Title: [CD] A Journey into the Shadows
Featuring: The Shadow
Date: 24-05-2018
Location: Calgary/London/West Beaming/Helsinki/Atlantic City

May 12, 2018 - 1725 hours MST
YYC Calgary International Airport

An outside shot of an airplane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, painted in the colours of Canadian flag carrier Air Canada. Cut to the inside, where Francis Walcott is taking his seat in one of the Business Class pods, a black leather attache case next to him. Despite the importance of his mission he does not look nervous, but nevertheless his eyes are studying every new face entering the cabin.

Voice over the PA: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on board of Air Canada flight 850 from Calgary International Airport to London Heathrow…

May 13, 2018 - 0900 hours BST
London Heathrow Airport

Immigration counters at LHR.

Immigration official: What is your business in the United Kingdom, Mr - Walcott?

Francis Walcott: I will be meeting an old friend.

Immigration official: Where will you be staying?

Francis Walcott: Probably south of London.

Immigration official: I see that everything is in order with your papers, Mr. Walcott, enjoy your stay.

May 13, 2018 - 1000 hours BST
London Heathrow Airport

Francis Walcott is coming out of the customs section of London Heathrow Airport, looking through the crowd awaiting the arrival of loved ones and business associates. Finally his face lights up in recognition and he threads through the throng of people, walking towards a man in his 50s, lean and wiry with just a little extra padding around the mid-section, probably not taller than 5’5, with a chock full of long white hair, loosely tied together into a ponytail.

Francis Walcott: Hamish!

Hamish Stainthorpe: Francis, it has been way too long! But we have work to do, we can talk later.

They give a brief embrace of long-time friends before moving out of the arrivals area towards the parkade.

May 13, 2018 - 1200 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

Hamish Stainthorpe: You will love the place, it is not far from the Manor. It’s not your standard hotel.

The black Vauxhall Grandland X turns into a long driveway, the sign at the gate saying Great Harwoods Farm Bed and Breakfast.

May 13, 2018 - 1300 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

The London Road Bar & Grill in West Beaming. The unassuming exterior gives way to a casual and inviting interior, with plenty of wood yet remaining contemporary. Stainthorpe is sitting at a table in the back of the busy lunchtime haunt, two menus already laid out on the table.

Hamish Stainthorpe: Did you find your way ok? I could just have waited!

Francis Walcott: Oh yes, but it was good to walk, as comfortable as these planes are these days, it doesn’t give you much fresh air or exercise.

Hamish Stainthorpe: What would you like to order for a start?

Francis Walcott: I will take the seabass fillet and what beer would you recommend?

Hamish Stainthorpe: I’d think you’d enjoy a good Belhaven Scottish Stout.

Francis Walcott: Deal!

The waitress leaves their table with their order and after looking around the restaurant to make sure they were truly undisturbed, Stainthorpe continues.

Hamish Stainthorpe: So, where does this sudden interest in the Manor come from?

Francis Walcott: Well, this gentleman I am working for, with… He has had a personal tragedy take his wife from him after a severe illness and there are many ties to the Spirit Science Research Institute and more precisely their Friends of Paracelsus branch concerning unethical medical procedures.

Hamish Stainthorpe: I am very sorry to hear this and I see. So the Manor has a connection to these Friends of Paracelsus?

The waitress arrives with the Walcott’s stout.

Francis Walcott: Thank you!

He takes a swig and his face lights up.

Francis Walcott: Ooh, Hamish, this one is a winner! I will have to check, if you can get this stuff in Canada… But to get to your question, yes and no. As far as I know, it is “only” an Institute stronghold, but for the last few weeks a Russian doctor has been at the Manor, who we are pretty sure is responsible for at least this particular medical research.

Hamish Stainthorpe: OK. Do you want to go in right away? Because that is not really a thing for two older guys like us there...

Francis Walcott: Oh no, no, it is just to do recon. Lay of the land, security measures, comings and goings, anything that could be of interest and help.

Hamish Stainthorpe: I understand. We can worry about that tomorrow, for today let’s enjoy what we have here and then get some rest, the next few days will be busy, my friend!

Just then the waitress brings the seabass fillet for Walcott and a juice beef enchilada for Stainthorpe.

May ,14 2018 - 0800 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

Hamish Stainthorpe’s Vauxhall Grandstand X is moving on a narrow street with trees on either side.

Hamish Stainthorpe: This is Saint Hill Road, it is one of the two roads that leads to the manor.


Hamish Stainthorpe: Calm down, we drive on the left side of the road, remember?

Francis Walcott: Oh, right! Sorry, easy to forget that you guys drive on the wrong side…

Hamish Stainthorpe: How dare you call it the wrong side?

Francis Walcott: Not like that it is the RIGHT side of the road… Oh, what is that over there?

To the right of the street there is a large expanse of lawn, looking like a sports field of some sorts.

Hamish Stainthorpe: West Beaming Sports Club. We also have a Rugby Club that is going to be to our left side in a moment. First there is Rockwood Park, it’s a private residence thing, but this here is more of interest to you.

