Title: I remember
Featuring: Pandalike
Date: 26/5/2018
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 21

Scene 1

Screen pans over the hallways of CWF. Revenant is seen walking and looking around. He sees the camera and gives a smile.

“Hello there! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Paradise is over and well I’ll admit it wasn’t the pay per view debut I was going for. Right off the bat, my leg gets fucked up and to make matters worse I was pinned for the victory! We can all agree I didn’t come out looking good in that match. Hahahaha.”

Revenant laughs and then gives a childish grin as if he was caught doing something wrong. He then stops smiling and then a serious look dawns on his face.

“Frankly, my heart wasn’t in it. It was so much to take. Everything felt nostalgic. So much of my past life flashing by me as I took each step towards the ring. I was surprised that I could still walk out of that match alive. Well it would have been pointless to revive me only to have me sent back to hell in my very first match.”

Revenant chuckles at his own joke and then turns towards the portrait beside him. It was picture of an old man. Harley Hodge written in gold plaque underneath the portrait.

“This is the hallway of past champions. I must say. I do feel out of place. I am quite the opposite of these champions. Every past champion had a drive. A reason behind why they excelled. Why they became these behemoths that no one could beat. Of course that is until one day another monster with a stronger drive steps into the ring and becomes the new champion.”

Revenant walks away from Harley Hodge’s portrait towards the next portrait. Duce Jones. He looked at Duce, visibly angry. Revenant adjust his mask and continues talking.

“A fresh face. Fresh ideology. A stronger champion. However staying at the top is never too easy. You will always find someone more hungry, more passionate lurking in the shadows wanting to dethrone you. Someone you least expected.”

Revenant walks towards the next portrait. Mariella Jade Flurstein. Revenant clenching his hand into a tight fist until they turned red and then releases his fist. He takes a deep breath.

“You see these people did what I couldn’t do. They became champions. To say I didn’t have the drive back then would have been an understatement. I doubt they had a stronger drive than I did. And yet they made it. I couldn’t. This here was my biggest regret before I died.”

Revenant closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Calming himself and keeping his emotions in check, he looks back into the camera.

“When I was young I was alone. Alone for so long that the darkness itself became my only companion. My life’s journey could have been described as a quest for self-discovery. You see I remember now. CWF. This used to be my home. But now it’s only an altar of my past failures. Every turn I make I remember how terrible it was for me. Whether it was the washroom where I puked before every big match or whether it was in the locker room where everyone ridiculed me because I couldn’t back up my words. I remember vividly how every time I walked into the ring I was greeted with hatred and boos. That was my life.”

Revenant shakes his head in disapproval.

“It’s funny. Regardless of how bad it was here for me, I somehow called it my home. A place where I belonged. Even if I was viewed as a joke I somehow belonged. Going toe to toe with former world champions. Going toe to toe with future champions. Locking hands as we go down on the mat, grappling, out-maneuvering one another till someone got the upper-hand. The good old days. I thought I left that life behind when I said goodbye for the last time and took my last breath. Alas for cosmic reasons my destiny brought me back to fight in CWF once more.”

Revenant gives a calm smile towards the camera.

“I am uncertain if things would be different this time around. Things have changed. The roster have new faces. Many old faces gone into the books of hall of fame. Come to think of it, I, myself am different in many ways now. I am under a different name. A new mask to hide who I am. Honestly I don’t even have the drive I use to have before. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe I don’t need that drive. I have already tried and tested every method in the wrestling book in my past life. I have tried and tested every ideology there was to become champion. Honestly, I never even wanted to fight again when I finally left this life and yet here I am. I do not have any choice in the matter now. Schamor’s spell has me fighting here like some kind of a gladiator, a slave. Soooo, I fight. Question is how do I get the job done? What will drive me to win again? I assure you it’s not vengeance that fuels me. I hold no grudge over what happened in the past. So what is it? Love? Nah, it’s not love either.”

Revenant looks at portraits of past champions.

“You know what? Unlike them, I have decided to take a new path. A path not designed by me. I believe that destiny has brought me back for greater things. Maybe my turn to become great has finally come. Maybe fate will make everyone bow to me as I stand at the top. Or maybe I will be a stepping stone for others. I’ll let the gods decide.”  

“But right now, I am merely a man walking a path paved by destiny. I fight, I lose, I fight, I win. Regardless of the outcome I fight because that is all I can do. I am a man on a journey to find what fate has in store for him. I am a man who can’t remember his past and couldn’t care less about the future.”

