Title: A Musical Interlude
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: 7/20/18
Location: Ravenhurst Manor
Show: Evolution 26


The unexpected noise on the outside of Mia’s closed door startles her out of her reverie. She looks down and realizes that she had spent, however long, staring at and tracing the cuts, both old and new, along her arm. Her poor arm...

*Knock knock?*

The noises were polite yet urgent. Mia only shrugs again though, in no hurry to acknowledge the presence though. She continues to study the scars on her arm, tracing them silently with her fingers.

”Uno momento por favor.”

Mia smiles to herself as she continues to suck on the paper and casts a weary glance at the door. Shadow would already be mentioning something…

“Mia? It’s Myfanwy. Shadow sent me to talk to you. There’s some… News that concerns you.”

The voice on the other side of the door is relatively new though she had heard it in passing coming from a fiery redheaded new comer to the hallowed halls of Ravenhearst Manor. Mia cocks her head. 

News? This could be… Interesting…

Mia stands suddenly and quickly falls back down onto the bed. She tries again and takes a step toward the door, only for her vision to go black and with a loud *THUMP* she falls to the ground. The door opens but Mia is only vaguely aware of it. As her vision slowly goes from black to clear once again, she opens her eyes to see the concerned...Shoes of one Myfanwy verch Owain; or however you pronounce her name. Mia rolls to her side and looks up at the concerned expression of Myfanwy, even more concerned than her shoes appear to be.

”What’s up chicken butt?”

“Mia? Are… Are you ok?”

The Forsaken Psycho nods her head slightly and rolls to her hands and knees, bowing her head and curling up into her best impersonation of a hedgehog. A pleasant sigh escapes her lips as she walks her hands out in front of her and stretches her back out some more, forcibly reminding Myfanwy of a cat stretching after a nap. Slowly Mia stands up to her full 6’1” size and looks down at the Scot. Myfanwy shakes herself free from confusion and hands Mia the tablet that was being passed around by her and Shadow earlier. Mia takes it and starts scrolling, her expression not really changing all that much.

“Are you ok Mia?”

Mia’s head snaps up as she finishes reading and looks at Myfanwy who is still looking concerned. Mia looks at her, then down at herself, and finally back at Myfanwy. 

“I’m… Fine, I think at least. I think I was just light headed is all. No biggie, I’ll grab myself something to eat in the near future.”

The answer seems to suit Myfanwy, though Mia’s stomach gives an uncomfortable rumble. No one else had to know that she hadn’t eaten since that piece of leftover lasagna she found in the refrigerator yesterday. Mia is old enough, she should be able to take care of herself, right?

”So… This article? It’s legit? Los Oreos are gone yet not forgotten?”

“It certainly appears that way, but… There’s a bit more that you need to know. Your match this week was changed. See, with Cali gone the World Title was vacated and obviously there needs to be a World Cham…”

”Meh, give it to MJ. She deserves it more than most of the roster anyways, not sure what I have to do with it.”

Myfanwy shakes her head and continues as if Mia didn’t say anything.

“No, they’re having a tournament, one that the entirety of The Forsaken have been entered into. In order to prevent the likelihood of a double champion though, all the current champions were put into a qualifying match in a fatal fourway, this week…”

Myfanwy falls silent as she looks at Mia connect the dots. One can almost see the dots start to form a picture in her head as she processes what was just told to her.

“Wait. Current champs. Jarvis, Shadow, Tax, and...Me?”

Myfanwy nods.

“Are you sure I can’t get you anything Mia? You look a bit pale.”

Mia shakes her head and does her best to smile up at the red head. 

“Nah, I’m good, but thanks...My...Mu… Mind if I just call you ‘My Fan?’ It’s just a smidge easier to say. If not, that’s cool, totally get it…”

Myfanwy considers this for a moment and smiles sweetly down at Mia. 

“Of course! Don’t worry about it!”

Mia looks up at “My Fan” in slight shock but even more gratitude. The share a smile and My Fan turns to leave. She exits and leaves Mia alone with the tablet and her thoughts.

