  A renewed sense of purpose and drive.}

Woman: I never knew there was such sadness, such hopelessness.  I never thought some of these people could experience joy, let alone have me steal it from slowly over time.  I am so sorry.  Please God, allow me to make things right.  Give me the chance and opportunity to fix, not only the wrongs I have done, but to help those who have suffered at the hands of others.  I will be the greatest humanitarian since Mother Teresa.  

Hooded Figure: I believe you.  I believe you will do that.  But as I look into your heart, I do not see a sense of selfless giving.  I do not see true kindness and giving.  Your words have mirror your heart.  Comparing yourself to a woman, who gave and never asked for anything in return.  A woman who never sought the spotlight, but had it thrust upon her.  Even after she tasted the fame and potential fortune that could have awaited her, she remained the same humble,, giving individual.  The only difference is she saw the opportunity for others to follow her, and the good that it could do.  That God’s message, while not necessarily accepted, but practiced.  In your heart I see only desire to avoid this position again, to use this for your gain.  Your justice is still deserved.

{With that, the Hooded Figure, raises the flaming stick, and brings it down across the woman’s neck, severing her head from her neck. } 

{Azrael is still passed out, but he has made it to his bed.  Mini White Azrael is sitting on the headboard overlooking the sleeping Azrael.  Mini Red Azrael appears in a puff of white smoke.}

Red Azrael: Well that was fun.

White Azrael: What did you do and how much damage did you cause for him?  Wait, nevermind.  I don’t want to know.  Hopefully it won’t blow up in our faces again, but I know it will

Red Azrael: Don’t be such a negative nancy.  This is going to work out well for us.  We’ve got a title match coming up and I’ve just started getting things in order to maximize his mindset to anger.  Anger is the only thing that will allow him to win.

White Azrael: No it isn't.  He can win without it.  He doesn’t need it.  

Red Azrael: Yeah, your passive approach has produced great results so far

White Azrael: They will.   Besides the cost for these victories is just to high.  You’ve cost him everything once, haven’t you learned your lesson

Red Azrael:  Of course I have.  I saw my flaws and will not repeat the same mistakes.  I’ve got this under control

White Azrael: That’s what you said last time and look at what happen.

Red Azrael: The past is the past.  Let’s leave it there.  Like with the title match, I’m not going to bring up our previous losses to Dorian or Lucas.  I’m going to talk about the lessons he learned and how he is going to use that to his advantage this week and on the way to victory

White Azrael:  One opponent would be tough enough to beat without laser focus.  If he is blinded by anger against two, he doesn’t stand a chance.  There is just to much going on that he can’t keep track of it if he is just reacting.  He needs to keep his rational mind.  This is more than just a toughness contest.  There is also an intelligent component.  Look at his opponents.  Both are on the top of their games.

Red Azrael: Ah yes, but they have weaknesses that he can exploit if he is aggressive and attacks with fury.  Dorian is worn out, emotionally.  He just fought one of his best friends to teach him a lesson.  There is no way that he continue with that intensity going forward, no one can sustain that.  He’s going to be a step slow, not as sharp. That’s why the aggressive approach will work against Dorian.

White Azrael: Yeah, but that won’t work against Lucas.  The longer we drag out the match the better.  He will lose his high, and he doesn’t have the stamina.  So how is blind rage going to balance those two opposite strategies.

Red Azrael:  Don’t worry about Lucas.  I’ve sent him a special present that should slow him down.  I told you I’ve got this.  I am in control.

White Azrael: No you aren’t.  You have never been in control and thinking that you are is what caused our downfall last time.  You can’t control everything, and thinking you can is only going to lead to disaster.

Red Azrael: No, it's going to lead to excitement, fun and positive results

White Azrael: I’ve seen this before.  Just remember, while I am virtuous individual, I am not above pointing out I told you so.

Red Azrael: You will be eating those words

{Azrael starts to wake up, and the mini colored versions disappear.  As Azrael sits up, he is unsteady and is in considerable pain. }

Azrael: How did I get into bed? Why am I sitting in a puddle in my bed?  And why does it feel like an elephant sat on my head all night.  

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