“My goals? I have none. I am merely a tool used in the grand scheme of things. A small thread in the intricate tapestry woven by fate. I am miniscule. A speck in the universe and yet for some reason I have been brought back as valuable pawn on the chessboard of destiny. The future brings me an ally that couldn’t be more opposite to me. An ally who calls himself an angel. He too betrayed as the wound of banishment is still fresh in him. This too is fate. Fate that brought two unnatural beings in the ring as allies.”

Revenant looks away from the camera hiding a devilish smile on his face.

“I wonder… For fate to bring two such unlikely individuals to face 3 established teams. Coalition, Forsaken and the Danger Boiz. If you ask the general public who would win, they would point their fingers at these 3 teams. Azrael and I are the ones who are there to take the pin. You know... to make the other teams look good. At least that’s what the management thinks. That’s what the general public thinks as well. However what other see as a corporate strategy, I see as an opportunity. An opportunity to stand above such adversaries. To defeat the Jobber Squad, the mentally unstable and the multiple tag champions Danger Boiz. This too may be destiny. To show strength where others have failed.”

Revenant starts to walk away from the camera towards the exit and then stops.

“Besides I have a selfish reason to win this match after all. I get to meet an old friend if I do.”

Revenant chuckles as he opens the door to the exit and leaves.

Screen fades to black.


Scene 2

Revenant is seen sitting on a rooftop looking at the clouds. A calm breeze blew past him. He looked like he was at peace.

Schamor looks at Revenant in deep thought. Schamor had an unsure look at his face. Almost as if he had doubts about his decision.

“Hey Rev, you look like you are enjoying being among the living again.”  Schamor said with a smile.

“Well, when we are alive tend to take a lot of things for granted. It’s only in death do we find the things we missed. Even simple things like the greenery, the gentle breeze, the birds chirping.” Revenant looks at the pigeons flying past him.

“Eeekk, who would have thought you would turn soft. Guess hell could turn the most evil people into gentle beings.” Schamor looked at Revenant with disgust.

“Oh come on now, I never said I was a good person. I still don’t trust people. After all, you are prime example of why people can’t be trusted. You brought me back after killing someone else. Also you handcuffed me with your spell to do your bidding but for what reason? You won’t even tell me.” Revenant inquired.

“All will be revealed to you due time. Besides you never knew Elric. Me killing him shouldn’t have upset you. After all you weren’t exactly the most ethical person in the world.” Schamor said sarcastically.

“Hahahaha. Schamor I never killed. Even in my past life.” Revenant smiled

“So your memories are back.” Schamor sighs. “Why are you still wearing the mask though? Afraid of what people might think of you?”

“I left CWF and left everyone I loved behind with it. To look them in the eyes again as my past self is a little too much. Besides they might be more hurt if they found out that I was alive and they couldn’t be there for me. Maybe it’s for the best.” Revenant adjusts his mask.

“You have a gentle heart. Who knew? After all you were the brother of that man.” Schamor shrugs. “Just thinking about him sends shivers down my spine. Your brother was ruthless.”

“Funny, you didn’t revive him. He was that ruthless, why didn’t you go for me instead of him?”

“Hahaha even I am not that crazy. That man had no morals. No principles. If he had been revived I wouldn’t have any control over him. I might be a wizard but even I can’t perform such a miracle.” Schamor looked away.

Revenant noticed a small burn mark on Schamor’s neck.

“What’s that?”

Schamor put his hand on his neck and rubs the burn mark.

“Let's say it was a parting gift from your brother.”

“So you knew him personally. Why didn’t you tell me that before?” Revenant said indignantly.

“Because it’s none of your business!” Schamor stands up. Schamor looks nervous and starts to walk away.

“Stop! Tell me how you knew my brother!” Revenant stands up and starts to walk towards Schamor but suddenly he freezes in his footsteps.

“Stay right there, Rev. In due time you will know but right now…” Schamor turns around and his eyes were completely white and his hair stood up as Schamor points his wand towards Revenant.

“You are to compete in CWF and conquer it. And then and only then you might find the truth about why you were revived.” Schamor mutters an incantation and vanishes in thin air.

Revenant finally able to move falls to his knees.

So many questions. Yet there is no answer. Why did Schamor know my brother? Why was I brought back? I have to know. Even if I have lay waste to CWF.


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