Her head is buzzing and Mia feels herself fall backward on her bed, enjoying the space to throw her arms out wide and stare at the ceiling, thinking about everything that had just transpired in only a few days.

A match against my beloved and mentor in The Forsaken against a man that claims he’s “king” because he was born into the right family. Oreos are gone for the time being, Rish and his family have disappeared from this plane of existence, and…

Cali is gone.

Things are going to get even crazier by the looks of things. New people coming in multitudes, legends and “green” people alike, and just…

Everything is different and changing. A constant state of inconsistency. And somehow we all fit into it all. Messily or just the right size has yet to be determined, but I fit. Even at the worst of times, I still have The Forsaken..

Her right hand goes instinctively to her left arm and starts to trace the scars once again, feeling all of the individual ridges that years of self abuse have wrought upon her. Her eyes start to drift closed and then flutter right back open, but it’s a losing effort as they close again and stay that way. 

As Mia falls into a state of unconsciousness, she pulls her legs up close to her and curls into a ball at the foot of the bed. A subtle *click* can be heard from somewhere in the room and soft music starts playing. A timer Ataxia had insisted upon for Mia’s room to queue music anytime she was falling asleep. It is a nifty invention and one Mia has been grateful for. As she rolls over, a small smile plays across her lips…

“Incense and Peppermints” by Strawberry Alarm Clock starts playing as Mia slowly drifts off into Dreamland…



Ba-ba, ba-ba
Ba-ba, ba-ba

Good sense, innocence, cripplin' mankind
Dead kings, many things I can't define
Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind
Incense and peppermints, the color of thyme

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win, but nothin' to lose



Mia’s eyes flutter open as the opening verse of the song brings her from her… Wait, where was she, wasn’t she JUST lying in bed? Mia tries to push herself up, but realizes that she’s already standing and facing a lone mirror in an endless vastness of white space. She approaches the mirror as the song continues.

Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns
Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around
Look at yourself, look at yourself, yeah, girl
Look at yourself, look at yourself, yeah, girl, yeah, yeah

Mia cocks her head at the reflection staring back at her, only it wasn’t her, it’s Amelia, and standing behind Amelia stands…


The reflection of Peyton looks up from behind the shoulder of Amelia who stands and cackles at Mia’s confusion. For her part, Peyton puts her pointer finger to her lip and shushes no one in particular. With little preamble blood starts to flow from her arm from various cuts that open up and down her forearm. Mia rubs the same arm, almost out of reflex, and realizes that it too is bleeding. Amelia cackles even more and sobers up enough to continue singing along with the song which for some reason has only gotten louder.

To divide the cockeyed world in two
Throw your pride to one side, it's the least you can do
Beatniks and politics, nothin' is new
A yardstick for lunatics, one point of view

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win, but nothin' to lose

Mia watches as Peyton ducks down out of view behind Amelia, who takes forefront in the reflection. Amelia cocks her head at Mia and walks closer to the mirror, pressing her nose against the glass and pushing as hard as she can against the glass. Cracks start to form and spider web at certain spots. Amelia stops pushing and gestures Mia to turn around. Unsure of herself in this instance she questions Amelia who pounds against the glass and once again gestures for Mia to turn…

Good sense, innocence, cripplin' mankind
Dead kings, many things I can't define
Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind
Incense and peppermints, the color of thyme

A bit too late Mia feels the presence at her shoulder. She turns to come face to face with…


She instantly backs up and hits the mirror causing it to tip over backward and shatter. Without glancing Mia curses at herself for her untimely clumsiness, she could have used Amelia’s help. Elisha lunges toward Mia and as The Forsaken Psychotic goes to defend herself, Elisha’s body turns to ash and falls to the ground in a neat pile at her feet. She turns to inspect the mirror only to find…


The small form of MJ Flair nods and smiles reassuringly at Mia. 

“What’s...What’s going on? I just saw Elisha and he crumpled to dust, and there was a mirror, right… Right where you’re standing...”

A light bulb flickers on above Mia’s head. She disregards it because, it’s a dream. She gets it now. MJ looks at her and nods her head gleefully. Apparently Mia is right in one. The two fist bump and share a hug before MJ disappears and Mia once again tries to figure out how to wake herself up. She backs up and runs right into…

“Dane?! You too?”

