Title: [CD] Just A Few Drinks
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: November 4, 2017
Location: London, England

" In the blink of an eye, anything can change. The slightest tear in the plan of the universe and everything can go 360.. And that's exactly what happened, one week ago I was signing my first contact with an American promotion. I was told my first two matches would be triple threats.. I mean, defeating two people at once isn't that hard of a task. With enough preparation and training and anything can be achieved. But then the unthinkable happened, Hellbound happened.. "


:~: Duce is seen pacing back and forth inside of his hotel room.  The nerves seem to be getting to him as the night it all begins draws near. :~: 


" Card Subject to Change, a Fatal Four-way, three different opponents. Alot of variables were put into perspective. If I was to come out on top, that means victory over a tough young woman, victory over a former CWF Impact Champion, victory over a potential Academy Champion.. I mean you get your name out there early.. Let people know you're not just some flash in pan. Not just some one hit wonder.. Not a second incarnation of your father.. I mean his career had it's credentials but that legacy needs to be surpassed. "


:~: Duce finally takes a seat on the bed, and begins to run his fingers through his hair. Suddenly his phone begins to ring, throwing him outta the self conversation. He reaches into his pocket and answers his father, who is on the other end. He presses the button for speakerphone and lays the phone on the bed. :~:


Duce: Sup, Pop?


Al: Just calling to check on ya, you made it to Glasgow yet?


Duce: Not yet, train don't leave till in the morning..


Al: What made you stay in London?


Duce: You only get one life Pop, I've been in America 19 years, Japan for 3, why not enjoy the United Kingdom?


Al: I hear ya boy, enjoy life, don't let it enjoy you..


Duce: And that's what I'm gonna do.. (lets out a slick laugh) But I'm bout to go check out this pub Pops, heard they got good food and drinks..


Al: Alright boy don't get too drunk and miss your train.


Duce: I'm not Pop, just wanna check out this one last spot, Slug and Lettuce, by the O2, unwind a little before the big debit..


Al: I'm proud of you, I'll be watching..


Duce: Alright Pop.... Take it easy..


:~: Duce hangs up, and looks around at the room.. It wasn't that bad depending on how much he had paid for it.. I mean it wasn't anything spectacular but it was comfortable. He rises up from the bed, gather his things, and grabs his jacket from the closet and heads for the door. Upon exiting the room he walks does the long hallway to the elevators and presses the button for down.. He patiently waits for the elevator to reach his floor as he mind begins to wonder once again. :~:


" What are you worried about bro, I mean these is as easy as it could get. You got the years of experience I under your belt. And none of them can match the intensity, determination, or heart you have when you step into that ring.. "


" That's all understood but this is a different environment, different competition.. "


" But you are that same savage, don't worry about them.. Focus on getting that first win.. "


:~: Duce snaps out of it once again as the elevator doors open, leading him out into the lobby. He heads out the double doors, onto the London streets.. No matter where he's been, there was always one thing in common, and that was the culture.. It was sorta trying to understand your neighbors type deal. And Entertainment Avenue was no different, littered with different pubs and hotels, he enjoyed every moment of experiencing new countries and joining the CWF became the perfect opportunity to travel more.. After about a twenty minute walk, he finally arrived at the pub. Once entering, he looks around taking in how amazing it looked compared to a few establishments back home. As he stands there in amazement, he catches a familiar face sitting at a table by themselves. Out of pure curiosity he decides to go introduce himself. :~:


Duce: How you doing Ms. Robinson? I'm Duce Jones, recently signed wrestler to CWF. I was tryna see if it was cool for me to sit with ya?


:~: Tara raising up from her glass, looking like she's already three margaritas in. :~:


Tara: It's Tara, Ms. Robinson is my mother, but sure you can it's a free country..


:~: Duce sits down.. :~:


Duce: You do know you're in England right?


Tara: I'm wherever you want..... Me to be.....


Duce: Excuse me?


Tara: Ducey baby, how you been? I know who you are, I am an interviewer for the CWF you know!?!?


Duce: Of course I do..


Tara: Glad somebody remembered.. Because once Marcus was brought on everybody forgot about poor ole me.


Duce: Come on it was his first night, you know guys like to pick on the new interviewers.


Tara: You see, that's the problem!!! We get noooooooo resp..... respect!!! And because I'm a WOMAN.... I really do not get any respect.. Meanwhile your every day average hero comes through and saves the day... He's on every news story going on in the back.. I should kill em...


Duce: Whoa!!! You can't do that it was just one show.


Tara: ONE SHOW!!! If it was Evolution I guess I might be okay. Academy hell have at it, but this..... This was Hellbound, this WAS a big deal... Two or three segments?!?!??? How could you keep this pretty face off Pay Per View? It's made for Pay Per View... Why are you not drinking? Somebody get this man a drink and bring me another margarita!!!


:~: As if on cue, a waiter walks up with a drink on a tray and hands it to Tara. He then turns towards Duce asking him what he would like. Duce places his order and the waiter takes off to retrieve it.. Returning fairly quickly much to the satisfaction of Duce. :~:


Duce: Damn! That was quick.....


Tara: Yesss, you're gonna be toasted in thirty minutes.. But Duce, what brings you here? Why are you still in London and not in Glasgow?


Duce: Never turn down the chance for an interview huh?


Tara: You should know I can't, do your gonna answer?


Duce: (sips drink) Well I'm kinda nervous about the big debut.. I guess you can call it butterflies.


Tara: Let's see who you face uhm... We have Aphmau Enders, how do you feel about her?


Duce: One tough French woman, but she had to be more than that.. (sips drink) I watched her match against Marcus for kinda idea on what I should expect.. (sips again)


Tara: And what's that?


Duce: (finishes drink) That I should expect no mercy, and so should she.. Whoever stands in my way will feel the pain that I inflict on them.. Male, female, no exceptions.


:~: The waiter soon returns with another drink which Duce gulps down. :~:


Duce: Now Kancer, I don't know much about him but I will not take him lightly.. He is a former champion, so I can't put anything past him. My wrath will be felt, my name will be heard. And everyone will respect that name..


Tara: What about Kendo?


Duce: The tan Samoan mute... The Suplex.... Tap Out .... Something... Or whatever is the man I personally want.. Just because you act tough, don't mean you're tough. Just because you have a JT to speak your words, doesn't mean he's gonna fight his battles. He's not gonna be in that ring when that bell rings and my true self shines.. When the real "monster" shows his face.. When the beast is unleashed and he realizes how truly vicious and violent I really am.. He will be introDUCED to Duce!!!


Tara: Umm did you go somewhere for a minute buddy?


:~: Duce snaps out his trance as the waiter returns with yet another drink. Duce smiles at Tara as he accepts the drink. The two carry on with their conversation as the scene fades out.. :~:

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