Title: The Return
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: Me? Date you? Sure.
Location: Various
Show: Evolution EVO 25 Special

Post Evolution 24:

Mia sits on a bench in The Forsaken dressing room, the scuffle that Shadow had explained to her is evident, signs of a struggle clear and the look of rage that filled Shadow’s eyes once he realized what had been done, when he saw the handprint on Mia’s neck…

“Inferno-y apocalypse” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

But it all seemed second hand almost, like she was watching it all unfold in front of her, watching herself from outside of her body. 

We failed.

NOW you want to acknowledge me? You tried to deny me all week and look what happened. YOu fell and went Splatsville, population you.

Mia shudders and hugs herself tight, pulling herself into a tight ball. This wasn’t a voice that she wanted to contend with currently.

YeT hEre I am Mia. Amelia is back and ready to fix your FUCK-ups. You fought valiantly, but you FEll to Zan-Y DaNe-y.

Mia winces as the voice named Amelia shrieks in her mind. When Amelia was around, it usually resulted in blood and it wasn’t always something that Mia could control. Amelia plays by her rules, usually asking for blood in return. 


Mia forces herself back to the present and picks her head up from her knees, only to realize that at some point she had fallen backward onto the floor and curled into a tight ball. She forces herself to focus on the face in front of her, slowly coming into focus. Shadow. Mia relaxes slightly and pushes herself to all fours, taking her time to take several deep breaths, her throat still sore from where…


The two other members of The Forsaken and the remaining druids jump. Ataxia is the first to recover.

“I… Think the lady will be alright.”

Mia slams her fists into the ground repeatedly and stands quickly, maybe a bit TOO quick as she stumbles and falls into the lockers. She steadies herself and pushes herself to straighten up, regaining her balance quickly and twirling to stare at each person who dared to make eye contact with her; Shadow and Ataxia. An uncharacteristic yet familiar snarl appears on Mia’s face before a druid appears at the doorway.

“An update on Ms. Robinson. She’s stable and will be fine.”

Shadow nods and Mia just stares at the druid curiously. Her voice is shaky with an undertone of rage, a great indicator to whomever was going to respond to do so with caution.

“WhAT happened to MS. ROBinson?!”

Mia twitches while Shadow looks at her curiously as Ataxia wraps his arm around her. She gently pushes his arm away though and shakes her head.

“TELL me, PLease?”

Her voice was cracking and everyone present could tell that she is close to having a meltdown, something that no one had ever experienced. This time it is Shadow who responds. 

“Our, erhm… Mr. Artoria decided that it was in his best interest to put her through a tabl…”

He doesn’t get a chance to finish and quickly covers his ears as Mia lets out a high pitched shriek. So this is what a Mia Meltdown is like. Noted. The Forsaken Psychotic picks up Lynk and with another banshee like shriek heaves the cast iron skillet across the room and into the far wall. Lynk stays in the dent of the concrete that it makes before falling to the floor with a loud *CLANG!*

Everyone save The Forsaken jump at the loud noises but Mia stalks to the other side of the room, scoops up Lynk, and marches out of the room, her banshee like yell heard throughout the hallways.


Shadow exchanges a look with Ataxia before they continue to tidy up the dressing room before departing the arena themselves.

yOU’rE all pretty dumb, ya know that?! I mean look at this. Mia was doing pretty damn good and then POOF! You put so much FECKING pressure on her to beat the cookies...Those DAMN cookies and to win the tag titles. Give her some props, she went balls deep and did both those things. Then Dane had to go and do his fricking Dane like things and confuse the ever living FUCK out of everyone. Whatever. 

Mia was cool. She was chill. She was pretty rad.


See, I’M Amelia and I’M taking charge. She’s still around, but consider her on “vacation” for the vast majority of the rest of my career, or whenever I see fit. We’ll see. 

Depends on how much FUN we’re going to have together.

You’ve pissed offf Amelia CWF. Ooooooo, you’ve pissed her off as well as all the other voices that exist in her head. You should have heard it. It used to be all noisy and chaotic in this ‘ol noggin, but since last week when one thing after the other just went wrong…

Mia lost her match.

She got man handled by a man pretending to be Sailor Moon and his Sailor Scouts/cookies.

She had to accept help from a man that just pinned her to the mat and left her there to fend for herself and ONLY came back to help turn the tide when he realized he MIGHT be able to earn some brownie points…

The worst offense though. The most unforgivable…

No one seemed to care about Tax Talk.

This hurts CWF.