Again on the right they are pulling up to a large gated entrance.

Hamish Stainthorpe: This is one of the two entrance gates to get to the manor. The manor itself is hidden behind these trees and anybody driving up is subject to quite heavy scrutiny before even getting to see the manor, let alone get to it.

Francis Walcott: Caledonia Highlander mentioned something about a field or a forest that the Institute cannot control or monitor properly?

Hamish Stainthorpe: Yes, it is on its south side, it is very dense and quite large, so it is not easy to get to their property line, it’s quite a long hike.

Francis Walcott: Then that is where we should go tonight.

Hamish Stainthorpe: I was afraid you would say that.

Francis Walcott: What, you’re getting too soft for a night in the woods?

Hamish Stainthorpe: Hey, don’t call me soft. Maybe “a little less steely”.

Francis Walcott: Especially around the middle…

Hamish Stainthorpe: Oh, shuddup.

May 14, 2018 - 1400 hours BST
Sevenoaks Weald, Kent, UK

The Vauxhall is pulling up to a big old farm, to its barn to be precise.

Francis Walcott: What is this place?

Hamish Stainthorpe: A place that does not exist and that you’ve never been to.

Francis Walcott: Understood.

Hamish Stainthorpe: This is one of MI6’s special depots. We will be able to get whatever we need to go into the forest and stake out the place for a night or two. Several people owe me some favours, so we’re lucky we can get our stuff here, beats anything you can get in stores around here…

They exit the car and walk towards the barn. As they enter through one of the several doors, it is as if they step into a completely different world. Instead of farm machinery and hay bales it is an immaculate warehouse that rivals any distribution centre. Everything from weaponry over camping supplies to clothing and more can be found on countless shelves.

Hamish Stainthorpe: Dig in, my friend, it’s on the house…

May 14, 2018 - 1600 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

The Vauxhall is pulling into a small forest path off West Hoathly Road, at the far end of the forested area south of the manor. Ensuring that it was not visible from the road or even if someone would briefly pull in, the duo unloads the back of the SUV, with two large backpacks and a metal case. With a determined nod they set off into the dense undergrowth.

May 14, 2018 - 2100 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

Walcott and Stainthorpe have reached the perimeter of the manor proper. After a brief recon of immediate fence area, they retreat further into the forest to set up their bivouac.

The security features have been enhanced, with two separate fences creating a no man’s land of some sorts and razorwire now topping both fences, making an entrance from this area highly unlikely.

May 14, 2018 - 2200 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

The duo returns to assume their final position for recon, hidden by the dense foliage of the trees, setting up a perch high off the forest floor, enabling them to use binoculars and other equipment from the MI6 depot to aid them in taking down the layout of fences, guard posts and noting rhythm of patrols, guard changes etc.

May 15, 2018 - 0700 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

It is obvious that neither man has undertaken an endeavour like this in a while, as they both look tired and beat as they retreat to the bivouac for the day. In order to maintain they would not be detected, they only confer in written notes, their army and intelligence background coming through.

May 17, 2018 - 0700 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

After their third night, Walcott and Stainthorpe break down their bivouac, ensuring not to leave any traces of their existence behind. Exhausted, yet with a grim smile of satisfaction on their faces that they managed to gather enough intel to be able to prepare a detailed report of the Manor’s security surroundings as well as the ins and outs.

As they get back to the Vauxhall they finally break their silence. Putting the backpacks into the back of the SUV, Walcott stretches and yawns.

Francis Walcott: This reminded me of why I quit this kind of stuff.

Hamish Stainthorpe: You and me both… I hope that we’ve been able to gather enough information for you and your...what exactly are you?

Francis Walcott: We are called the Druids and we aid the man known as The Shadow in his quest to find out more about the background of these medical experiments. And yes, this has greatly aided us!

They depart towards West Beaming again, returning to the Great Harwoods Farm Bed and Breakfast for a good meal, a good cleaning and a good night’s sleep.

May 19, 2018 - 0700 hours BST
West Beaming, West Sussex, UK

After a big English breakfast, Francis Walcott is at reception with his bags and attache case, checking out as Hamish Stainthorpe is walking through the front door, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Hamish Stainthorpe: I am sorry to see you go already, but I’m hoping that it will not take another 12 years for you to come back. And hopefully not just sit in a tree for three nights.

Francis Walcott (laughs): No, even though next time I will not come alone, I will come to just visit and maybe check out some more of these beers I’ve seen!

Hamish Stainthorpe (extending his hand): Deal!

Walcott takes his hand and they leave the Bed & Breakfast, headed for the car to bring Walcott back to the airport.

May 19, 2018 - 0930 hours BST
London Heathrow Airport

Back at the airport, Walcott is sitting in the terminal, reading “The Times”, waiting for his flight to be called. A voice over the PA system announces:

Voice over PA: We are now calling all passengers on Finnair flight AY1332 from London Heathrow to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport...

