Title: The Passion of the Dick
Featuring: Dick Fury
Date: ~
Location: ~
Show: Summer Games 2018

APRIL 3, A.D. 33 Golgotha

HIS feet move slowly through the sand. The large post affixed to HIS back spreads the sand apart as it is hauled froward, erasing the once fresh footprints. A crack of the whip, a snap in the sound.. Flesh ripped open.

Today would be the day that HE gives his life for them.

APRIL 1, A.D. 33 Mount Zion

Looking around the table, HE knew what would soon happen. It had to happen for the good of all mankind. Although knowing, HE had already forgiven. Tonight HE would celebrate life and have his last supper.

The apostle of hearts, whom had recently returned to follow, was in a jolly mood. The apostle of kings, raised his glass forth for a toast. Beside them the tamer of pandas smiled with glee. He looked across the table now to see the mighty apostle of stars leaning over and whispering to master of rings. The last two apostles sit in silence. One twirling his marvelous mustache as the other secretly considered to be the real second coming.

Yes, HE knew exactly what must happen once dinner ended. While the history books would write of forgiveness given, in reality there was not. HEe would break bread one last time before what had to happen, happens.

APRIL 4, A.D. 33 Golgotha

Hung upon the cross, nails driven into HIS hands and feet with a crown of thorns upon HIS head. The final four to join HIM for his last supper would be the first four to turn on HIM, leading the savior to HIS place upon the hill. However, it would be the three whom sit beside HIM at that final supper who would drive the nails into HIM.

For this HE would not forget, and contrary to popular belief, HE would not forgive.

APRIL 6, A.D. 33 Golgotha

The final trickle of blood runs down HIS arms as his last breath is taken. HIS body would soon be returned to the earth and those responsible would believe that they were the final kinds among men.

They would be wrong.

APRIL 3, A.D. 33 Golgotha

His feet continue to move slowly through the sand. The large post affixed to his back still spreads the sand apart as it is hauled froward, erasing the once fresh footprints. The whip separates more flesh as blood is removed from his back.

The cross he carries is heavier than the weight of the world, but there is a reason for everything. He is your lord and savior. He must continue on this path for you.

This he shall do.

April 9, A.D. 33 Golgotha

As the tomb is open, gasp can be heard from the crowd as his body is gone. How can this be? For there is only one explanation. No, he is not a God. This has been made clear.

He is a God-Killer.

The Lord’s hand had come down from the heavens above to take HIM home. HE, however, had been prepared. Ripping apart the cross in which his body had faded away upon and stored with HIM, HE yelled as he placed the now sharped end into the Lord’s chest.

God Almighty was not so mighty as HE grabbed the exposed end of the cross and ripped it apart, the body and spirit of Jehovah ripping apart. A taste for vengeance now fills him. HE shall end those who attempted to end HIM. Not for himself, but for the world.

In the end, there shall be only one.

1346 A.D. Euroasia

For thirteen hundred years, his flesh body faded and HE was reborn. For thirteen hundred years HE worked toward HIS revenge. However, before the spiritual resurrection of those whom fouled HIM, HE would unleash upon the world a plague like no other. For seven years, men, women, and children fell to HIS wraith. Doing nothing to deserve it, it would not matter. For HE would grow in power from the death and decay of others.

HE would need this power.

MARCH 1938 A.D. Austria

The thousands of boots marched in unison to follow his orders. They would die for HIM, and die they would do. A powerful being, HE would lead the German army into a world wide war. Each and every Jewish person would feel the wraith of two thousand years of hate.

HIS followers would praise him, yet it was not enough. No, for HE had not finished what he started out to do. Many had died, left to lie in a Godless purgatory for all time. The symbol HE had adopted, would forever be known as a symbol of HIS hatred.

And that was Ok with HIM.

AUGUST 7th, 2018 A.D. Maryland

The music hits to the familiar tune of My Dick by Micky Avalon. Dick Fury would head toward the curtain, but little known to him, he would be possessed at that moment by pure evil. A darkness of more than two thousand years. 

He would not realize that those who had sentenced HIM to death, had been reincarnated and this would be the final war,.

HE would enter the ring first against MJF, the reincarnation of the self proclaimed second coming. For this would be her last day upon the Lord-less earth. HIS arms around her neck, HE would twist until a ‘POP’ is heard.

Bronson Box raced into the ring, his mustache the same as it had been so many years ago upon his original form. He would as well meet his fate when through his chest, Fury’s hand would be thrust. His heart, squeezed until it no longer work. His lifeless body falling to the canvas.

The screams pleased HIM, but not as much as seeing Eric Dane run to Bronson’s aide. As he bent down, checking on Box, HE would kick the former Apostle of Stars in the temple, killing him instantly.

HIS eyes grew large as he looked at his own team. For these final three, he would not rely on his pure power, but the gun in which he pulls from his boot. As they try to run, HE fires. All three, shot in the head, fall. Their bodies cold before they hit.

Yes, HE would stand supreme. HE would enact his revenge finally and become the champion on top of it. However it would be short lived as the God-killer had become God-like himself. Placing the gun to his head, he pulls the trigger.


AUGUST 1,2018 A.D. A Dirty Hotel.

Dick Fury’s eyes open and he awakens in a sweat, his heart pounding.

“What the Mother fuck?!”

Was it a dream, or a prophecy? Only one thing is certain… everyone else in the main event is FUCKED.

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