What hurts the most though is the fact that all of this happened under the careless eye of Rish… Oooo…. I enjoyed flattening that hand of his. That was all me, just Me. AMElia. That was… SO much fun. I digress…

I wasn’t planning on coming back for a while. You all beckoned me back with your reckless disregard for the chaos that should be restored to this federation. You pissed off Mia.





You’ll all learn, don’t worry about that. I’ll make sure that you know why you never invoke me by name. You’ll learn why I’m meant to be feared. You all THOUGHT that person last week was “Amelia?” Nah…

You’ll see this week. We all promise you that. “We” being the voices and I…

Oh and Dane? I haven’t forgotten about you and your little shamrock friend you brought with you…
Columbus, OH
The LeVeque Tower Residences

I’m not sure why they brought me with; aside from the obvious…

Mia sighs as she ensures that the blinds are as closed as they’ll ever be in her private room inside The LeVeque Tower. She wished that she had been in the mood to enjoy the experience. As it was though, she is busy blaming herself for what happened to her last week. Something that she hasn’t been able to pull herself out for several days. Something that worries her because…


Her body freezes and her eyes glaze over as she stares into an endless abyss. Shaking her head she closes her eyes to try and clear her vision, but it doesn’t seem to help. With shaky hands she takes a hit off the mini bowl packed and ready to go for such an occasion. She holds the smoke in as she holds her hand over the embers, enjoying the warmth and hoping that keeping the green from burning would not only save her an extra hit later, but maybe save on the smell.

She sets the not so smoldering bowl beside her on the bed and grabs the toilet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets. Holding it up she blows the smoke out, enjoying the smell as she falls backward on the bed and allows the numbness to take over. Her eyes once again glaze over as her eyes close…

You know it’s your fault though right?

Mia’s eyes snap open and she sits up, chewing on her bottom lip along with a couple fingernails for good measure. Her eyes dart around her and she can’t tell if she sees the shadows move or movement in the shadows. Still, this isn’t a new experience.

She looks down at her arm, already exposed next to her hoodie that is lying tossed in a corner; the marks covering her forearm, some deeper than others only known to few outside of Mia. She sighs heavily as her right hand traces lightly over them all, feeling the ridges and valleys that cover her arm. Her eyes dart to the blade on the dresser that magically came out of the… Hadn’t she gotten rid of it?

Dane beat you…

A replay of the the end of Mia’s match against Eric Dane replays in her head, her shoulders being pinned to the mat for the three count.

You allowed the Ouros, and don’t give us that name shit… You allowed them to get the jump on you while you were at your weakest.

The scene in Mia’s head continues as she stares in horror as her right hand grabs the blade gingerly between her fingers. She glances nervously at the door but only hears the ringing silence. She shudders, she has never enjoyed the absolute silence. It had always bothered her. 

You had to rely on Eric Dane of all people, a man who YOU got annoyed at because he pointed out a flaw in your argument and beat you fair and square in a match. THEN came back to save you for… I don’t know either in all honesty, none of us in here do… Regardless…

You had to suck up everything you thought you knew and accept that man’s help. Congrats on powering through everything there champ.

The blade slices cleanly through her skin, the blood collecting on a dark towel Mia has folded up in her lap, to be disposed of later when she’s able to dispose of it without being noticed. A look of shame crosses her face as the blade continues to make cut after cut over her arm. Finally, after so many long cuts, Mia begins what she would only describe to anyone that asked as a, “frenzy.” Several short cuts made in one spot on her arm. She sighs deeply and sets the blade carefully on a paper towel that she must have grabbed earlier, you know, to avoid blood from getting everywhere. 

Clean yourself up. You…

Mia’s eyes once again glaze over and sick smile spreads across her face as she stares straight ahead and continues to wrap her arm up in the towel, putting pressure on it as the smile only grows. Her head twitches to one side and then to the next as she checks the damage on her arm. She stands while holding her arm and heads to the sink in the bathroom, laying her arm down and running water over the cuts. She winces but doesn’t make a noise as all the blood washes from her arm. She pads it dry and her eyes dart to the makeup that she had placed… Wait, hadn’t she kept it in her bag? How did it get on the counter in front of her?? Her hands fly over the lids, grabbing brushes and starting to put the familiar face on, the one that came to Golden Intentions, won, showed who was boss, then when was on vacation was just talked SHIT about.

She puts the brush down her arm throbbing but she doesn’t care. That pain doesn’t matter currently. Her face is half done, that’s ok for now… CONTACTS! Her hands go right to the case that is conveniently by her makeup. She pops in one blue, one purple, and blinks. She looks up at her half finished reflection, her arm starting to ooze blood again, her half made up face smirking calmly at the pandemonium that is withheld in the being standing in front of the mirror currently.



