Title: A beacon of hope fading
Featuring: Azrael
Date: Evo 27
Location: Stuck in the middle
Show: Evolution 27

{Azrael is sitting in a church pew alone.  The chapel is empty, with the exception of several members of the clergy continuing to perform the day’s tasks.  Every so often, a member will look toward Azrael to see if he needs any assistance, which he politely just shakes his head no. After several hours, the pastor sits down next Azrael, and just provides company to the lost soul. Another hour of silence passes, when the priest begins to speak}

Father Thomas: What troubles you my son? No one, in this day and age has hours to just sit in a church, without as much as a distraction, unless something is really troubling them.

Azrael: There is nothing that you can assist with me.  This issue is between me and God himself.  He made a promise and now I find out he hasn’t kept his end of the deal.  He has interfered the entire time.  He promised me that he would not interfere.  He has not stayed out of my affairs

Father Thomas: Well my son, he never stays out.  Everything that happens is according to His plan.  We don’t know what his plan is but he gives you just what you can handle.  You may think it is to much, but it never is.  He has faith in us, even if we don’t.

Azrael: I know that.  I am well aware of his plan.  I did not fit into that plan.  I was not supposed to be part of the plan.  His promise was to allow me to be independent of that plan.  He promised me free will.  He promised me that he would allow me to experience everything that they get to experience.   But he didn’t.  He continued to meddle, continued to try and pull me back.

Father Thomas: He always wants us back.  He has given us free will to allow us to believe whatever it is that we believe.  Free will does not mean he doesn’t protect us or have plans for us.  He is like a parent, guiding his children along.  Every parent has a plan for their children, whether it be as specific as becoming a world famous surgeon or as open as a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.  He has the same for us.  How much we rebel against his plan or allow it to flow through us, is the free will.  Parents will do what they can to protect the children, just He will protect us from things we can not handle.  If he believes you can handle it, then you will be able to.  We must have faith.

Azrael: I don’t think that is the truth in my case.  It is unknown what I can and can not handle.  There has never been a case like me in history.  God and I have a very different relationship.

Father Thomas: Son, everyone has a special relationship with God.  And as much as you think you are different and alone, you are not.  There is someone else out there who has and is going some of the same things as you.  The more desperate you are, the more you need others, and they are out there.  Here, since I don’t know what exactly troubles you, I will get you a few pamphlets of programs we offer here, as well as a few at other local parishes. I think one of these might help you find the answers you seek, especially since prayer has not been productive for you yet.  

{As Father Thomas walks to the back to get the information, Azrael gets up, and leaves prior to receiving the pamphlets}

Father Thomas: He left.  Dear Lord, please guide that lost and tormented soul to find the peace he seeks.  Be with him in this, his time of greatest need.  My son, I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for.

{Azrael leaves the church and walks to a nearby park.  The park over looks a river, filling it with the peaceful sound of rushing water, as he sun sets to the west, illuminating the sky with beautiful shades of pink and orange.  Azrael finds a boulder, and sits, and looks at the steeple of the church.  The cross on top still reflects the rays of the setting sun, and becomes a beacon, glowing in ever darkening dusk.}

Azrael: A fitting image.  In the increasing darkness, a beacon guides the way.  Providing hope and direction to those who need it.  It is very symbolic of how people view God, as their beacon of hope.  As their roadmap to everlasting happiness.   Humans, truly love their symbols and assigning meanings to inanimate objects.  They love to place meaning where there is none, just to provide a sense of meaning.  I’ve been there.  I have seen the everlasting happiness promised to those who are worthy.  It truly is magical.  I’ve seen the ups and downs of the human conditions and trials and tribulations that God has tested the faith of his children.  To ensure only those with a worthy heart and mind make it.  Or ask for forgiveness, if they find the gates.  He has put these tests before His people, for no real reason.  All you have to do, is pass the tests or if you fail, be truly sorry that you did.  If you can manage one of those two things, then everlasting happiness awaits.  But much like the beacon, the road map isn’t the important part.  It’s the journey.  It’s what is within your heart.  

{Azrael looks back at the cross, atop of the steeple.  He continues to watch, as the rays of the sun, move on from creating the cross beacon.  It became ominous as the awe inspiring colors of the setting sun, turned it from a bright beacon, to a dark one.  A fitting end to this day for Azrael, a beacon of hope for most, but wait long enough and it turns sour.  Wrong time, and you receive a very different message. }

Police Chief Wilson: We are looking for members of a local softball team.  We believe they have information regarding the unfortunate death of a beloved resident Jimmy.   If anyone has any information, either regarding the softball team or Jimmy’s activities last week, to please call (233) 555-1234.  

Hooded Figure: Well, no one from that night has said a word about their involvement in his death.  They are too embarrassed and ashamed of the events that night.  Between the sickening mob mentality that lead to the death of poor beloved Jimmy and the beating they suffered as their dues.  Maybe it’s time to make my presence known.  Time to make my triumphant return.   To put the fear of God back into people.  To let them know their actions have consequences that they must face now, in addition to later.  Remind the people there is a wrong and a right way to live.  It is time to pay back the proud what they deserve.  That the weak and needy need to be rescued and delivered from the hand of wicked.  That it is time for someone to open their mouth for the mute and for the rights of all who are destitute.  For someone to open their mouth and judge righteously, defending the rights of the poor and needy.  For me to rescue those who are taken to death, to hold back those who slaughter.  It is mine to avenge, and I will repay.  In due time, their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.  

{Azrael again has found a peaceful place, this time lakeside, by one of the appropriately named Great Lakes.  As he sits on a public swing, looking out onto the waves crashing into beach.  The sunlight glistening off the waves, broken up by the small white water.  A very mesmerizing image.}

Azrael: Mr. Whealdon so we meet again.  The man who has started my latest downward spiral.  The man who has opened my pandora’s box.  Now, don’t blame yourself for this, I don’t.  I know I am the one responsible for my actions.  This current place that I am in, is a place of my own making, a hell of my own creation.  You had the fortunate pleasure of being in the ring when it finally came crashing down.  You just happen to be the one rain drop that caused the bucket to overflow during the thunderstorm.  Ah, hell, what am I doing?  This doesn’t matter Pete.  No matter what I say, no matter how much information I have it isn’t going to matter.  I’m fighting a losing battle against myself, so why do I think I have any chance of being victorious against you.  You’ll have your friends there to help you and support you.  I’ll forever be alone.  That is my burden to bear. I had this wonderful monologue all planned out, where I go through your history and your story and poke holes in the logic.  I go through and find the flaws and sins you have committed.  I do all that to make myself seem better than you. But in reality, am I?  Are you really better than me? Who knows and who cares.  At this stage, I am just struggling to stay with in.  To keep moving forward, and in control.  So, Mr. Whealdon, Mr. Pete Whealdon, I wish you well at Evolution.  As the faithful believe, that even in the valley of the shadow of death, they fear no evil, for the Lord is with them, I am not a faithful person.  My heart is filled with fear and fear leads men to do evil things.

{Azrael gets up and soberly walks away, forgetting about his plan to be mindful, and allow the emotions to flow freely.  Forgetting about his need to find the inner calm that helps him through the day.  He walks away, a man already defeated}

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