Title: We Begin Again...
Featuring: Jimmy Allen
Date: Today
Location: Dallas, Texas
Show: Summer Games 2018

We Start Again...

"The last time, most of the people here who know me actually saw me it was in a "Loser Leave Town Match" against one of the true legends of this business. Amp was a bastard but I give him his due, he was also one hell of a fighter. Anyone who saw the match live knows I damn near killed him in the process of getting rolled up. For me, that was the final nail in the coffin. Due to professional and personal issues I left the business without a word. 

What can you really say to fans that have supported you for years and you leave because of a meltdown? I can guarantee you will get a mixture of responses, from incredulous to unbelieving to anger. I can't really say that I blame them much, it's really hard for anyone to wrap their mind around a pro athlete completely losing their shit. Let alone a professional wrestler."

"We aren't supposed to have "real life" issues, we aren't supposed to hate any facet of our job. The reason for that? Well, it's because according to whom you speak with, our only job is to entertain the masses. That's all we are responsible for. Never mind the fact that we all have families of our own. Never mind the fact that we have our own shit to deal with. Never mind the fucking fact that we are real god damned people. Whether you choose to believe it or not Wone, Mikey Unlikely and The American Patriot are real human beings. 

Sort of

No, they are real...and they are human....I think....

The real question is, are they real good wrestlers?
I get to find out very shortly, but a brief word on my first impression.
The man known as Wone; first appearances….cast reject from the crow, it appears he took that badly. According to what I’ve been told, he killed his abusive father. Well, not really much one can say about that, hard to believe is an understatement. As I’ve said before, we all have our demons. I just don’t feel inclined to paint myself up like one.

The American Patriot; my man if there was ever a person in need of professional help, you are most certainly a candidate. “God bless America….and no place else?” The thing that bothers me most about that quote is that he stands by it. A clear signal of the many things wrong in this country. I’m just salivating as I wait to hear the rhetoric that is sure to spew from this one.

Mikey Unlikley; The one hit wonder that rapped his way to fame. He fancies himself a winner, he firmly believes it. He subscribes to his own hype. I get that, we all do. It’s the only way to survive this industry with your sanity in check. If you don’t believe yourself and in yourself…..the only thing you’ll ever achieve is self destruction. Mikey likes to think of himself as a one man master plan, but really all he is….a one man disaster plan. No one is here to make you look good, we are professional athletes not miracle workers.

What about me? “The Catalyst’ Jimmy Allen is certainly not without his flaws. I have tons of cracks in my armor, it’s up to you to find them. Good luck with that kids. I hope you find them in time, because I don’t play. That ring is my solace in life and the only place I’ve ever felt comfortable. I protect it with zeal, with a passion not seen in a very long time. The difference between myself and the other 3 “men” in this match? I love this business. I grew up in it. My father made sure that I was trained in a way that I would not disgrace it. The only way you beat me in this match is if you exceed my passion for what we do. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression gents. I plan on making mine….impactful.”


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