Title: Redemption
Featuring: Pandalike
Date: 1/08/2018
Location: Tokyo
Show: Summer Games 2018


Scene opens with Martin looking over the cradle grinning as he watches his little girl giggling at him. Jake opens the door and smiles as he watches his little brother playing around with Lucy.

“Martin, you know you could go and have lunch. I can stay here with Lucy.”

“No… I want to be here with her.” Martin said with a smile as Lucy starts reaching out to touch Martin’s face.

Karin walks in the room with a tray filled with food.

“I figured Martin isn’t going to leave Lucy alone so I brought the food up here for him.”

“You really shouldn’t have---” Martin gets interrupted as his mouth gets stuffed with a chicken drumstick and he looks at Karin surprised.

“Shut up and eat.”

Jake starts laughing and Martin pulls out the drumstick and joins in the laughter.

“You know, I always wanted to see us three together like this, laughing and having fun like we use to back when we were kids.” Karin eyes teared up as she looks down on the floor.

Martin and Jake exchanged looks.

“I didn’t know what to do or even say back then. After Lucy’s death both of you changed. I knew nothing good was going to come out of it but I couldn’t stop you both. You both went your separate ways and look what you had to endure. Idiots!” Karin started sobbing.

“We are sorry.” Jake whispered.

“We were young. We didn’t know any better.” Martin added on with a guilty tone.

“But you didn’t even change even after all of Master Chang’s warnings!” Karin kept crying.

“Master Chang…Guess that’s one more person I should apologize.” Martin whispers.

Jake and Karin looked at each other.

Jake then goes over and puts his hand over Martin’s shoulder.

“There is something I need to tell you.”

Scene ends.

Scene opens with Martin standing on top of a familiar hill. The same hilltop that Master Chang and Martin trained. The birthplace of Pandalike. The house looked broken and empty. The place that Master Chang called his home felt cold.

Martin looked at the house and started talking to himself.

“When I first joined CWF, I had a tunnel vision. Me as CWF World Heavyweight Champion as the end goal. I didn’t care who I hurt or how I would become champion. I thought I had no time. I rushed head first at every obstacle, banging my head against it again and again in hopes that I would break through. Never realizing that all I was doing was hurting myself. I was an idiot.”

The breeze blew past Martin and the front door creaked open, revealing the empty house. Martin looked heart-broken as he walked inside the house.

“I didn’t know how cruel father time is. I didn’t know that I would miss the birth of my child. I didn’t know…” tears rolled down Martin’s eyes. “I didn’t know that the last thing I would do to my Master is to break his heart.”

An old photograph of Master Chang at his teen years is on the floor. Martin picked it up.

“I am sorry. I am so sorry for all the pain I put you through. You were like a father to me. Always looking after me. Scolding me so that I never fell to darkness but I... like a spoiled child I didn’t listen to you.” Martin looked down in shame.

“I know. I am late. But if you are looking at me from heaven up above… All I ask is to keep a little faith in your student. To have a little faith in me. I am back. This time as Pandalike, not Lucy’s Avenger… but as her champion. I have a little daughter now. She is my tiny panda. You would have loved her. I promise this time things will be different, I’ll protect her with everything I got. For her I am willing to fight the world.”

Martin takes a step into the small ray of moonlight that shun through the cracks of the roof.

“To the world who are watching me now, I want you to know that the mistakes I made might be unforgivable but I will do whatever it takes to right my wrong. I know there are people out there who kept supporting me even when I walked in the wrong path. To those who supported me I say this… Thank you. Thank you in believing in me. Thank you for the love and support that I got cause without it I wouldn’t have been able to see the light. Thank you for being patient, to endure all the bullshit I put all of you through and yet you all stayed as my loyal supporters. Today marks a new era. The era of the Panda Family. Everyone one of you are part of my family. You all represent patience, optimism and love. Together we fight for good. Together we stand and together we will take CWF over. I will become your CWF World Heavyweight Champion. I will do this for the my family. I will do this for my late master. I will do this for my little panda who is waiting for me at home. I will do this for my late sister, Lucy.”

“At Summer Games the odds are stacked against me. I face numerous former world champions. I wish I could say I am a fresh new guy looking for my first title but there are even contenders in the match who makes me look old. No. I am not here for the fame. I am not here for the acknowledgement. I am not here for the money. I am here for my family. I am here for my little one. I want to be the father who makes his little daughter proud. I know have a very simple dream because all I ever wanted to be was a simple man living his life out in relative peace. No worries. No pain. But life doesn’t work that way, I guess my life didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. Still it isn’t all bad for me. I know a lot of people don’t believe I can hack it. A lot of people don’t believe I can win this match. Some would go as far as betting that I would be eliminated at the very beginning.”

“But you see no one knew I would be back. No one ever thought SSRI would fall. No one ever thought the world champion would walk out. No one ever thought I would take Duce’s spot for Summer Games. To tell the truth a lot of things happened which were out of everyone’s control. But isn’t that the fun of this game. To make the unthinkable possible. To make dreams come true. Even when people doubt you that is the one moment where you have to have faith in yourself and beat all odds. Make no mistake you might underestimate because I call myself Pandalike because I do silly things in my silly ways but I am as much of a contender as MJF or Eric Dane. I fight on equal terms with the legendary Jace Valentine and Jarvis King. And I too am as hungry for my first title win as Bronson Box , Dick Fury and the Ringmaster are. I have waiting for a long time and I have paid my dues. I have conquered my rival and here I am ready to conquer seven very talented people. Can I do it? It’s anybody’s guess. But don’t count me out just yet.”

Martin smiles and laughs.

“I hope everyone brings their best cause if you are going to face a CWF original you better come prepared.”

Scene ends

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