Title: The Most Dangerous Man
Featuring: J. Rish
Date: 7/5/18
Location: Rishel Home/Green Room
Show: Evolution EVO 25 Special

“And where in the fuck have YOU been!?”

Were the incredibly direct words that I heard as soon as I swung up the front door to my house as quietly as I possibly could to hopefully not wake anyone up.

It hadn’t worked, but didn’t matter anyway, since my wife had been sitting in the dining room for hours waiting for my drunk ass to stumble through the door.

“Justin, it’s two in the morning. You smell like you’ve been soaking in a bottle of liquor for weeks now. I want some answers. NOW!”

The last couple of days have been a nightmare for me. To be quite honest with you, ever since I decided to take the one-off CWF reunion show to a full blown reopen, not a damn thing has gone right in my life ever since. They say money is the root of all evil, and that karma is a bitch. I have found both of those philosophies to be true in the last year. But as my wife looks me deep in the eye with tears in hers, there isn’t much I can come up with at this time.

“I’m... I’m sorry Amber. You know how things have been for me lately at work, Championship Wrestling Federation has became a disaster. We have group after group coming together to wage war with one another, each and every one of them having their own agenda. But this son of a bitch Elisha and his Ouroboros, they have my hands tied more than anyone will ever know. More than...I can even tell you, my love.”

I can almost sense the anger building up inside of her. Hoping senselessly that she would understand, I take a deep breath and continue.

“Look, I know this hasn’t been easy on you either.”

She gets up out of her chair and looks me eye to eye, a single tear dropping from her left eye.

“You’re right Justin, it hasn’t been. Do you have ANY idea how I felt when you told me that you put our daughter’s wellbeing, her LIFE on the line in a wrestling match. A GOD DAMNED WRESTLING MATCH!?”

Raising up my right hand to stop her, she barely let me get even a word out to retort.

“But A-”

“No but Amber, you’re going to listen for once. You messed up royally this time honey, and after everything that happened months ago with Alex Cain and the kidnapping of Cambria?”

I looked down at my feet, ashamed. I took a deep breath, but I couldn’t even move my head up to meet her gaze.

“You should have known better! But you never learn, do you, Justin? You’re a sucker when it comes to that fucking CWF company. My god, I wish you would have never EVER allowed yourself to be talked into opening that god forsaken hole back up in the first place!”

I finally am able to look my wife in the eye again, and I immediately regret it as all the seething anger nearly boiling from her pores hurts me worse than anything else possibly could. I see my wife of fifteen years, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I know deep down inside that I am about to lose her.

“But Amber- I’m placing myself in a wrestling match this coming week. Evolution’s special twenty fifth episode. Myself, one on one versus..”

“Elisha. Right? You’re going to finally stand up for yourself and put an end to that sick son of a bitch before he takes over your precious see dubbya eff completely?”

Biting my lip, I shake my head to the side.


“Ataxia? ATAXIA!? One of the only men who has stuck with you through all the years? The only damn person in this company that has done all he could to save CWF, from even you? Justin...just….get the fuck out.”


“I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT! You’re never going to learn are you? You turn fifty two years old in a couple of weeks time, and you want to head to that wrestling ring next week like you’re Jaiden Rishel or something? News flash baby, Jaiden is dead. He’s gone, and he’s never coming back. You were never a professional wrestler, Justin, and even if you were you’d be way past your prime. You’re in over your head in the office, you’re well in over your head in the wrestling ring, and because of all that you’re also completely in over your head here at home.”


“You never get me the attention that I deserve anymore. When was the last time that you picked up Everia from school? Hell when was the last time you went to any of her school functions? You NEVER have time for us anymore, Justin, and I’ve just...had it. I want a divorce.”

My heart sunk all the way down to my feet and my mouth immediately went dry. Breaths became a luxury that I could no longer afford, and as I tried to raise my head up to meet her eyes tears began to flood. She simply turned away, not interested maybe, or maybe she just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Baby, please.”

“No, Justin, no. I want you to get your stuff and find some place to stay tonight. Hell call an Uber if you have to, you’re in no shape to drive, that’s for sure. We will begin making arrangements in the morning.”

“I love you, Amber.”

She said not another word as she handed me a handbag and my set of keys. Not thinking, I latched onto them with my bruised hand and immediately winced in pain. But the physical pain went quickly away as the emotional once again took completely over, my soulmate pointing to the door as both anger and sadness consumed her. 

“Goodbye, Justin.”


“So I guess this is it, huh?”

Sitting all alone in a green room backstage at a CWF live show, I have the camera already recording as I look up and wipe a single strand of hair out of my face. The sadness is still stained all over my face like kool-aid, tinges of regret mixed with loads of anger. A man who has seemingly lost everything is staring deep within your soul, will you let him in? Or will you be just like everyone else and cast this man aside?

“This is the moment where I am supposed to just roll over and die, right?

Fuck that shit.”

I get up off the chair I was sitting on, kicking it angrily in no particular direction. 

“Championship Wrestling Federation. This is a company that I founded nearly twenty years ago now, and through all the ups and downs, all the closings and the restarts, and the incredible year that we have now had...I am just supposed to roll over and die, and give it all to a masked cock sucker named Ataxia?

No way.

I worked too god damned hard for too god damn long to get this company back from the disgusting grasp of Ryan Sunset and there is no way in HELL that I am going to let ANYONE take this from me again! You see Ataxia, the most dangerous man in the world is a man with nothing left to lose. I have already lost my oldest daughter Cambria, through the torment of Alex Cain I found out she was never mine in the first place. I have now lost my wife Amber through all the bullshit that you idiots continually put me through at a workplace that I CREATED!? Do you people have no humility? Do you people have no respect!?”

Pacing back and forth, I am absolutely fuming.

“Then I guess I am going to have to do what mommy and daddy should have done a whole long time ago, Ataxia, and beat some fucking respect into you come Evolution twenty five. Because as I said earlier Taxi, the most dangerous man is one with nothing left to lose. But you see, you and I both know that the most prized possession of mine is not lost now and will never be. CWF is mine, Ataxia, it will never be YOURS. You can talk all the nonsense you want about how you’ve done so much to save us from ourselves, my frand, but I see through the facade. I know you, and you’ve never had good intentions.”

I look into the camera as if it were Ataxia himself standing right in front of me.

“You never had good intentions for the fans. You’ve never had good intentions for Mia, or any of your Forsaken “compatriots”. And you certainly do not have good intentions for Championship Wrestling Federation. You see Ataxia, I know you, and I know that deep down in that chest of your lies a pitch black heart that can simply never do good. You are in the unique position that you have been shrouded in a riddle that no one has been able to answer since the beginning of time.

How do you answer a question when the man asking it switches the question before you can even speak?

How do you solve a riddle that cannot be solved?

You stab the son of a bitch riddling you right through their god damned black heart. That’s how.”

Balling up saliva in my mouth as my slanted eyes are barely open out of anger, a spit a wad right at the camera.

“That is exactly what I have to do to secure my company this Tuesday at Evolution. The fun and games are over my frand, and you know...maybe we could have been friends? Maybe in another life, in another world, you and I could have coexisted and fought this war against the Ouroboros together? Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself that this is exactly what they want? No, you haven’t, have you? Because you don’t think, Ataxia. You act out of emotion. And let me tell you from personal experience, when you let your emotion get the better of you you’re a sitting duck just waiting to be taken out from the start. And come hell or high water, I will be taking you...little duck...and I will fucking drown your ass.”

One more look at the camera.

“Goodbye, Ataxia.”


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