Title: Pre flight Checklist
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 07/18/18
Location: LAX
Show: Evolution 26

“Our VIP members may begin boarding now!”

A voice over the loudspeaker says.

Mikey Unlikely is first in line, he’s got a bag slung over his shoulder, his hair slicked back and his sunglasses on. He scans his boarding pass and begins down the jet bridge.

As he walks towards the plane he begins to speak to no one and everyone at once.

Mikey Unlikely: Time for another CWF show, another trip across the country! It’s times like these that I appreciate being a superstar.

He moves through the breezeway without traffic, and reaches the Jet, the stewardess’ about greet him as well as the captain. Mikey just keeps walking by to his seat, front row in first class.

Mikey Unlikely: VIP packages, first on the plane, already have a drink in hand before takeoff, this is the life!

The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer smiles and points to the seat next to him.

Mikey Unlikely” I paid for this seat too, because you just can’t put a price on Privacy!  You see only winners get perks like this. No, I don’t mean winners of matches, or feuds or championships… I mean winners in LIFE!

The Stewardess takes his drink order. A rusty nail.

Mikey Unlikely: You see, a winner in life, is more than just at work. I’ve won championships at work, I’ve won “big matches” I’ve won it all. Then I went on to achieve more, beautiful women, fast cars, first class errrrrrthing! It’s “winners” that make the world go round.

The other people booked for the plane begin to file in, most go past Mikey towards the coach section.

Mikey Unlikely: Speaking of which here go the “losers” now in life.

A man makes eye contact with Mikey after his comment, Mikey smirks back.

Mikey Unlikely: People who work hard and achieve nothing, who slave for pennies on the dollar not realizing their own worth. I guess my opponent this week knows all about that doesn’t he?

He gets his drink, takes a sip and smiles.

Mikey Unlikely: Zach is a man without a plan, he is the true loser in the CWF, unable to pick up the slightest of wins regardless of the situation he’s put in. It’s pretty hilarious to be honest!

Another sip.

Mikey Unlikely: He’s like these people in coach, last ones on, last ones off. They don’t matter, their destination doesn’t matter, their plan doesn’t matter….at least, not as much as mine does! I have people to entertain, I have movies to make, shows to record, an album to produce! These people? They have family, and crying babies, and ...40 hour work weeks!

Mikey cringes at the thought.

Mikey Unlikely: All the while, people like me exploit everything they’ve ever loved to get ahead. And yet as shady as it sounds, I do nothing but prosper! A guy like Zach isn’t the kind of guy who stars in movies, he’s the kind that buys a ticket. He’s not the kind of guy to walk the red carpet, he’s more likely cleaning up the afterparty. He’s not the type of guy to… pin major superstars… he’s just there… TO MAKE ME LOOK GOOD!

So next week folks when I go one on one with zach, get ready for something new! something explosive, something….sports entertaining! What I would advise you to do beyond that is… prepare the fans of one ZACH… for disappointment. I’ve got no patience for people like this, no time, and no remorse.

The flight attendant begins their safety check as Mikey downs his drink and shakes the glass for a refill.


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