Title: ...rollercoaster...
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 7/31
Location: Birmingham
Show: Summer Games 2018

It had been a couple of weeks since I had left Freddie; a couple of weeks since I caught him cheating on me with Salem. During the past two months the only thoughts that went through my mind were, "How many other women have there been?" It was hard to grasp but it was something I had to come to terms with. I hadn't heard from Freddie since moving out, not even a phone call to see how my pregnancy was going. At that point in time I had the fear that Freddie may not have even cared I was pregnant or about me any longer. If that was the case then I needed to just let go and move forward without even looking back. I had left Blake's and moved into my own home; a small fairytale type cottage. I had no idea if Freddie had any idea that I wasn't living at Blake's anymore. He hadn't tried getting a hold of me so I could have only assumed Blake had told him and he just didn't care.

After finally getting settled in at my place, I had decided to make a trip over to Freddie's in order to gather up whatever belongings I had left there. There was quite a bit of things I had left over there such as clothing, sentimental objects, and various other things. However some of the things were gifts from Freddie and I wasn't sure I wanted them any longer.

I got into my car and drove the forty-five minute trip over there. I pulled the car into the driveway and shut it off. I couldn't tell whether or not Freddie was home; if he was chances are I would lose my nerve, back out of the driveway, and go straight back to the cottage. I couldn't do that, I had to stand my ground and the sooner I got this over with the better it would be all around. Before stepping out of the car I pulled down the visor and looked in the mirror. I ran a hand over my no longer blonde hair; a few weeks back I had opted to change the hair color to a dark brunette, something that I felt would suit me better. I was starting a new life and I needed something to help me feel as if that was true. I didn't know if Freddie would like it, but what if he didn't? Would it really matter after everything that had transpired?

I placed my hand on the door's handle and with the other hand took the keys out of the ignition and held them tightly. I then pulled the handle and opened the door. I put both my feet on solid ground and stood up. My mind racing and my stomach filling with butterflies of nervousness, I began to walk toward the front door to the house. On my key ring I still had a key to the house. If he wasn't home I would have been able to get in and get out with everything I needed; no questions asked. I walked up the sidewalk until I made it to the front door. I placed my hand on the knob and began to turn it. It was unlocked. Sighing heavily I was slowly turned it and pushed the door open. The only thing that caught my attention was how silent the entire place was. 'Maybe he's over at Salem's', I thought to myself, gently breathing a sigh of relief. My mission was to get in there get what I needed and get the hell out. I looked around the house and sighed in sadness, how I would have loved to of been able to get this place all ready for the new life that was to come soon.

I walked to the hallway that led to the bedroom and stopped in front of a mirror. I was dressed on this date in a comfortable yet flattering sundress that reached about knee-length, to go with my dress I was wearing a pair of open-toed sandals and my hair was put up in a French Twist. I noticed on the table in front of the mirror there was a framed picture of Freddie and I. I picked it up and gently ran my hands over the glass. The sound of someone coming down the steps startled me as I looked up just to see who it was.

"I didn't think anyone was here… I'll get my stuff and be gone right away I promise." I looked at the person coming toward me and protectively I folded my arms across my somewhat bulging middle where the baby inside me had already been growing inside of me for over three months.

"No stay, i've been meaning to speak with you, Aurora." He said, still remaining in the shadows; allowing only his figure to be seen.

"You have?" I asked this stepping back toward the closest wall nervously. I kept my arms protectively folded around my middle. For some reason I felt very uneasy about all of this. Soon enough I was backed completely against the wall with nowhere else to go.

"For what reason did you want to speak with me? I really have nothing to say, because what really can be said about the man that I love cheating on me with another woman and not even calling to see how his unborn child is?" In the pits of my stomach I felt as if I made a mistake being so bold with the person I was talking to but what did I have to fear? Would they hit me, would they try and hurt me? This was something I did not know and perhaps I should have thought better about.

"Yes, I know of Mr. *redacted*. Quite well actually. But I have plans for you and I. I've already arrainged with Blake for you to come stay with me, if you please." He said stepping from the shadows. A look of confusion was on Aurora's face.

"Deshawn…" Was the only thing I could say. It was Freddie's brother Deshawn. I couldn't have been more confused even if I would have tried. I didn't understand what was going on nor was I sure I wanted to. I decided I really didn't need to get my stuff, in fact I could do it on another day. I began to back slowly towards the door.

