Title: Stress....
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: July 7, 2018
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Show: Evolution EVO 25 Special


I sat quietly on my bed, picking up a rolled blunt off of the desk that was designed to the motel room I was staying in.


I can't help it that I'm cheap.


Placing the swisher between my lips, I retrieved a Bic lighter from my lap, instantly setting a flame to the tip. Inhaling the calming smoke, I slowly exhaled, relaxation setting through my body.


“That's the only thing I see walking through the locker rooms lately. Are a bunch of dick in tha booty snobs, who think some shit is owed to them. Some of em think that just because they've made a ‘name’ in this business. That they can waltz into any company and the men and women who've bust their ass; the ones who've shed the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears are just gonna lie down.”


I find amusement in the mere thought of it. Laughing a bit, before taking another drag of the marijuana stick. As I peer into my handheld camera, that I've recently been using for CWF Wired.


“Fuck No… This ain't fuckin’ that… Those accomplishments, those achievements, those accolades, don't mean shit here…”


It's so asinin to me, I can't do shit but shake my head.


“You have guys like Fury, Dane, and others who think the CWF is suppose to bow to their will, take a backseat so to speak.”


“I can't see the shit happening. I.. I just can't. Not myself at least, but at times I feel my worth is not appreciated though.”


Taking another pull, exhaling a cloud of smoke.


“If you don't know by now, I'm one of the few who calls CWF my home. I'm also one of the few who will punch you in the face. So that you could put some respect on its name!”


“When I first came here, I was chomping at the bits to fight every name in the book. Ready to set mine in stone. And to be fair I've faced a who's who list of competitors.”


Rising from the bed, I move in closer to the camera.


“And I respect every woman or man, that I've stepped inside of that ring against.”


“Well mostly everyone.. Heh..”


“You see I don't know if Rish was in a bad mood. Which is understandable.. But I have to inquire.. Is this your I idea of a joke? Am I rising up the ladder so fast, that you have to place me in the opening match with scrubs?”


“Special 25th edition of Evolution my ass!”


“Billy Anderson?”


“Autumn Raven?”


“Pete Whatevathafuckyanameis?”


“On one hand you have a guy who's only relevancy is beating on his brother. Beating on his younger brother only for the simple fact that he couldn't beat anyone else. And he's the Hall of Famer..”


I can't help but laugh at the statement, it's so ridiculous.


“Now the guy has went on some sorta silent treatment, probably because the only interesting thing he's ever said was that his name is Billy Anderson.”


“Then Autumn… Poor.. Poor Autumn.. I could sympathize for you.. But honestly, what's the point? We couldn't even call you a shell of your former self. Stuck in a slump that kinda started when she aligned herself with that scumbag Artoria.. Hell ya even got a shot at the World title and squandered that shit away. Sad shit shawty.”


A saddening look befells my face as the mediocrity is evident.


“Then there's Pete..”


Taking one last toke off the blunt. I put it out in the a ashtray on the desk by the bed.


“I felt slightly disappointed and disrespected that you didn't acknowledge me. I mean even a world class athlete like Andy Murray knows what I'm capable. So why is it that you take me lightly?”


“Why would you wanna test my gangsta? Why would you wanna provoke the kid? I guess it's clear though… I guess it's obvious that I have to put my knee through your face to get the picture.”


A smile forming on my face as I stare intensely into the candy.


“On the special 25th episode of Evolution, I'm gonna fuck the three of ya up! You see I not a person that should be taking lightly around here. I not just some run of the mill smuck, who's gonna lie down for the likes of any of you cocksuckas! Not Box.. Not Dane.. Not Fury.. And damn sure not some over confident bushy haired prick, who has his head stuck up his head!”


“I'll pull it out though…”


“It might not be quick..”


“But it sure as fuck is gonna be simple and easy..”


“And you all will be personally introDuced!”


I end my promo, walking up to the camera and pressing the end button. Shortly after the feed cuts out.




Hours Later..


No matter how focused I was on winning that Fatal 4 Way. I hadn't found the energy to even go up a gym to prepare for the contest. Training was the last thing on my mind. My upcoming plea hearing for that bullshit charge was the only thing I could focus on.


The night playing over and over in my mind. Really trying to focus on what happened after I got knocked upside the head. Then the fact that they got away with pinning that shit on me, really irked the fuck outta me.


I lied there in the bed, emotions swirling around in my mind. I fiery sensation flowing through my body. Almost eating away at my flesh, sleep had avoided me for the past couple of weeks. Except for a few power naps, here and there.


I've been here before, only the last time Byson reared his conniving face. Come to think of it, I haven't heard from that prick since I did him that solid.. Oh well, I guess that's life.


I've come to far too fall now. Or as they say round the hood.  Minor setback for a major comeback.. Which is gonna be EPIC! Nothing's gonna stand in the way of it either..


I still hear the voices.. The envy, jealousy of the one that made it out. All of em crying out for their release. But fool me once, shame on you, ain't no fuckin’ fooling me twice.


Nunca Mas.


Never again will I fall victim to them. Never again will I let them control my life. Never again will they latch onto my soul.


I guess Pops was right when he said embrace it. Embrace the light along with the dark. Embrace the madness that's within my mind.


That's never been my style though. I can't continue to dabble with the darkness, before it finally consumes me. Unlike my brother Freddie, we had changed a bit over the past weeks. I guess that's what drew me to him. To be there for him and not judge. Let him work out his own demons. Hell I was quite comfortable with how he changed. We need that killer instinct, if we ever planned on getting those tag straps back. At this point and time, everyone knows what we're capable of, but that extra gear is what needs to be kicked in. Plus with him challenging the Golden Intentions Rumble winner, Andy Murray.. So that furthered let me know that he was ready to take this shit to the next level.


Time for me to get on my shit.


No matter if it’s the Forsaken, Eclipse, Ouroboros, or those Defiance pricks, the Aces would be ready for them. An Army of Two, ready for war!


My eyes finally became heavy, maybe from all of the weed smoking or constant stressing. Becoming to heavy for me to keep open. I finally fell into a deep sleep.



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