Title: In The End
Featuring: Xander Haze
Date: Aug 1/18
Location: Warehouse
Show: Summer Games 2018

XH: Fuck...Fuck... FUCK.

Inside the warehouse where Xander an John have kept Celia captive, Xander cursing at a T.V. replaying the finish of his match from Evolution 26.


Xander filled with rage, building more and more each time he rewinds the tape finally John steps in front of the T.V. blocking Xander's view.

XH: Move!

JK: No you need to stop watching this I told you it was a mistake from the beginning you need to refocus we have bigger things ahead.

XH: I said move!

Xander pushes John out of the way knocking the T.V. off the table in the process. It falls to the floor the screen smashing out sparks begin to fly out of the T.V. Xander shoot John a death look he then leaps out of his chair grabbing John by the scruff of the neck backing him up to the wall.

JK: Whoa...Whoa I am not the enemy remember but I do like this anger, I need you to focus all this anger all this rage on the real enemy Zach.

John carefully tries to remove Xander's hands from his shirt collar but is unable to lessen his grip. Xander just keeps staring a hole right through John, when it looks like there is no way out laughter is heard from behind Xander. He lets go of John and turns around to see Celia who is still tied to the old wooden chair laughing.

CL: Zach is going to kick your ass at Summer Games end all this once and for all.

Xander gets right in Celia face and points towards to the destroyed T.V. which is still sparking heavily.

XH: I wouldn't worry what Zach is or isn't going to because it doesn't make one bit of difference. You are going to just like that T.V. with sparks shooting out of every orifice of your filthy body. I'll be standing over your loverboy Zach in victory laughing as the last ounce of life drain from your eyes.

Xander begins to frantically laugh then all of the sudden punches Celia square in the face. John puts himself between Xander and the now unconscious Celia he finally is able to push the psychotic laughing Xander away. He then turns around to see if Celia is still breathing after quickly seeing that she indeed is still alive starts to rip into his deranged partner in crime.

JK: What in the fuck is wrong with you?

XH: What? Who gives a flying fuck if she dies now or dies at Summer Games the fact is she's going to die.

JK: But I want to see Zach fail and watch him as he know's there is nothing that he can do. I literally want to see his heart break into pieces and cry as he looks at the limp body of his beloved English sweetheart.

XH: I couldn't give two shits if Zach sees the whores dead body because I will fuck up Zach so much  that by the end of the match 1 of 2 things are going to happen either I will end his career, he will leave in an ambulance and won't even realize what has happened to her or just like this dumb bitch he will be leaving in a coffin. You nor I will never have to see or hear that puny fucker ever again

Both men again smile and laugh sadistically staring at the still unconscious Celia.

JK: Finally after all of this time after all my waiting I will get what I want, will get my satisfaction and all will be right with the world.

Xander immediately stops laughing when he hears what John had to say and looks towards him with the anger showing all over his face.

XH: This has become so much bigger than you and what you want out of this. This has become about my rise to the top of the CWF and it all starts here where not only will I win this match and take one step further up the ladder. I will also get to end the life of two pathetic pieces of shit who aren't worth the scum on the bottom of my boots. Then my sole focus will be on becoming The CWF World Heavyweight Champion, no one will be able to stop me.

JK: No wait...

Xander interrupts John mid-sentence.

XH: You will have no say in the matter, I've grown tired of you and you have become a pain in my ass to the point where I will take great joy in destroying you along with Zach. So after Summer Games is over it would be best for you if you stayed the fuck away from me or I swear to god I will kill you myself.

John is left in shocked and scared for Summer Games, Xander walks over to Celia and splashes water in her face waking her up.

XH: You better wake you and enjoy whatever time you have left because no one can save you not even your knight in shining armor Zach. 

As Xander is leaving the warehouse he finds a letter taped to the outside of the warehouse door with his name on it, it reads.

Hello, Xander, we have been watching you we have been watching you, we have seen the path of destruction that you have carved out for yourself. Perhaps it is time for you to feel some of the pain and hatred that you have spread over the years. We will bleed you like a pig watch you suffer, your end we will see you soon.            

Xander in angered almost frightened of that smiley face as if he has seen it before. He runs back into the warehouse confronting John grabbing him pushing him against the wall shoving the letter in his face.

XH: Did you do this?... Did you fucking do this? 

JK: No I Didn't.

XH: Don't fuck with me John I swear to fuck I will end you if you had anything to do with this I will tear you limb from limb.

John in fear for his life again pleads his case.

JK: I swear to god Xander I have no idea what this is or who sent it.

Xander lets John go as he falls to the floor, full of anger, fear, and frustration makes his way out of the warehouse.

Fade To Black 

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