Title: New Beginning
Featuring: Pandalike
Date: 22/07/2018
Location: Makhnovia
Show: Evolution 26

"Daddy Daddy!"

A little girl ran towards me… She looks familiar. My hands go up to grab her as she jumps into my arms. Only those weren’t my hands.

I held her like she was my own.

What is this feeling? Are these my memories?



Wake up…

My eyes open and I see no one around me. I looked around and the cold stone walls surround me. I looked to my left and I saw steel bars like the ones in prison.

Yes… I remember now. I am a prisoner.

I could hear footsteps come downstairs. I knew what was going to happen. I bit my lip and braced myself for what will come soon.

Schamor shows up standing outside the bars with a grin on his face. I slowly sat up and looked at Schamor. I felt exhausted. I felt defeated.

“Hey now! Look who is waking up.” Schamor said to me patronizingly.

Everyday Schamor would come downstairs and inject some sort of liquid in me. It would turn me into this person I couldn’t remember. For all I remember are glimpses of memories. Memories of me fighting. Hurting others and then I would wake up in this cold stone prison of mine tired and exhausted.

“Let's get this over with.” I looked away as I said it. I couldn’t even look at Schamor.

“Hmm… Today things are going to be a little different. Let’s talk, Revy. I feel like I haven’t given time to be you for a very long time.” Schamor said disingenuously.

“Oh really…” I look back at Schamor, giving him half a smile.

“I really did enjoy our conversations. You trying to figure who you are. Why am I doing this to you? It was like watching your own child questioning the nature of the world we live in and it made me feel like a proud papa.” Schamor looks dreamily at the roof.

“Papa? You are not my father, asshole. You are just a crazy man trying to bend the laws of nature to get what you want. You are selfish, ignorant bastard!” I spat at his feet in disgust.

“You know, for all I have done for you I had think you would be a little grateful towards me.” Schamar sneered.

I looked away from Schamor towards the stone wall.

“Something is not right.” I noticed that Schamor didn’t seem to be into his usual evil self.

“Ouroboros is finished.” Schamor whispered.

I looked back at Schamor with surprise.

“What do you mean Ouroboros is finished?”

“Well they tried to steal my research work and use it for their own. Thing is I don’t like thieves. One anonymous tip later and the SSRI is gone.” Schamor smiled.

“Wasn’t the SSRI your ticket to get Sarasvati back?”

“Ahhh yes, yes they were. Just not for the same reasons you thought they were suppose to be. See Rev, I needed funding. I don’t care whether it was the military or the SSRI. Granted neither contributed but what I did gain was access when I joined SSRI. Access to their research material and even to their source of funds. To make a long story short, I now don’t need the military or even you.” Schamor laughed.

“If you don’t need me, why don’t you just let me leave?”

“I feel no obligation to do so. The government might start looking for me and you. If you die here things would actually become much easier for me. Oh well this is goodbye, my old friend.”

“But you promised!” I suddenly shouted.

“Is that you Elric?” Schamor stood up and looked confused at Revenant.

I stayed quiet and waiting for Elric to say something but nothing came out.

“Well if you are listening Elric, I have kept my promise to you. Goodbye Revenant.”

I sat there as Elric walked away. This might be the end for me. I start to doze off.



Martin Bailer.

My eyes open I looked around.

“Who is Martin Bailer?” I whispered.

I heard someone walking down the stairs. It was none other than Jake. He opened the door and I followed him out without a word. He took to me a forest and in the middle of it there was a house. He pointed me to seat and I sat down still shocked.

“You were suppose to be dead.”

Jake chuckled.

“You look surprised, thought you would be happier to see me alive.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s okay. Right now a lot is happening that you are not aware of. Ouroboros isn’t the only big news. The world champion has left the building. As of right now you are booked to face Duce for a future opportunity for the title. To be honest you don’t look like you are going to even make it there. You are a hot mess.” Jake looked at me worried.

“Yeah, to make matters worse I keep hearing a voice in my head and see memories that aren’t even mine.” I start mumbling.

“Yes, those are probably Elric’s memories and the voice well, it could be his too.”

“He kept calling out Martin Bailer.”

Jake smiles.

“You will find out who he is very soon. You can come out now Karin.”

Karin walked out and in her arms is a cute baby.

“It’s about time you met your child.” Jake said with a grin on his face.

I looked at the baby and tears fell from my eyes. I didn’t know what to say or what to think.

“I named her Lucy after your late sister. Guess you have one more person to protect.” She hands the tiny baby in my arms and I was at loss for words.

“So Rev,  maybe it’s time for the whole world to know you are back. This time not as a slave but as one of the best.”

I smiled. Guess I wasn’t alone after all.

Scene ends



From video-cam recorder Revenant is broadcasted through a youtube video. He looked tired and might have lost a little weight.

“I do not what to say or feel at this point. A lot has happened over the past few months. I do not know whether I should even call myself Revenant or not.  The Ouroboros are no more and I am left behind like yesterday’s trash. Schamor is no longer in the picture. I find my lost brother and now I find I’ve a child. I do not know where to go from here.”

Revenant sighs.

“But I do know CWF is my home and right now it’s in chaos. The world champion walking out and Ouroboros which was a huge part of the roster is gone, it’s about time someone stepped up and took the reins and direct CWF back to the right track. What CWF needs is a leader and believe me I know I might not be that person. But I’ll do my best to become that person or to elevate others to that point.”

Revenant looks back at the camera.

“Duce you are in a for a treat. Cause when we fight you are about to find out why I am the one you were destined to fight all along. Long time ago a man told both of us that you and I were the future of this company. You have proven yourself over the past year and I walked on it. Lets see how much you  have grown former champion. You and I one more time for the world heavyweight championship. I hope you bring you best cause even that wouldn’t be enough.”


The video ends.

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