Title: [CD] Telegraph for Eric Dane
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Post Evolution 25
Location: Columbus, OH

Most performers have left for the night as stagehands continue to bring out crates, boxes, scaffolding, and the like out of the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. A few loyal and diehard fans linger by the barriers separating them from the traffic leaving the active parking lot and crane their heads, desperate to catch a glimpse and daresay an autograph and maybe even a picture with their favorite CWF superstar. They are all about to give up hope, tired and hot, the evening mugginess gnawing away at the last vestiges of patience when…

A sudden clang erupts from the back of the building and out pops…


No, not him. But one Amelia. She staggers out of the building, alone, half her face pain wiped off on her tanktop as the crowd pops. She ignores them though, obviously looking for…


Yes, him. A lone cameraman who drew the short straw, is the last to finish putting his gear away when one half of the tag team champs proceeds over to him.

“Roll the beautiful bean footage?”

The cameraman jumps slightly and turns, Amelia looking at him with big puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip. How could anyone refuse such a…

“I… Ca...Can’t…”

What a monster! Amelia looks heartbroken and her lip quivers before the last of this man’s willpower is shattered like the psyche of Amelia and he relents, grabbing his portable camcorder and flicking it on, hoping that this would be enough to sate the crazed star in front of him. He motions to her that he’s rolling as she takes center stage, much to the appreciation of the fans.

“This is a message for one Eric Dane.

Two weeks running you came to the ring and you brought out the best in us. I don’t get your mentalities, this, coming from the likes of me, I don’t and won’t pretend that I want to. 

That’s a rabbit hole even I don’t want to crawl into.

I will say that I don’t know why everyone and their grandmother attacks the people I associate myself with, my family. Did you know that you’re the second person that has told me that Shadow is bad for me? That he’s using poor lil’ mwah? I’m getting tired of it. Shadow took me in when he didn’t have to. He wrapped me up in his fold and through him look where I’m at now. Using me Dane? He’s using me? Look at what I had before I met the man and look at where I’m at now. A champion. I have a home, family, a fecking BOYFRIEND, something I’ve NEVER had…

If anything, I’m the one that’s using him and there won’t be anything you can say to change that. You’ve got the experience but I can assure you nothing in your long and extended career will ever come close to the experience that I am currently going through right now. So keep telling me about all the people that are bad for me because it’s all happened before, you’ve seen it all, experienced it all, know it all.

I’m here to tell you that I’m a different breed Dane. I don’t need to shout it from the rooftops, I go out there every week and I show it to anyone that wants to pay attention. When I say that I’m going to show you just how far you shouldn’t go to push me, I’m going to show you just that. Do with the info what you will, that’s on you. YOU don’t have to trust the people I associate with. Shadow isn’t your mentor/tag partner/de facto stable leader. He’s mine. Dorian isn’t just another guy with his own demons to wrestle. He’s my brother in The Forsaken and you don’t have to worry if he has your back, because I know he has mine. Ataxia isn’t your...Well he isn’t your anything.

He’s mine.

So your whole, “Forsaken are bad for you Mia” argument? It’s kind of invalid. But I’m ok with that, you don’t have to like the people I hang with and call my own.

Take this for what you want Dane. I harbor no ill will against you. I asked you for your help, you delivered, I got what I paid for and I got pissy because I couldn’t exchange it for something else. I harbor nothing negative toward you. You can call me whatever lame “insert stereotypical goth joke here” line you have. You can make fun of the makeup, the demeanor, the… 


How did threatening Amelia go for you by the way? I tried to warn you, don’t piss her off. But then you had to go and do that whole, ‘come at me with that Amelia bullshit and I’ll hurt you…’ 

Right. Anyways...

At the end of the day, I am ok with all of this. I'm ok with whatever beating Dane says he's going to give me or anyone of our voices. I'm ok with him sicking his overgrown, PMS-y leprachaun on me, and I'm ok with him bringing some kid who doesn't know that aviators went out of style decades ago to try and take on the 'goth table' while they fight a friggin' cult.

I'm ok with ALL of that; and do you want to know why we're ok with all of that MISTer ErIC DANE?!

Because at the end of one of those days between now and then, you’ll need me and you’ll come and you’ll ask ME a favor. Or us. Whatever. What kind of answer do you think you’ll get? Think we'll issue a call to arms against a Golden Pariah who is over compensating because he got left out when all the other kids were choosing teams? Think I'll run and hide?  Do you think I'll cost you a match or three?  

Or do you think that you have an ally with one of those 'crazy goth kids' that you just don't understand anymore. You know where to find me WHEN you need me, but just in case; take my card and don’t lose it, it’s one of a kind.”

With that she flicks a business card at the ground and turns on her heel before skipping back into the building. The once again lone cameraman stands shellshocked and unsure what to do before the yells from the handful of fans that witnessed that started yelling at him to pick up the business card. He does them one better once he regains his bearings and zooms in on the card still on the parking long.

The scroll is big, messy, and blocky, but with a hint of feminine curl. Or at least as much one can muster writing in vivid purple lipstick.

Semi Colon. 
Right Parenthesis.


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