Title: Last Muthafucka Standing
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: July 21, 2018
Location: Boston & New York
Show: Evolution 26

Boston, Massachusetts

July 5th, 2018

1:00 PM




The voice of the bailiff echoes throughout the courtroom, everyone in attendance standing to their feet. Duce could be seen standing next to Yolanda, his lawyer/best friend, in the area for all the defendants who are set for to see the judge for their respective crimes. If you could call it that.


Bailiff: The honorable Judge Michael Bolden presiding.


Judge Bolden makes his way through the doors of his chambers, towards the judges bench. He has a seat as the bailiff gives everyone orders to take their seats.


The courtroom is filled almost to capacity, mostly other patrons with minor traffic infractions, public intoxications, and other lesser crimes. Judge Bolden, finally able to get comfortable into his seat, addresses the courtroom.


Judge Bolden: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you all are having a wonderful day so far.


A small commotion begins to stir, as he begins to shuffle through a few stacks of paper. Duce sits patiently next to Yolanda, scanning the courtroom, looking at different people set to take the stand before the judge. Finally set to get the proceedings underway, Judge Golden begins to call the last names of different defendants, beginning with the letter A.


Calling name after name, Judge Bolden makes his way through his list of names. One by one, handing judgment after every plea. An annoyed look befell Duce’s face as the slow process is clearly wearing thin on him. Yolanda places her hand on his thigh, trying to calm her good friend and client. Soon the last name of Duce is called aloud. Yolanda and Duce making their way to the stand. Standing before the judge, he glances down at Duce and Yolanda, before making his statement.


Judge Bolden: Let’s see… what do we have here? Hmm.. Mister Jones. It says here that you were charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance. How do you plead?


With a nervous look on his face, Duce looks up to Judge Bolden, replying back.


Duce Jones: I plead not guilty, ya honor..


Judge Bolden: Okay then, we will set your trial for August 8th, and please Mister Jones. Try not to get in any trouble..


Duce Jones:Yes sir..


Judge Bolden: Fine, enjoy the rest of day sir.


As if an imaginary weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, Duce and Yolanda exit the Boston courtroom, where his Pops, step mother, and sisters were all waiting for him. From the looks of his eyes you would believe that Duce felt he was going to jail right then and there, an endearing embrace with his step mother and sisters as Pops looks on, highly upset about the whole ordeal. Looking from each family member and then to his closest friend, Duce begins to speak.


Duce Jones: So what’s tha next step, Londa?


Yolanda: The next step is we get our case together, so when we present it, your black ass won’t go to jail.


Duce Jones: But cha know I’m innocent.. When have you ever known me to put dat bullshit up my nose?


Pops seeing his moment, quickly interrupted the conversation.


Krayzie: Boy, one day you’re going to realise that it’s not about what’s true, but what you can prove. Whether or not you was shoving that shit up your nose is a debate for when it comes. But if you have no proof, that you’re innocent, your goose is as good as cook.


Duce Jones: What tha fuck does dat even mean, Pops?


Krayzie: You’ll figure it out one day..


Duce Jones: Yep, sounds like some shit you’d say…


Krayzie: Look boy, there are things you need to learn about life. And yo ass need to stop taking the shit for granted.


Duce Jones: Fuck ya mean, fa granted, I’ve played by every rule in tha muthafuckin’ book! I follow laws, protocol, all dat bullshit, and look where tha fuck it’s got me. Standing here arguing wit’ cha about some bullshit dat’s outta our control.


Ariana: Will the both of you, STOP IT!


It seems as if the courthouse hallways come to a standstill as everyone’s attention and focus is on them. Ariana has an embarrassed look upon her face as she stares at the father-son duo.


Ariana: My lord, you two have me up in this courthouse, showing my natural black in this place. And you wonder why these folks think we’re crazy.. C’mon girls we’re going outside until these children can figure out what they want to do with themselves.


Grabbing her daughters, Sunny and November by the hands, she leads them down the hallway and towards the exit. Both of the girls looking back towards their father and brother respectively. Yolanda who’s standing around looks off, feigning minding her own business as she casually walks away from the two as if nothing happened. Both father and son stand there, ashamed of how they were carrying on, how they could’ve possibly tarnished the family name in front of the people standing around. Looking at his son once more.


Krayzie: C’mon boy.. We already got one muhfucka judging you. Don’t need everybody else doing the same.


Both Krayzie and Duce walks along the hallways of the courthouse, heading in the direction of the exit. The two finally able to have a civilized conversation. Duce choosing to break the tension.


Duce Jones: So.. Wild Card title huh? Seems like some new shit Rish is tryin’, just ta get tha ratings up.


Krayzie: Seems like it, but to be honest wit ya boy, the only reason I came here was to put my foot in your ass. I didn’t appreciate how things went down for the family a few months ago. You and Byson putting my girls in danger, I just felt I needed to hurt you. But in my time of ignorance, I've come to the conclusion, that you need me more than ever to be by your side. Especially with everything that's going on right now.


Taken aback, by his father's words, Duce is speechless, a befuddled look plastered on his face. Tears beginning to well up in his eyes, before flowing down his face. His only instinct, to grab Pops for a warm embrace.


Duce Jones: Mane I swear I needed ta hear dat shit Pops. Ya just don't know…


Smiling as he hugs his son.


Krayzie: Aight, aight… That's enough of that sentimental shit. Let's get the fuck outta here, before they try to plant something else on our asses.


Sharing a laugh, the two exit the Boston Municipal Court, meeting up with their family.





With my handheld camera set up, I felt it was time for another entry for CWF Wired. There was so much racing through my mind that these things, were slowly becoming a way to vent.


Cause let's face it, we all need to vent at times.