"I'm not even staying with Blake anymore, I have a place of my own. Listen Deshawn I really need to get going. I have ummm a doctor's appointment in…" I quickly looked at my watch, "in ten minutes." I then looked back up at him. "So I really need to get going. If you want to talk though we can do it next week. We'll meet for lunch or something."

I just wanted to get out of there, the look on his face frightened me and just what did he mean that he had plans for me? I finally turned on my heels and began to quickly walk towards the door.

Deshawn thought to himself. He couldn't let her get off this easy. She was coming with him one way or another. Whether it be by choice or force, Aurora would be leavign with Deshawn. He wouldn't let his master scheme be ruined by a trap.

"Well I really wanted to talk Aurora. How about you come with me now, we'll grab some lunch, and talk. Deal?"

"No…I'm sorry Deshawn but I really have to go. I'm sorry but this is how it has to be." I said as I turned completely on my heels and walked past him. I walked to the door and straight out of the house. There was fear mounting inside of me and I didn't quite know why it is was. I knew that in due time I would find out.

Deshawn's blood boiled as he saw Aurora walk away. "The bitch has chosen to do it the hard way...so be it", he muttered to himself.


Lord, can I get a break? 

I ain't really happy here 

Take a look into his eyes! 

And see pain without fear 

Lord, can I get a break? 

I ain't really happy here 

Take a look into his eyes! 

And see pain without fear 


I ain't really happy here 

Take a look into my eyes! 

And see the pain in my fear 


I ain't really happy here 

Take a look into my eyes! 

And see the pain in my fear 


Oooooh Lord! 

Can I get a break? 

....my life is a mess, and so is this match.  For every up, there is a down lately, and this roller coaster ride lately honestly....depresses me.  My girl is about to have a baby, and I can't get out of my own way...

Fuck that bitch and that kid.  You have bigger problems.

Bigger problems?  What the fuck could be bigger than my love and my kid?

The tag titles, you little bitch.  The thing that makes you money....gets us fame.

Us?  The fuck you mean...us?  Nobody knows you...you fuck my world up, but all they see is me.  I catch all the hell from what you force me to do, and I catch hell from you when I ignore you.  Why the fuck do I do this?  Why won't you go away?

Because without me, you'd be the best wrestler in your mentor's school, showing other fools how to get rich doing the shit you do.  It's time for us to find our damn groove....

I hurt a little... 

I bled a little... 

...but this is what I expected. 

I expected to lose two weeks ago. 

I gave my best effort, but lost to the #1 contender. I didn't expect to lose to a Dick...but tis my life.  Seems like that’s all I’ve done since signing my contract. Opportunities lost, doors closed. Story of my life so far…and it sucks. 

So now, while one door temporarily closes, another one opens...a chance to get back our tag titles that we lost.  A chance to show why I belonged on the big stage not that long ago...

...but then again, I'm left in a position of having something more to prove, to actually show that I can consistently get a W in this place. Such the dilemma...such a dilemma. 

It sucks to be on the rollercoaster, win here, lose there.  Pick up belts here, drop them there.  Drop to Murray.  Drop to Fury.  Ultimately, our lives are about choices and making decisions. The measure of a man is not necessarily how many right choices you make in comparison to wrong ones...

It’s about learning from mistakes and growing. Choice is a very dangerous thing. 

My entire career has been one big rollercoaster. There have been ups and there have been downs, but the one thing that’s been nagging at me throughout is what my future will be, what foundation I'm building my empire on. Try as I may sometimes, I haven’t been able to shake that feeling and I think there’s a good reason for that. 

I know I can go at a superstar level.  THat I'm championship material.

I just can't STAY there....and that shit is frustrating.  

I'm sure that our four opponents don't consider me all that much of a threat, truthfully...and I do not blame them. I simply continue to try and prove my worth on this land, however, and ignore their claims of my weakness.

There are few who know my story, and it truly is a shame. If they were to know what I've done then perhaps they wouldn't be so rash in their judgements upon me...but then again, their understanding isn't truly of significance in my life. Their words don't hinder my faith in myself, I'll always trust in my own strength and my partner when the time is needed.

Most importantly, I will trust in myself that these Aces will get the job done...that we both get off the rollercoaster and stablize ourselves on top of the tag team landscape for a second time. 

TIme to reclaim the throne.

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