Her voice startles her and she quickly moves out of the bathroom and heads straight for her hoodie swinging it over her and whipping her arms through the sleeves, wincing slightly as the cuts…

No, it didn’t matter. She deserves the cuts…*TWITCH*

“Mia, it’s me, would you please open the door? I would like to speak to you.”

Shadow’s voice sounds distant on the other side of the door.

“I said… NO.”

She has a twinge of regret as the words leave her. 

He’s only trying…NO

“I know you are not happy with how last week went, but locking yourself in will not solve anything.”

The logic is infallible, she can’t fault him for that. There’s a reason to trust a man who lives in shadow. She smacks herself in the head, hard, several times before grunting to herself and zipping up her hoodie, folding her arms across her torso and subconsciously protecting her left arm. He looks… Concerned and while she had always been well versed in hiding her emotions, it took a moment for her to wipe her face to what she hoped was blank. 

Shadow motions for her to follow him and she can’t see any reason not to. Through the halls, to the elevator, to the… The top most floor? She shoots him a look that must have led him to believe that she wasn’t fond of going up higher than she already was. She often times wondered what it felt like to go splat against the hard and unforgiving concrete that would be the only thing to meet her at the end of a long fall that just the thought of was enough to make her feel dizzy. It wasn’t the fall itself, it was the trepidation of seeing the ground rushing up at you, knowing there wasn’t anything you could do to stop this from happening, you wonder how long it will take…

Does it hurt?

A reassuring squeeze of her shoulder brings Amelia back to the present as Shadow meets her gaze without fear, just with gentle understanding. He’s only trying to help her, he can be trusted. But as they reach their destination, Amelia can’t help but start thinking about what would happen in a death drop. They climb the staircase and Shadow leads the way out onto the balcony type area. Sure the view is gorgeous but the wall is nice and cool against the back. Thanks though.

“Do not fear, there is no danger. Just don’t look down, look out across the city and enjoy the serenity up here. I know that high places are not your favourite, but trust me, I did not bring you here to scare the living daylights out of you. And yes, I know that there are no daylights here. Being cooped up in your room will not help you clear your mind, the freedom, well, relative freedom, here might.”

She considers it and decides to hear him out as he gestures toward the view. Her eyes wander unto the horizon and she gets lost in the beauty of the infinite. She can’t help but smile as the vision of Shadow singing “A Whole New World” from Aladdin to her as he continues. Something about a book, about Dane… About being attacked and no one coming to help her. They are words, what happened happened and it sucked. But… 

She absent mindedly rubs her throat, it had been bothering her ever since the one named Sailor Moon had bent her over backwards on his knee. Shadow looks concerned, maybe we should say something to let him know we’ll be ok?

Nah, we’ll go ahead and just hug our knees closer and stare into that pretty horizon.

“But I don’t want to lecture you or tell you how or what to think or do. Just know that I will always be here, well, there if you need to talk or want advice, reassurance or anything of the likes. I know that Ataxia is as well and Dorian, he has a lot on his plate right now with Chloe having been hurt, but you will always have the three of us there for you.”


The mention of her name sends a vise like grip around her heart and she draws her breath in and holds it. Her hand goes into her sleeve, feeling the cuts from earlier. They had started to raise and she rakes her nails against the cuts, the blood once again flowing. She makes no noise though and continues to try and focus on the horizon, on Shadow’s voice. She is able to center in on it…

“...reo, then we actually faced each other in that fateful bout that saw Revenant betray me and deliver me and also you to his new friends from the cookie aisle. Then you began to work your way into this federation, twisting and turning, bringing in Bronson Box and then beginning to rub my dear Amialia the wrong way, more than once.

Speaking of Bronson Box, the Scottish “Wargod”, interesting match last week, I guess it speaks of your experience that you are able to conceal these closed fists so well… Now I am not quite sure why, but you seem to be going to great lengths to let the world know, how much you seem to despise me. Let’s say that after last week these feelings have grown more mutual. While I did not have any problems with you, both your words and actions have changed my point of view considerably. I can understand that while being at a show meeting a fervent fan might not be the highest of your priorities, but even if Alastair was not one of my Druids, your attitude was despic…”

Amelia can’t concentrate on Shadow’s voice for very long and she once again zones out as the blood begins to soak through the sleeve of her hoodie. Dane is one thing but there was a reason that that shrewd mother trucker brought Box in as an insurance policy. They have history, they can back each other up without a doubt, but know where to draw the line in the sand when it comes to individual goals. She’s sure that her and Shadow have the same chemistry, her and any member of The Forsaken really, they’ve demonstrated this on more than one occasion.