He nods, trademark smirk that just makes one want to slap it off his face, plastered on. He gives Mia the thumbs up and starts walking in the opposite direction. A little fork that keeps pestering him to turn around keeps poking him in the shoulder. He ignores it and disappears into a mist that has started to come from well, it’s a dream dimension, it came from wherever that stuff comes from in dreams. 

Who cares what games we choose?
Little to win, but nothin' to lose

Incense, peppermints
Incense, peppermints


The mist envelops Mia, almost to the point of obscuring her vision completely, but not before she catches sight of Amelia, appearing from behind what appears to be a white curtain and holding a bucket that is emitting the fog that is now enveloping Mia slowly yet surely. Amelia smiles her wicked smile and waves with the other hand that isn’t holding the bucket. Mia tries to move to her, but she finds herself stuck in place. Amelia laughs her shrill laugh and Mia stops struggling to watch her alter ego, who is now skipping in a circle by herself having forgotten her bucket which is still emitting the fog that is now up to Mia’s neck.

A lever appears beside Amelia who at first ignores it, but proceeds to go over and lightly touch it, caressing it like one might a long lost…Pencil. Wait, what? 

Amelia laughs as the mist covers Mia’s mouth. 

“Mia… Do not fear me. I am here to help.”

Mia stops struggling and the smile on Amelia’s face turns genuine. The two share a meaningful glance before Amelia pulls the lever and Mia falls…


And awakens with a start. 

Mia sits up in a panic, her eyes wide as she casts a quick glance out the window.


She grabs quickly at her back pocket whipping out her phone and hitting the button on the side to turn on the screen. The sudden light blinds her for only a second as she focuses on the time.



Mia shakes the cobwebs out of her head as her vision clears. She blinks her eyes and realizes that she must have taken her contacts out earlier. Glasses were easier anyways. Finding them right where she leaves them every night, Mia puts them on and stands up, stretching and instantly sitting back down again, holding her head. 

Right, that eating thing.

Standing up again, this time considerably slower, and moves to her door. Before opening it she takes her boots off and grabs a pair of pink bunny slippers from their place by the door and smiles slightly as her hair falls past her face. She’ll never get tired of that feeling. Slipping on her bunnies of doom and fully prepared for what dangers await in the hallowed yet empty halls of Ravenhurst Manor. 

She quietly hums a tune from memory as she pads her way down to the bathroom and opens the door quietly. While everyone else’s room were far enough away that any noise that Mia might have made would never disturb anyone; she still didn’t want to make too much noise. She quietly slips inside and holding the door knob open, she closes the door softly, releasing the knob to make as little noise as possible, the humming slowly gaining momentum in her head. In all honesty if asked, there was no way Mia would be able to tell you if the music was in her head, or if she was a really good hummer. The words begin to appear in her mind’s eye as she quietly sings along and turns the light on.

In the presence of
Kings and queens of silence
Secret stardust love
Fantasy and science

She glances at herself in the mirror and feels her face as she quickly looks down. Pulling open the vanity mirror she takes a fresh razor blade replacement out of its packaging and replaces the old one in the dispenser next to the sink. She tosses the old one in the trash as she risks another glance in the mirror. She sighs heavily and is about to show the stubborn facial hair who is boss before her phone buzzes from her back pocket. She pauses and contemplates continuing, but it buzzes again. Must be important.

Setting down the razor she grabs her phone from her pocket and leans against the sink. Mia looks at the phone and smiles.

He always knows when I’m awake. I guess he’s just…

Her eyes narrow at her phone as she brings up the text message. Usually, Ataxia’s messages involved jokes, sweet little somethings, or just how much Mia meant to him, but apparently she had over stayed her welcome. The four words that would give one pause in any relationship…

“We need to talk.”

No smily face. He isn’t kidding, this isn’t a joke, and it is all serious. 

He’s going… I must have… Maybe I didn’t...  Did I?

