Title: A Difference Of Opinion
Featuring: Xander Haze
Date: July 24/18
Location: Uniondale, New York
Show: Evolution 26

Inside the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York for Evolution 26 Xander Haze is in his dressing room on his phone in the middle conversation. Trying to getting ready for his End Games qualifying match against Bronson Box.  

John Kreese: Did you see the look on that dumb little fuckers face when you gave him that strand of hair? For an instant their I could see his little heartbreak, I want you to destroy Zach at Summer Games. I want all your focus on crushing all of Zach's hopes and dreams.

Xander hears a voice in the background screaming for help presumably from Celia.

Xander Haze: Shut that bitch up don't worry John I gonna to do what needs to be done.

JK: No Xander I don't think you understand you can have nothing... nothing else can be on your mind going into this match that's why I need you to drop out of this End Games thing you can win the title any other time.

Xander's voice changes to an angry tone.


Xander tries to calm himself down.

XH: I need this, I want this more then your little brain can even conceive I'm not giving up my chance to become world champ just because you say jump. Don't you worry Zach's gonna get whats coming to him, we just going to have to postpone your revenge. 

JK: You can't...

Xander immediately interrupts John in mid-sentence. 

XH: I CAN'T WHAT, WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?... I'm going to End Games and winning CWF World Championship and there is nothing you or anyone else can say or do to stop me and you don't like it you can go fuck yourself.

John responds very hesitantly.

JK: Ok...Ok... Have it your way then...

John again becomes upset. 

JK:  But this better not be a waste of my time you better go all the way and win the title or I would have put my revenge on hold for no reason. I don't want this to end up like the 4-way #1 contender to The Paramount Championship.   

Xander filled with anger over the john's last comments but tries to hide it as he talks to John

XH: we're not going to talk about that it was a fluke, now did you have that info I asked you to get?

JK:  Yes I did, Bronson Box real name Hollis McAllister also known as The Wargod, The Scottish Strongman, The Starmaker, and so on and so forth.

XH: Ha The Starmaker he doesn't realize how true that really is, by the end of the night I'll be the biggest star in CWF and on my way to the World Title.

JK: Do you want the rest of the information before you put the title around your waist even though I think you should forget about it for the time being.

XH: For the last fucking time John this is the World Championship I wouldn't give this up even if you had my wife and children at gunpoint, this is my Holy Grail.

John grunts in dissatisfaction.

JK:  His hometown Banff, Scotland, height 5'11", and he weighs 234 lbs.

XH: His a fucking shrimp he won't even be able to reach my face.

Xander laughs out loud slapping his hand on his knee.

XH: Is he going to have that stupid accent too.

JK: listen to me you dumb fool this is no one to take lightly he is considered in some circles to be the best of the best. He's been able to do things you could only dream of like win titles around the world or you know win a fucking match.

Xander immediately stops laughing, all John can hear on the phone is Xander's heavy breathing, Xander then begins to speak.

John realizes he made a mistake in his last comments.

JK: But he does have some weaknesses like a bad right eye that nearly popped out of his head after several bad matches. He is also has a quick temper it's been said that he can get pretty crazy during some of his matches. 

XH: Have you ever met me? I've all but killed people and that's not for a lack of trying either and I'm willing to kill someone just for money just imagine what I'm willing to for that belt. Have you not been listening to me? This is everything to me this is all I want, all I fucking need. He may be "The best of the best" but he's gonna look at me like I'm some incapable gimp who couldn't hold his bags let alone hold up The CWF World Championship. So when he underestimates me that's when I'm gonna TEAR HIM A NEW FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!! 

Xander lowers his voice.

XH: And dig out that fucking eye in the process and the victory will be so much sweeter, no one will underestimate me when tonight is over. Also, you're boy Zach's gonna realize just how much he fucked up by accepting this match speaking that dumbass did he find that message yet?

JK: Not yet oooh but he will, I think you are going to like this one. But I need you to do your part I need you to end Zach at Summer Games and stop with End Games foolishness.

Xander in a fit of rage throws his phone at the wall, the phone hits the wall and smashes into several pieces. He paces back and forth in his dressing room stewing in his anger towards John. A stagehand comes knocking on the door letting Xander know that it is time for his match. Before leaving the dressing room he is standing in front of the full-length mirror he then all of a sudden throws his left hand through the mirror smashing it to pieces and leaves the room.



Fade To Black




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