Title: It's a Start
Featuring: Pandalike
Date: 12/08/2018
Location: Tokyo
Show: Evolution 27



The scene opens with Martin and Jake talking with each other in the balcony.

“I am kinda disappointed, Martin. I was hoping you would have done much better in the Summer Games. Forget about winning the World Championship you actually went got eliminated first!”

Jake looked annoyed.

“Sorry but I really wasn’t into it. I know, I know. I put up a show that I’ll become champion and all that nonsense but can you really blame me for losing?” Martin looked tiringly at Jake.

“So many things happened to me. I have had that plane accident. My memories still are a little bit fuzzy from then. Then I find out I was dead for some time and Schamor brings me to life with his crazy science. Finally, I find myself fused with another man named Elric and I have no clue who he is. After being used by Schamor for so long, after being under Ouroboros for so long I have forgotten what it meant being Pandalike or even worse what it meant being human.” Martin looks down deep in thought.

“I can understand that. But you have to understand that no matter what is happening around you. You are not alone. You are with family. You can talk about these things with us. We can help you.” Jake said in a concerned tone.

“I am really grateful for that. I have Lucy, Karin and you. It’s the only thing that’s not making me lose my mind. Truth is I didn’t know if going back to being Pandalike was a good idea or not. Maybe Revenant is who I am. A tool for destruction. I mean I was brought back to life for that very purpose.”

“Hahaha” Jake starts laughing.

Martin looks Jake confused.

“As if Pandalike wasn’t a tool for destruction. You have always been a beast in the ring. That never changed. I know you want to redefine yourself and discover who you are but you have to give it time. One step at a time. One match at a time.”

Martin smiles at Jake, feeling reassured of what he must do next.

The scene opens with Martin sitting in an armchair in front of a fireplace.

“Let us begin. Tonight I face an old adversary. Autumn Raven. Yes. You might have forgotten me but in the past, I have always gotten the upper hand over you. Maybe things will be different this time. You have come out of the shadow of Silas and now you might have gotten stronger in my absence. Then again I have gotten stronger too. I have triumphed over the iconic Duce Jones, I have headlined Summer Games for the World title while you fumbled up your chance to even qualify. You and I shouldn’t even be in the same sentence let alone in the same match. But after my loss in the Summer Games I’ve fallen down in the food chain. I am no longer seen as a potential top guy. I agree. I’ve lost a lot of my mojo and frankly, you are just what the doctor ordered for me.”

“I have to start out small. You know beat small fries build up my credit before I take on the big guys again. And I am completely okay with that. After all, I am still trying to figure out who I am. Who I want to be and I can’t be pressurized into big matches in that mental state. You get what I am saying Autumn. I need easy opponents who would lie down before me as I crush them underneath my feet. A jobber if you must. When was the last time you ever held a victory? Wait don’t answer that. It’s not important. You are not important.”

Martin leans forward.

“You are not important for me to give even one percent of my time and energy because I know tonight Autumn Raven falls in front of the Panda King. Hope you bring your best cause it still wouldn’t be enough.”

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