She puts the phone back in her pocket and stares a numbing hole into the wall across from her. Slowly, she turns around and doesn’t even acknowledge the presence of her reflection as she picks up her shaving ritual where she left off. 

Probably because you’re just masquerading. Phoney. Fake. FRAUD… MAN!

Mia pauses shaving and puts the razor down. She glances in the mirror and turns away just as quick as she reaches for her phone once again, realizing too late that is was already beside her. She double takes and smacks herself before grabbing it and starting her playlist, taking mild joy in the fact that it starts playing the song she was just singing. Convenient, right?

Mirror mirror
What is my gender?
Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror
Lover pretender
Mirror Mirror

She continues to shave as she wonders what Ataxia would like to talk about and how badly she would have had to mess up to scare Ataxia away. His texted words haunt her as she looks up, shaving her neck and chin, several times before she’s finally satisfied. That is until she catches glimpse of several patches that she missed over the first several passes. Lather, repeat, rinse.


And over.



I’m not alone
The shadows are me
Reflections of home
Close my eyes to see

Mirror mirror
What is my gender?
Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror
Lover pretender
Mirror Mirror

Mia smiles slightly, the Music always knew how to bring her back. She feels her now smooth face, several minutes spent trying in vain to erase years tortured at the hands of the wrong hormones being pumped into her body by organs that didn’t belong to her. 

And people wonder why she has a self image issue…

In any “normal” situation, a time and a place are important if one party wants to talk to another. This isn’t a normal situation though as Mia takes her phone out and double checks to ensure that she’ll have enough battery to get her to and from her destination. 

Seventy percent. Perfect. 

As dumb as a concept as Mia found paying for a “free” upgrade with a cell provider, she couldn’t help but be excited to be in possession of a phone that didn’t die after talking on it for a five minute phone call and playing ten minutes of one’s favorite game. Is bitterness a thing? Mia MIGHT be a smidge salty in regards to certain aspects of technology and society’s reliance on them as a whole. However, that is a story for a different time. 

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete
Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting tired and I need someone to rely on

The song by Lily Allen comes on over Mia’s phone and she can’t help but smile as she sets out across the small, yet open field to the woods behind The Manor. The song is a nice change of pace and it forces her mind to focus on the situation at hand as Lily Allen opens what, in Mia’s most humblest of opinions, is one of the most beautiful songs known to human. She spins in a small circle to the beat of the music and falters slightly as her mind spins to Ataxia, her eyes narrowing as she stops mid spin and continues her trek into the woods to see if he knew what she knew. 

We don’t know what I did to warrant Ataxia wanting to talk to me, at three in the morning. Outside the fact that this time of the morning is the creepiest and coolest part of the night. He would choose this time for a talk.

Just us.

It’s either going to be good, or something bad. What did I do?!

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?
Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on

This particular spot is solely for Mia. The irony isn’t lost on her as one of her favorite lyrics is sung and she plops down on a fallen tree branch; perfectly shaped for her frame to sit in and relax in. Ataxia could wait. She takes out her e-cig, a glass vial of amber fluid highlighted lightly by the moonlit trees. She puffs on it and holds her breath, enjoying the sensation and breathing it out. Again.

The nerves are better, but I really wish guys would stop with this whole secretive stuff. I appreciate the thought in bringing me out to our spot, but it takes me a bit to get there on foot…

Ha, butt.

It’s the only place I’m somewhat comfortable in my own skin. He’s proven this to me, he’s put that to the test in the past. He knows what that spot means to me and knows where my mind will go with the message sent to me, doesn’t he? Of course, any miscue would be… Us? Me. Me? 

Mia pauses in her thoughts to take another puff of her tank and she looks thoughtfully at her phone, continuing to play one of her favorite songs. She gets up and continues on her journey, continuing to puff on her tank, trying to force herself to relax. Her stomach lets out an uneasy growl. 

Whoops, forgot to eat again, didn’t I?

She shrugs her shoulders and can’t help to feel a little bit more relaxed as she comes to the river that has been a big part of this stage of her life.

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know
Somewhere only we know

Ataxia is standing tall, basking in the glow of the moonlight, looking more like a shadowy anti-hero than anything else. Mia’s hero either way one looked at. She couldn’t be happier with their relationship, what was left of it anyways.