Finally having it in place, I press the button to record. Taking a seat in a steel folding chair, the location is barely noticeable. The only signs of illuminations, are the candles placed around the vacant room.


I stare intently into the camera, taking a moment to collect my thoughts. A long pause, almost annoyingly time consuming, until the perfect moment finally arrived.


“And just like dat… There was a ripple effect throughout tha whole CWF Universe. It was all tha hype lately. Ouroboros no longer stalking tha hallways. Tha feds of all people.. Tha fuckin’ feds.. Swooped right in, putting an end ta tha terroristic cult.”


“I fucking hate tha feds..”


I spit towards the floor, just from the mere thought.


“Dat's another story for another day. World Champ, Cali took off.. In search of her husband, leaving everything behind. Everyone should know tha story by now... Don't blame her though, sometimes dis business, takes from us tha thangs we love most.”


I pause a moment to shake my head, because I could relate.


“A new dawn on tha horizon.. A place I call home was going thru some major interior decorating. Rish disappearing, Taxi now tha man in charge. I guess dat's cool. But with the departure of Cali, leads to yet another opportunity. And we all know Duce is an expert on taking advantages of opportunities.”


A sly smirk takes over my face.


“End Games…”


The smile still remains.




“End Games…”


A mug soon taking place of the grin.




“End Game?”


“Dat's tha question right? When dis is all over and done, what would cha have gained?”


“Multiple World Titles?”


“Hall of Fame?”


“Shit sounds good. Shit sounds real good.. But..”


“... What would you have sacrificed, for tha so called money and fame? Dat moment in tha spotlight.. Dat glamorous display wit cha name in lights.. What would cha sacrifice?”


I asked pointing into the camera, hopefully piercing through the soul of Revenant.


“Would it be loved ones? Would it be tha very being of ya soul?”


“With you Revenant.. Tha question is more along the lines of what would ya sacrifice to be free?”


A small chuckle escapes my body.


“What would ya sacrifice to unchain yaself from tha shackles dat, dat wizard Schamor has on you? Hell.. Do ya even wanna be free? Or shall ya remain a lifeless zombie, waiting hand and foot, at tha helms of a cretin, such as him? Layin’ in wait ta do HIS biddin’..”


Really can't do nothing, but shake my head in disappointment.


“Honestly I asked those questions wit tha slightest interest of knowing tha answers.. Because you and me, we got sum unfinished business… Three weeks ago, you took a cheap shot at me, which I didn't appreciate. And tha way you was eyeballing me, you'd think I fucked ya bitch or sumthin’. But it seems, accordin’ ta tha dirt sheets… Ya know me more than I could imagine.”


Another burst of laughter flows from my body, soon staring nonchalantly at the camera.




“Does it matter? Fuck no..  Tha only thang that's gonna matter at the end of tha night is how I beat tha fuck outta you all over tha NYC Arena..”




“Not because ya hold sum sorta ill will towards me, dat I know jack shit about. But come Evolution, ya can sure as fuck come get ya issue solved… Don't get me wrong, I sympathize with tha fact cha can't act on ya own accord. Ya have ya lil puppet master pulling ya lil strings. So whateva true emotions you wanted to get out couldn't be expressed. Hell maybe ya will.”


Sarcasm, ever apparent on my face.


“Ya never know…”


“What I do know is dat cha stand no chance in stoppin’ me from moving on to tha End Games match for tha title dat I never lost.”


“I feel like sumone has already said dat…”


I lean back to stretch, displaying the new patented ‘CWF:Jace Valentine’ T-shirt


“Dat's not tha point.. Tha point is dis, you've had sum secret agenda. With my head as tha bounty. I don't preciate dat, dis is tha wrassling business, we supposed ta confront things head on if there's a problem and settle dat shit in tha ring. And Rev.. I want cha ta pay attention… I want cha ta pay attention to me and listen to me closely.”


“End Games don't matter.. When we step inside dat ring, and dat bell is rung, tha idea of an opportunity for a shot at tha World title…”


“Will be nonexistent..”


“It's just you, me, and New York..”


“Fighting ta see who's gonna be tha Last. Muthafucka. Standing.


A certain heat begins to engulf my body as passion flows through my veins. Soon I'm able to calm myself.


“Besides I see dat your memory’s coming back to ya slowly. And since you ‘KNOW’ me, you should know what dey call me..”


“Dat ain't no secret!”


“But let me fill ya in on sumthin’ Rev.. Tha Duce dat cha THOUGHT cha knew... Is dead and gone.. A new man risen from tha ashes. Dat's right… Ya see dat kid dat signed on tha dotted line, nearly eight months ago, is no longer here. Dat kid who would accept any match for tha sake of proving his worth is deceased.”


“Sunset didn't realize my worth and he's no longer with us.”


“Rish damn sure didn't get tha picture, until Freddie and me took our moment.”


“Hopefully, now dat Taxi is tha Commish, he sees dat tha Aces ain't too be shelved.”


“We've earned our spot in dat upper echelon.. We took those necessary steps ta get our names on tha marquee..”


“Every victory..”


“Every loss.. ”


“Every single fuckin’ thing dat's been done, has been done to solidify our position, within dis company!”


A mist of bodily fluids, escapes my mouth, blanketing the lens of my camera. I take a quick moment to clean it off.


“And Rev I'd hate to be tha bearer of bad news. Just know dat at Evolution... Though you may be standing across tha ring from me.. I've got tunnel vision and I'm looking straight thru you. Tha End Game is tha World title, at least at tha moment dat’s tha End Game.”


I stand walking towards the camera set to end the session.


“Besides since ya know me so well, it wouldn't be a problem reintroDucin’ ya!



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