Title: Still Silent
Featuring: Billy Anderson
Date: 5/24/2018
Location: Dark Place
Show: Evolution 21

Billy was taking to a medicial center to be checked out since he was laid out, and he is taking on Xander Haze. He didn't say a word when the doctor stopped the bleeding or bandage him up. He left the hospital, and took off to a dark place. He has on his black attire, and just stares out in the dark with no words coming out of his mouth. He took a deep breath, and sits down. He opens his bag, and took out his laptop. He turns it on, and goes to his Website where he posts a new blog.


May 24, 2018


I didn't even get to make it to the match last week, and now I am facing the one responisble by the name of Xander Haze. I don't know what I even did to get attacked like that, but I will make him pay for it, and I still have no plans on speaking yet if i only knew what was going on. A different side has come out of me, and poor Xander has to be the one to witness it first hand. I am not going to regret what i must do, and he is nothing compared to me. This is my new chapter, and I am going to Burn It To The Ground. He will know my rage even my wrath, and he won't stop me at all. I am ready to break him in half.


Billy Anderson


Billy posted it on his Website and the company's Website, and he took off without a word. He got working out for the match, and he didn't even speak to his trainer which is odd. Something indeed changed him, and he didn't know what. He was going to find out, and is ready 

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