Title: Short, and it's definitely not gonna win me points
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: 8-11-2018
Location: My HOUSE
Show: Evolution 27

Autumn sighed, flopping down backwards onto the sand that she was relaxing on, staring up at the midnight black sky with a satisfied smile on her face.  Her prediction from last week came true, Summer Games was an ultimate success...in her mind that is.  She had vowed to pretty much not give a damn about the match in general, or about being Silas's unwilling partner, and pretty much flat out said she was gonna walk out and leave the bastard to suffer in the ring alone with Mia.  She had done just that, walking backstage and watching the rest of the match from a monitor with a satisfied grin on her face.  She relished the boos from the crowd, relishing the hate they had for Silas.

"Asshole deserved every minute of that hate."  She mumbled, chuckling softly.  "He deserved that loss, deserved all of it.  That's karma coming back to chew on his pasty pale ass for everything that he did to me.  Now I can finally start to move on and breathe a little.  But I gotta admit, swinging that barbed wire bat around felt really good.  Helps to have a little help from...a close friend."

She shifted a little bit.

"I've been so tired of people constantly belittling me for being in his shadow still.  Every single person can't get it out of their heads that we ain't a thing anymore and this last week was the end of it.  The end!  Silas can go rot in hell and do whatever the fuck he wants, he is his own demented person and I'm my own person with my own wants and needs seperate from that.  God damn, I need to start carrying that bat around more often.  Attach it to my freakin hip if people start spouting off at the mouth like that again.  Give 'em a good metal spanking if ya catch my drift."

She crossed her legs at the ankle, watching the stars.

"I hope that people can look past that and look ahead to the future.  I don't want to be associated with that anymore.  It's donezo, got it?  I'm looking forward to whatever's coming for me, good or bad.  If I win tonight, great.  If I don't, it don't matter.  It's all a learning experience to me.  I'ma grow and I'ma get better, stronger because if I don't then what's the point of it all."

"Speakin of Panda...whatever...why did I get the image of someone dressed in a goofy panda costume dancing around in front of me.  I mean I'm surprised at this guy with the green hair, gettin' serious with ol' A-Ray y'know?  Yeah and that nickname stays with me, got it Panda boy?  You have your issues with whoever and that's grand...Jace or whatever....me with Silas...but tonight it's me and you so let's just drop the friendly manner and climb in that ring and beat the hell out of each other.

Shit I might just bring the bat.  Have a repeat of what happened last week.  With all the sharks circlin' 'round, I can't be too careful.

You'll fall to me, bud.  No questions asked."

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