Title: God Killer
Featuring: Dick Fury
Date: Today
Location: Some Place
Show: Evolution 26

Another day, another dollar, another self proclaimed non-jobber.

This is Dick's life, and that is OK with him. He absolutely loves when he faces someone who has documented quotes such as I will not lose. Especially when their streak is less than stellar. Freddie Styles is this man. 

While the Rishel family is off blowing each other somewhere in secret, Dick is prepping for the End Games qualifying match against Styles. If there is one thing Dick knows well, it finishing. So something named End Games sounds like just another day in the office for him. Where does it all lead? Summer Games for the World Championship.

Dick was bound and determined to rip the championship from Caledonia's waist. He would raise it up high and lead the CWF to a new era. But no. That's not how it's going to happen. If you believe the news, Caledonia left overseas to find her husband once the Rishel's disappeared. But the truth of the matter is this, and keep it between us, she knew she couldn't handle Dick.

Caledonia left the CWF because the very thought of Dick shooting toward her scared her. She knew that the moment she got in the ring with Dick, he would ram her down into the canvas so hard she wouldn't be able to walk right ever again. Caledonia left because Dick is just too big of a challenge. Simple as that. She knew she was fucked.

So here we are. Eight matches to determine the four on four teams at Summer Games with one person maybe walking out with the now vacant championship. Not the ideal situation for Dick to get the title, but one he is surely up for the challenge. He just has to put Freddie Styles down first, like the sick dog he is. Someone past their use in the CWF, Styles just needs to go away. Maybe the Rishel's will stop smoking each other's cocks in a cabin somewhere in the woods long enough to let Styles go play with them.

I mean, that's all he is good for anymore anyway.

Former CWF Tag Team Champion Freddie Styles! More like, who the fuck cares? Just means Styles is someone who can't get the job done himself. Since this is a proven and documented fact, why does he even have this opportunity? I don't know. Dick doesn't know. Does anyone have an idea? Maybe it's the prospect of taking Caledonia's place? Maybe Freddie is looking forward to Dick plowing into him like Bobby Dean in an all-you-can eat buffet line? That's probably it. He wants to take as much Dick as he can before he can't take any more.

Yea, that's got to be it.

Freddie Styles can not certainly believe he has a chance to not only beat Dick in a match but go on and win at Summer Games, can he? That's like Mia Rayne trying to tell us she isn't fucking everyone in Forsaken every night. She can say it all she wants, but we all know when the lights go off she shows what the true meaning of a tag team is.

But enough from me. I'm just a narrator. Nothing more than an invisible voice in someone's head that doesn't exist. Who better to tell you how this will end than the man himself? The one and only... Dick Fury.

As we approach the closed door, a bit of a chill overcomes us. Dick behind closed doors can be a bit nerveracking as you never truly know what is going on. Especially as you place your ear to the door and hear steady breaths be let out in a a loud manner. The door is unlocked and we open it to see him.. up and down... up and down... sweat pours from his body with each push up.

"Two hundred and nighty eight... two hundred and ninety-nine... three hundred."

Dick moves from push up position to raise, sitting his knees. His body hair glistens in the light as his sweet manly sweat trickles down. The only article of clothing upon him, a very tight and very small purple Speedo that leaves nothing to the imagination. Of course you realize how big of an imagination you would need to take it all in.

"Ah, there you are... all of the little Dicksters waiting for Daddy to finish his work out so he can address the upcoming Evolution."

Dick smiles.

"As you can see, Dick just went to three hundred push ups. Just a small part of his regimen that keeps his body..."

Fury begins at his abs, rubbing up toward his chest before moving to his head and running his fingers through his hair.

"...so perfect."

Dick pushes his way up to his feet, but the view stays the same. You lock eyes on his groin area. It's mesmerizing. His hand moves down, slightly touching the bottom of the camera and raising it up to see him properly.

"That show ain't free."

He grins.

"Dick's not going to sit here and tell you a whole bunch of shit you already know. If you have half a brain, then you already know about End Games, Summer Games, and all of the other games they want to play in the CWF."

He pauses for a brief moment.

"Dick doesn't have time for games. Especially, the game CWF keeps playing with how they book Dick."

A serious look comes across his face.

"Freddie Styles? Really? Dick didn't even know that cat still had a job, now he's the unlucky fuck who stands in the way of Dick moving to where he deservedly belongs?"

Fury just shakes his head.

"Just like Azrael on the last Evolution, Styles is just another name drawn out of a hat and put in front of Dick who has no business being there."

He rolls his eyes.

"The proof is right there. Freddie Styles runs his gums non-stop about being a future legend when Dick is standing right here before him, in all of his fucking glory as a bonafide living legend already."

His chest puffs out a bit as he raises his pointer finger.

"A fourth generation superstar."

A second finger raises.

"A champion in every promotion he has ever stepped into."

A third finger now rises.