Last week was a fluke, one that needs to be striken from the record books. This week? It’s going to be all about…

“...what makes Eric Dane look good and what brings Eric Dane the maximum exposure…”

Wha? No… This week it’s about Amelia coming back and marking her territory. I thought Golden Intentions was the warning that everyone understood. Now it’s time for everyone to pay up for not listening. Don’t piss off Mia, or Amelia comes for payment. No worries, I’ll be teaching a remedial class for anyone who is still struggling to understand this concept. Three people come to mind to make examples of.

Eric Dane.

Bronson Box, AKA Shamrock Man. Because stereotyping this man is fun and I hope you realize this Box. I enjoy poking things bigger than me just to watch them pretend to get as angry as me. You’re nothing more than another over hyped ‘big guy’ that likes to pick things up and put them back down… Forcibly. Across the room.

And that’s ok, but you haven’t come up against anyone like me before. I hope you’re ready.

Who is the third you ask? It wouldn’t be much of a surPRIZE if I spoiled it early now would it???

Are you ready? Amelia is back, she’s pissed, and she’s not ready to go anywhere...

Her eyes focus suddenly and she stands up straight, pushing off against the wall. Staying in the shadows she comes up behind Shadow and laughs. Amelia can’t help it, the thought of falling to go boom kind of amused her currently. Making others fall and go boom? Proving that last week was a fLUKe? That was all fecking hilarious.

And she is ok sharing her insane laughter with anyone that wants to listen to it. They’ll understand eventually. Or they’ll fall...Eventually… As Shadow wraps up his thoughts…

“We are the antidote. You will hate us, but you will have to realize - we are all you have left…”

Ooooo this is a perfect moment, are you all ready? Her voice is laced with pure psychotic and insane, yes they DO mean two different things, joy? Malice? Her voice is shrill though as she gets the last word and the picture fades to inky blackness.

“Semi colon.

Right parenthesis.”
Are you beginning to see the picture yet Dane? Are ya? I’m pure psycho mixed in with insanity the likes of which you haven’t experienced before. Your career has been long and filled with accomplishments, some of which are more meaningful than others. You letting me have that fork? It was pretty awesome of you and I will be forever grateful for it.

That doesn’t get you a pass. What was it that you said about me? Harley Quinn makeup wannabe something or other? Shows you how much actual impact your words have on us. I’m sure you’re going to be expecting me to roll out the red carpet for you, worship the ground you walk on because you saved me last week, saved me from oREO Speedwagon, when no one else was around…

After you turned tail and ran at the sight of them. What was it that made you turn back Dane, hm? Was it the fact that you wanted a moment in the spotlight? Or was it because at the end of the day, you just wanted to look like the hero to this damsel in distress? 

I don’t know Dane, but I’m getting real tired of your, “I’m only here for me” bs. You get asked to come here by a friend of the family and  you bring someone with you as an insurance policy, yet you keep touting this message of you’re a one man band. I’m here to tell you that if you continue on, you’re going to be playing solo the rest of your life. Trust me when I say that you might THINK you’re good on your own, but imagine what could happen if you trusted someone of equal talent? 

Continue getting snuffy though End Person of Importance. Keep pushing the wrong buttons and you will learn to regret it.

Boxy lady!

Don’t think I forgot about you. I’m sure that you’re an amazing individual to know with an outstanding personality, but in all honesty, I’ve done little to research anything about you. You’re big, your mustache is epic, and I’m going to beat you like Shadow beat you last week. Dane thinks that he has the upper hand with you around, and that might be true, but what has he done to earn your friendship? What has he done for you to make you trust his word when he says, “I have your back today, but tomorrow, maybe not.”

I hope you don’t get duped Box Man. Dane seems to be good at doing that to people. Regardless…

You’re a big guy and what little I know about you, I’ve seen that much in the ring. You helped me out during the lumberjack match and so I guess, thank you for that? You seem like an alright person but in all honesty, I’m looking forward to getting to know you a bit better when I pummel you this week. 

Sorry, not sorry. You’re just the unfortunate person tossed in front of me and I guess that is one reason to feel a little bit bad for what I’m going to do to both of you come Evolution.

Colon, Capital Dee
Semi colon, Right Parenthesis.


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