“Now Mia, I know what’s been going through your head, thank you for coming out, there’s something I need to…”

“You’re breaking up with me aren’t you? What did I do? Could I do anything better, to.. Maybe to make it up to you?”

Mia’s voice is quiet and her gaze is cast straight past Ataxia, not looking at him directly as tears start to stream down her face. 

“Break? Wha? NO! Mia, NO!”

Ataxia grabs her and scoops her up in a massive bear hug kissing her on the lips.

“There is nothing in this life or the next that you or any of your voices could do to chase me away. I sincerely apologize if you thought that. Please know that no matter what, I will always be with you. You trust me right, you trust me to be here for you Mia? Look at me…”

He puts her hand gently on her chin and pulls her gaze to his, his burlap mask staring back at her. She nods slowly and her lip quivers. He laughs and they share another kiss. After several glorious moments Ataxia takes Mia by the hand and together they head to Ataxia’s perch that Mia found him on. 

Together they make their way up to it, giving them a clear view of The Mansion and the horizon beyond, a sight that Mia would never and could never grow tired of. She turns in a quick circle and hugs her knees close to her, Ataxia joining by her side and wrapping his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. They watch the horizon in silence like this for several moments, neither of them saying anything, but enjoying the moment. Slowly though, Ataxia pulls away and goes to the front of Mia who looks at him confused.

Right, feck, I completely forgot he called me here once he told me it wasn’t to break up with me! Time to be a good girlfriend and listen…

“I called you here because I think it’s time that I trust you with something that will show you just how much you mean to me, no matter what may happen beyond this moment right now. That’s why I called you out to YOUR spot. This is a place you’re supposed to feel safe and secure; and I want you to have that feeling here and when you’re with me. I…”

Ataxia stops and looks down as Mia stares at him intently, not wanting to say anything, but willing to jump in with whatever she needed to if the situation calls for it. They were both unstable, but by golly did they make a cohesive unit together!



Ataxia reaches up and with both of his hands removes his mask. It falls to the ground between him and Mia, nothing but a hump of burlap as Mia cocks her head at Ataxia’s head, still bowed down. She smiles, this time, her bringing his gaze up to hers. Her smile turns into a full grin, playful in nature, that she doesn't remember ever having before, as she meets his gaze. He smiles back at her and she leaps at him in a playful manner, knocking him backward and pinning him to the ground giggling softly despite herself. She looks in his eyes and she can’t help but smile again and collapse into his arms, hoping to be as close to him as possible.

Yes, no matter what the future might hold we can all agree on one thing. It will be ok. 

Mitaxia is alive and well, no matter what strings the puppet master dares to pull. Let. Them. The Forsaken have proven…

Her thoughts are cut short and interrupted by Ataxia who hugs her in close and turns, so he’s the one straddling her. 

“Thank you. You mean the world to me, I hope you realize this. No matter what, as long as I have you at the end of the day, everything else is secon…”

A trademark move in relationships is often times to cut off the other party with a cute kiss that would often times lead to more. Now, Mitaxia are several unorthodox things, but they are still of this Earthly plain to a certain extent. That said, it should come as no surprise as Ataxia cuts of Mia and things… Well, isn’t there a physics law about something that is in motion and keeps going will gather something? 

Let’s just say things went from PG-13, to R, and NC-17 rather quickly, mmmk? Good evening and “thanks for all the fish.”
“We love Chaos.

Did you forget this CWF? Did you forget this ye ol’ puppet master who got tired of pulling his own string they’re now after The Forsaken’s? Granted I understand, mostly, why this match is set to happen. Ensure that all stars get an equal shot, even if they don’t hold a title belt. How does one do that?

Put all the champions in a match and ensure that there is only one winner. Nevermind that there are at least four people in this match.

