Title: [CD] Reload - Dream Sequence
Featuring: Impakt
Date: 22/5
Location: Philadelphia

All around there is naught but thick, permeating darkness. Somehow Zachary Vaughn’s feet find solid purchase, though there is no hint evidence of any foundation existing. Adding to the surreal surroundings is an ornate full-length mirror standing before the young man. Peering into the mirror, Zach sees the visage of the costumed Impakt reflected in the glass surface. Confused and curious Zach slowly moves his hands around, watching as Impakt mimics his every movement. Without bidding the reflection of Impakt moves independently, reaching out towards Zach who shrinks back in surprise and fear. Then he gradually reaches out to the reflection.

In the blink of an eye, the mirror shatters, exploding into shards of glass that erupt towards Zach, who covers his face as best he can with his arms.

Slowly Zach uncovers his face, his hands are now covered in blood and clutching the Impakt facemask. He looks up. The mirror is gone. In its place stands an unnaturally giant Elisha, staring down in malicious contempt with his arms crossed. Zach quavers beneath that terrifying gaze but despite his best efforts he can’t force his body to move even the slightest inch and every attempt to cry out for help results only in deafening silence.

“Mediocre” booms the giant Elisha. He reaches down at the helpless Zach, his iron like fingers closing around the paralysed young man, their touch cold and lifeless. With no effort, the Moonchild raises Zach to eye-level.

“You are weak, worthless. You. Are. Nothing.” Then he lets go.

Zachary falls.

He continues falling, deeper and deeper into the unending darkness, the cruel and sinister laughter of Elisha following him, haunting him.

Then with a sudden start and gasping for breath, Zach wakes up to the foreign utilitarian surroundings of a ward inside the Pennsylvania Hospital.

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