Title: ...business
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 8/11
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 27

"Hello?" I said as I put the phone to my ear.

"Freddie it's me Aurora. I'm not sure if you want to hear from me but I am in trouble. I need your help. If you ever loved me then please prove it to me...I really need your help."

I was in utter shock. I hadn't heard Aurora's voice in a long time. It was dry, and raspy. As if she had been crying for days at a time. Something was truly wrong. All I could think about was the note that had been slid underneath my door. I felt as if I had been hit by a truck.

"Aurora, what is it? Where are you?"

"I don't know where I am Freddie. Do you have any idea who's doing this?"

I said as I broke down into a loud sigh. I felt my legs give out and I quickly sat on the cold cement floor. I breathed in and out deeply. Part of me felt so happy to hear Freddie's voice while the other part was angry. He should have protected me, he said he always would.

"Freddie I have to get out of here...Our baby, what if he hurts our baby? He said he won't but he's crazy. I think he will."

"Aurora! Who the hell is doing this to you. Tell me, please. I can't help you if I don't know." I felt as if I was going to vomit. My life was going back in to its downward spiral, back in to it's deep depression. But I couldn't sit back and watch this time. I had to help Aurora. I truly did love her, and my unborn child.

"Freddie...I..." There was rustling around in the background, and I then heard a man's voice speaking in the background. I thought I had heard him say "Shut the fuck up.", but it was very muffled.

"Listen Freddie, I don't want to start problems between us, but I've been enjoying your girlfriends company. How about this Freddie, I'll make you a deal. Show up on Friday, at the cafe I tell you to be at. We'll discuss this then. I suggest you come alone, or you might never see Aurora again. Deal?"

"I swear if you-"

CLICK! He hung up just like that. Now he had my full attention. This bastard was going to pay. I'd probably end up killing him myself. But first I walked to the bathroom and threw up. My nerves were shot. Too much stress. I was in far over my head.

Static fills the screen for several moments, then roughly cuts to some grainy, handicam footage of Freddie Styles sitting on the hood of a red, '57 Chevrolet in the middle of a car park. Behind him, the sun is setting, the golden-orange rays piercing the sky from just over the horizon. Freddie wears a 'Legendary '18' black sleeveless hoodie, his tag team title sitting on his lap, his legs crossed. Freddie is focused on his belt, then slowly looks up to the camera and nods.

I was all ready to come out and continue to blow smoke up my ass, but it seems the 'market' for people's attention has already been flooded by the Golden Parafucks' self-aggrandizing bullshit, so I say there's no need.  That and the fact that unlike them, right now I don't need multiple teammates to try and prove how good I am....."

Freddie looks down to his belt and pats it with an open hand.

....this is all the proof I need. Freddie continues, And just like i hear a couple of those golden fucks saying they can beat me anytime and anywhere, while I still have this, it's proof-positive that he hasn't even attempted to back-up his words. Typical 'Golden' member, all bark, no bite. This crew of derelicts, of wanna-be or once-was 'main-eventers', are WAY too keen to talk the talk, but when it comes to the walk, they step-up on timid little tip-toes. 

But enough about those fools.  The two-time tag team champions of the world have more important business.  Calling a spade a spade, my partner and our opponents are the best champions this version of the CWF has had.  Dorian and the commish are a far different sect of the Forsaken than Shadow and Mia are, and on some level, that's to be commended.  

Wait, fuck that.

We've already proven ourselves to be the best team here. Where's the Lost? Where's the more cerebreal half of Forsaken? We're looking for a challenge. Heh, because I sure won't be getting one this week. The champs  facing two men who just took the piss out of each other and then some less than a week ago. I wonder what they are thinking? They saw us last week. Christ, we are the best tag team in the world. So I wonder if they are scared to face us. I can only imagine what's running through their minds.

God damn. we are amazing.

So this is where it begins eh? This is where the road to Wrestlefest begins? This is where we make our march towards CWF immortality? Why wouldn't we though? Duce and I are the best thing to happen since this place reopened. Look at the doors we open up. I mean, look at the exposure we give everyone. THE SMOKING ACES make this place 5 star quality.  Simply put, WE ARE THE CWF.

You can thank us with the main event slot at Wrestlefest.

So Dorian and Tax, if you honestly think you can take down Duce and myself, then you truly must have beaten all your screws loose. You'll never dethrone us.  We've reclaimed our throne, and we're looking to add some gold to our shoulders as well.  You're in the way of what we want.  Wrestlefest is coming....and we aim to be right in the biggest part of the action.  

Like my partner said...fuck ya friendship.  This is about business.

#acesup #twiceasnice

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