One of them is the Paramount Champion Jarvis King who swept in with a cool ‘Ghost of CWF Past’ vibe to win the belt and foil Christian Starr’s every attempt to regain the gold. They were impressive matches Jarvis, but much like anything that can be said about your career…

It was flashy once upon a time, but it’s in the past now. What are you currently bringing to the table? The Paramount Title? A staggering record that would have any ‘normal’ person quacking in their little rubber duckey booties? Such athleticism, the likes of which the WORLD has never, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, TIMES INFINITY seen before?! Huh?! Is that what you’re bringing to this table Jarvis, which by the way, why aren’t you fetching IronMan’s suit?! 

Here’s some news for you Jarvis and I want you to sit down and really listen to me as I say this, as I tell you this. I want you to sit there like the dirty dish sponge you are, old and forgotten, and soak in this information I’m about to drop on your head.


None of what you’re bringing to Evolution is going to matter at the end of the day. Bring every singl trick in the book that you think you have up your sleeves. Talk about it on your talk show thing. You package all your shyte up Jarvis and you bring it with you to Evolution. You bring it all with you because you are in for a fight unlike which you have yet to see in your career.

I know, that’s a hefty claim to make, but let’s look at the stats shall we? We have you, Jarvis King, Paramount Champion, who has had some awesome showings as champion, don’t get us wrong, but has kinda fizzled out since making a grand comeback to dethrone Starr. Are you a one trick pony King? Are you going to roll into Evolution, ready to overcompensate in the ring? 

But alas, we can’t forget about the other members of this quartet. We have Shadow, myself, and Ataxia.

Ya know, Shadow called me out and asked if Amelia was going to make an appearance, that I needed to ‘reign my shit in’ but not in so many words. That at the end of the day he’ll be able to dust himself off, stand up, and offer a hearty handshake to whomever will accept it after a match. Well, Shadow, I have some real choice words for you. We? We don’t give out handshakes all willy-nilly like.

We’re the freakin’ Forsaken, man and we’ve had this discussion! Secret handshake with decoder ring, hugs, or company cars. 

You mentioned that an important aspect of this dynamic I have going on is about control and in all honesty, we can’t make you any promises on losing any and all control I have in a situation. Rest assured, Amelia will not be joining the fray. 

Unless of course…

Oh yes…

Oh yes… Do you want to play Shadow? Hehehehe…


Sorry, that happens sometimes. What you need to know is that I have no plans to try and hurt you or Ataxia. Granted, I won’t pull punches or take it easy. I want to win and I want to see how far I can push myself, and I WILL do what I can to get there on my own terms.

Going for a single’s belt?

Might have to fight against a friend. 

It’s the nature of the beast and the best part about this match is that we all understand this fragile concept. We are all hungry for that win, all looking for a fight, and all willing to do what is necessary to win it;  supporting the winner to the best of our ability, till death do us part. 

Unless you’re Jarvis King. 

Then if one were to look in the other corner it contains my honey-pie-snoogie-boogum, Ataxia. This mas is The Impact Champion and another member of the group that the three of us together call ‘family.’ The man I would take a bullet out to dinner for. Something expensive too, that bullet would be wined AND dined. Point is I can’t say much that you don’t already know.

It’s three against one to start with at Evolution. What happens after that is anyone’s guess, but I can promise one thing.

Mia Rayne, Shadow, and Ataxia will all be standing in the middle of the ring, regardless of who is deemed ‘winner.’ We are so much more than just another stable. We are a family and there isn’t anything known that can break that. King, you were just put in an unfortunate place King and I almost feel sorry for your predicament. Almost. Just look at it this way King.

The sooner you get out of this match, the sooner you can give the fans what they want for once. A chance to see who will come out on top when The Forsaken collide against… Each other?! I know! Think of the publicity! It’s kind of just like you were added on as filler, so… See you there and I hope you don’t take this personally. I’m sure you’re an absolute DOLL to know, you’re just not facing very good odds of survival. So we urge you to bring your tricks, we thrive on them. Bring all of those trade secrets and awesome techniques you’ve picked up over the years, I thrive seeing things I haven’t seen before. 

We know you won’t heed our warning King and that’s cool, come ready for a fight. It is every person against themselves and people are always getting lost in the madness, when the truth has been in front of their very eyes the entire time.

Semi colon.
Right parenthesis.”


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