"The man who will fuck your mother, your sister, and your lover in front of you just to show how much of a cuck you really are."

Now a fourth finger stands erect on his hand.

"The man who puts asses in seats just by being announced to appear."

His thumb joins his fingers now to display all five appendages.

"The future... Championship Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion..."

He tilts his head down as he turns his neck, looking at his hand, fingers out.

"Freddie talks about being a God in the same breath his questions himself and where he stands in all of it."

Still holding his hand up, Dick looks back to the camera.

"Dick bows down to no one you shitty fuck. You are Dick's God?"

He scoffs before looking back at his hand.

"If Freddie Styles is a God, then by the hand of the living legend.. this hand right here..."

He tilts his hand slightly, all five of his fingers still out.

"...will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger... this hand right here..."

He continues to look into his open palm.

"...will rise above you and come down across your face with the force of a thousand whores sucking two thousand cocks..."

He takes a breath.

"This hand right here shall be the hand raised in the end... securing Dick's legacy as the living legend once again and thus becoming...."

He moves his head back to stare into the camera once again.

"A God killer."

His fingers move in, a fist created from where there once was just an open hand. Fury raises the fist in the air, continuing to stare intensely into the camera.

"Except Freddie... you, Duce, and anyone else you run around with are not Gods. No, you are not even God like... All you are is someone who will soon feel this fist right here..."

He now shakes his fist.

"...get jammed so far up your fucking ass, you will need to ask Dick to brush your back teeth for you."

He lowers his arm.

"You think Dick sucks? This coming from a piece of shit whom, just like Dick says every fucking week, can't be original and wants to be a cliche by using Dick's name in some shitty remark disguised as a witty preemptive verbal strike."

He just shakes his head.

"Ain't no one trying to ride anything of yours Freddie. The 'material' you want to give our so freely is the same tired shit Dick hears all of the time. So why don't you just..."

He moves in just a little closer.

"Shut... the.. fuck.. up."

Fury steps back again.

"Maybe instead of talking all of that shit about being a God, a future legend, and how your shit don't stink you step the fuck back and watch a real man in action. Dick's right here, ready to give you a lesson in the harsh reality that is your life."

He takes a breath.

"He's right here to remind you that just a week ago you were jumping ship like everyone else who couldn't cut it with real talent coming in."

He smirks.

"He's right here to educate you on the way things are... how to become a God.. you must first be a legend... how a true legend can become a God killer. He's right here to deliver a beating like you have never felt before. No need for catch phrases, or innuendos. No need to tear you down any more than looking in the mirror yourself each morning already does."

Dick's look of intensity grows.

"He's right here to bash your fucking head in until you start to make sense when you talk... then move on to the next level. He's here to remind you that you have no place at Summer Games in the End Games match.. that you are nothing by yourself or with others... He's here to ensure that you truly... feel... the..."

He looks deeply into the camera.


Dick moves his hand down his abs and to his groin where he cups his crotch.

"Ballgame this bitch."

With that he is done wasting his time on the likes of Freddie Styles. Only one focus remains now, winning at Summer Games, becoming the CWF Champion. While Freddie Styles goes to contemplate his true place in the CWF, trying to hold onto when he was a big fish in a small pond, Dick will be riding the waves with the other men eating sharks that now swim the waters of the CWF.

Styles should have made his exodus permanent so not to suffer the embarrassment he will come Evolution as the talent in the Championship Wrestling Federation has now truly evolved. No longer the big fish, Styles is just a lowly minnow about to be swallowed whole. His entire legacy a distant memory as the new generation eradicates him as they will do everyone else.

Freddie should be at the support group of now missing Stars of the CWF, a tear in his eye, remembering the good old days of when you didn't need talent to win a match. Hiding behind the guise of not liking the personalities of others, Freddie should be drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes in a circle with the others while also ignoring the fact that everyone can see that it is all a front for those who know they just can't cut it.

Instead, he continues to run his mouth like Dick is just another name on the roster and not the fucking beast that he is. He ignores Dick's calling out for something new and original, and continues to stick to the tired and mundane. He knows his time is over, that long term loyalty doesn't defeat pure skill. He just doesn't want to admit it.

Come Evolution, he will have to though. He can put up a fight all he wants. He can reach deep down inside and muster every bit of energy that he can find. He can hold onto the memories of when the CWF was a place everyone was evenly matched and he had a chance. He can do all of this that he wants, but in the end, he will know the truth. He will know that the end has come. Not only to what the CWF was, but to him standing a chance at ever becoming a prominent name again.

Who knows? Maybe he'll have a family member overseas he needs to go rescue and he won't show up at Evolution? That seems to be the cop out that's popular with the kids today. Show up or don't, Freddie already knows deep in his heart that his time is over. He's lost before it even begins.

Freddie Styles will never be the legend he inspires to be, just another name on the list Dick continues to build his legacy against.


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