May 19, 2018 - 1530 hours EEST
Helsinki-Vantaa airport

After a short, yet comfortable flight, Francis Walcott is exiting Helsinki-Vantaa airport, hailing a cab, or taxi as they call them in Finland. He takes out a piece of paper.

Francis Walcott: Haymeenkylane cartano?

A raised eyebrow from the cab driver.

Francis Walcott: Hameyhen- You know what, this.

He hands over the piece of paper.

Cab driver: Oh, Hämeenkylän kartano! I know vere that ees. My name ees Jukka.

Walcott opens up a little dictionary.

Francis Walcott: Kiitos!

They spend the rest of the drive in silence, until they pull up to the Hämeenkylän kartano. He motions to Jukka to stay put and after quickly checking in, he hands him another note with the name of the restaurant he is headed for.

Jukka: Ravintola Aino, good choice!

May 19, 2018 - 1630 hours EEST
Helsinki, Finland

The cab pulls up on picturesque Pohjoisesplanadi in front of Ravintola Aino. Walcott steps into the restaurant and not knowing what to expect scans the few patrons at this time. A man in the back gets up and walks towards Walcott, extending his hand.

Antti Viirala:Mr. Walcott? A pleasure to actually meet you.

He is not exactly what one would expect from a journalist, at least 6’5, probably around 300 lb, square, not fat, heavily tattooed he motions to the table in the back.

Antti Viirala:First of all, what would you like for a drink?

Francis Walcott: I have heard very good things about Lapin Kulta…

With a smile Viirala motions to the waitress and orders a bottle of Lapin Kulta, while putting in a request for another “Salmiakki koskenkorva”.

Antti Viirala:So, as I said on the phone, I have something that has to be done face to face.

Francis Walcott: Now you are really making me curious.

Antti Viirala:Well, I received a package the other day, from Makhnovia.

Francis Walcott: Ok…?

The waitress comes back with the beer and a shot glass with a strangely viscous looking, completely black substance. Seeing Walcott’s suspicious look, Viirala laughs.

Antti Viirala:It is vodka with salty licorice essence. It is not for the faint of heart, haha.

Francis Walcott: Thank you, but no thank you… Would you mind, if I ordered something to eat? It’s been a long time since I had a full meal.

Antti Viirala:Oh, of course! Where are my manners… May I recommend the reindeer steak? It is a specialty of Aino.

Francis Walcott: Definitely!

After the waitress leaves with their order, Viirala takes a manila folder from his briefcase and pushes it across the table.

Antti Viirala:I received this from Makhnovia. Now I know what you will say, we have heard so much about red herrings and plain fake files and languages, but I have every reason to believe that this - is the real deal!

With almost trembling hands Walcott takes the folder and opens it.

Francis Walcott: Lunae puer libro? Moon Child Book?

Antti Viirala (smiles): Yes. This is the book of Elisha, so to say. A holy journal that is detailing the rituals according to which Elisha was conceived, and a record of his progress until coming of age.

Francis Walcott: I am speechless! How did your contact manage to get this out of the Epicentre?

Antti Viirala:That I am not sure about, but I have to be very careful with any contact.

Francis Walcott: How do you communicate to begin with? And how did this start?

Antti Viirala:It is an odd mix of masked calling, proxies and God knows what other gadgets, for how it started, I cannot reveal that. Francis Walcott: Fair enough…

In this moment the waitress comes by with a beautifully plated reindeer steak with a lingonberry sauce and root vegetables and another shot of the black liquid as the picture fades to black.

May 21, 2018 - 1430 hours EEST
Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Francis Walcott is in his seat on board of Finnair flight AY5 from Helsinki to New York JFK, his attache case in his lap. As the plane pushes back from the gate, he is looking out the window, deep in thought.[i]

May 21, 2018 - 1930 hours EST
Atlantic City Boardwalk

A cab is seen pulling up as close to the Boardwalk as the security guards and barriers will allow. Walcott exits the car and hurries towards the security checkpoint, flashing a laminated pass. He is allowed through and rushes towards the backstage area, his black leather attache case clutched in his arms.

Cut to the backstage area, where The Shadow and the Druids have set up camp on the beach, away from the locker rooms. As the camera turns, Walcott can be seen running through the sand as fast as he can.

The Shadow: Good to see you made it in time, here, have a seat, have some water.

Francis Walcott (out of breath): Thank you. I came straight from the airport.

He takes a long swig of water.

The Shadow: Did you manage to-

Francis Walcott: Yes, yes! I have met Viirala and he gave me his!

He opens up the briefcase and pulls out the manilla folder, handing it over to The Shadow.

The Shadow: The Moon Child Book?!

Francis Walcott: Viirala's contact in the Epicentre sent him this. He said that apparently they have files translated into all kinds of languages, including Enochian, but at least two thirds of them are red herrings.

The Shadow: So how do we know that this one is real?

Francis Walcott: It is hard to guarantee right now, but the name is more than ominous and once you read it, it is difficult not to believe it!

The Shadow: Wow. Good work, my friend, I am happy you came back in one piece, we will talk about your mission after Paradise is done, but this is a big step and with this we already have won today...


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