Title: The Thrill Of It All
Featuring: Xander Haze
Date: Juy 1/18
Location: Warehouse
Show: Evolution 24

Inside what looks to be an abandoned warehouse we find a past out unknown female tied to a wooden chair with a black sack over her head. She comes to confused about where she is and what has happened to her she begins to struggle trying to free her hands and feet unable to do so. she then decides to try to get the black sack off of her head. After again another struggle trying to get this sack off, she finally is able to free her head from it. It is revealed that the unknown female is Celia Lockheart after finding herself in an abandoned warehouse she begins to scream.


All of a sudden Celia hears a side door open and slam shut she turns her head to the left. Where she sees an unknown male figure walking towards her in a black hooded sweater wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and black leather gloves wielding a hunting knife. Although she is trying to hold it back trying to act tough a tear begins to fall from the right eye of Celia.

"who are you? why are you doing this?"

The figure kneels down to eye level with Celia they lock eyes she can almost feel the coldness coming from the unknown figure's eyes. He begins to wave the knife he is holding in her face even going as far as to press the cold hard steel against her skin. She flinches as she feels the cold steel the figure violently grabs Celia's hair pulling her head back into place while holding the knife against her throat as if he is about to slit her throat Celia begins to outright cry.

" please stop oh god please stop."

The man breaks his silence when he begins to laugh at the fear, pain, and suffering that he is causing he backs off Celia holding his belly as he is laughing even harder now.

" What the is wrong with you? you sick fuck!

The man suddenly stops laughing whipping his head around looking straight into the eyes of Celia. He slowly pulls back his hood then he violently rips off the Guy Fawkes mask revealing the face under the mask to b Xander Haze. 

" I know you are the man who attacked my father, you work for CWF your name is Xander... Xander..."

Xander backhands Celia in the face.

" HAZE... MY NAME IS XANDER HAZE BITCH... Remember that you're going to be hearing it for a long time to come or it could be the last name you ever fucking hear."

Celia again begins to tear up due to the pain from Xander's backhand.

" Why is this happening? please let me go, I won't go to the police I swear I won't tell a single soul, I just forget this even happened."

Xander sticks the hunting knife back into her face, Celia leans back as to not to get cut.

" Do you think you think I am a dumb bitch? I may be a gimp but that doesn't make me retarded you aren't going anywhere. Though I will tell you this you want to know why this is happening? Well, you can blame your old friend Zach for this it's all his fault.

" What do you mean? How is any of this Zach's fault?" 

Xander grabs a chair from a nearby table turns it backward and sits in front of Celia.

" I don't fucking know I haven't been involved in the story that long what I know there is this P.I. named John Kreese and he feels that Zach owes him. I really don't give two shit just as long I'm getting paid I'll do whatever old John boy wants me too."

" Well if its money you want I have money I can pay you just name your price and you can have it anytime."

Xander lets out a little chuckle as he starts to play with the knife in his hand looking Celia straight in the eye and that sick smile comes across his face.

" I can feel the desperation pouring out of you, I can feel the hope that in your voice that I would take that deal. Though if you haven't seen my work on CWF then there is something you should know about me. If there is one thing I love more then money its causing pain and suffering on someone anyone. To see the fear on their face as they scream in agony or for help but the best part is when I see all the hope drain from their eyes that's where all the thrill is for me." 

" Wow you really are a sick fuck aren't you?"

Xander stands up kicks the chair out of the way grabs Celia hair and begins to scream in her face.


Xander then the nearby table in front of Celia on the table is a T.V. and a VCR he plugs both the T.V. and VCR into a nearby wall outlet.

" We are going to play a little game I'm gonna show you a few videos and we are going to find and point out all their mistakes or anything else that will help me out."

" I'm not playing any game with you asshole!"

" Don't test me, whore, you will not like the results."

Xander puts a video into the VCR and turns on the T.V. on the video was the Golden Intentions Rumble that just happened a few days ago. Xander picks up the remote control and also the chair that he had kicked over earlier and sits on the left side of Celia and grabs her left thigh.

" Now I tried so hard but this was the only video I could find of these two fucks. Ok, so who we are looking for right are Eclipse and Krayzie. Don't know who they are? don't worry I'll point them out.

" Are you preparing for a match? What the fuck do you expect me to do?"

Xander begins to squeeze Celia thigh causing her to yelp in pain.

" I expect you to play the fucking game." 

Xander fast-forwards the footage to the arrival of Krayzie and presses play.

As Blake notches the next arrow, he briefly aims at Mike Rolash, who throws himself under the announce table.
Mike Rolash: Put that thing away, man, are you crazy?
He lets loose the arrow towards the intended target.
Charles State: Hey Mike, fitting one, Krayzie!

" I can't wait to kick this old man's ass the only reason he was the rumble is due to the fact he has a shitty ass wrestler for a son."

" Didn't he beat you?"

In a fit of anger, Xander again backhands Celia causing her to spit up blood.

" Shut the fuck up until I tell you to talk."

He runs down the ramp, pumped up to join the fray. He slides in and right away finds himself face to face with Christian Starr, but unceremoniously dumps the former Paramount champion with a harsh headbutt.

Xander presses pause.

" Did you see that? Did you see that?

Celia refuses to answer him...

" Now you can answer Bitch!!!"

" What the fuck do you want me to say I didn't see shit."


" Well, you fucking twat if you did your homework you would know that this dumb motherfucker has a history of concussions. He should've stayed retired, he should be in an old folk home and I  swear to fuck if he steps into the ring me he won't be walking out.

" Whatever wanker."

Xander lets out a chuckle as he squeezes her thigh he then plays the video once again.

sending him crashing to the canvas. In the center of the ring, he suddenly is confronted by none other than Bronson Box, the two older men staring holes into each other. Krayzie and Bronson go right for it.

" Borrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg!"


Xander fast forwards 

Krayzie runs at Sam Braxton, but Sam ducks and hits him with a shoulder block through the ropes before coming in and jumping on Krayzie. Zach hits a dropkick on Krayzie that sends him into the ropes.
Jim Gunt: Beautiful dropkick by the young man and The Shadow with a clothesline!
Ray Douglas: Krayzie has been eliminated!

" Ok now I know that this old fucker is going to be a cake walk there is no way miserable fuck who can't even buy his son's love is keeping me from my Paramount Championship. I mean fuck he got eliminated in part due to Zach and we both know that he is complete horseshit."

" Zach's gonna find me and kick your ass."

" Zach can barely find his own dick let alone find you and if you don't fucking play nice the only thing anyone will be able to find is your mutilated rotting corpse. 

Celia looks away in fear.

Xander fast forwards.

" Now its time to look at another mystery donkey fucker I heard all this fucking hype about and all turned out to be bullshit. I think his name is Eclipse but I'm not sure I was too busy trying to win the fucking rumble."

Charles State: Eclipse!
The crowd is visibly confused at the mention of the name, since they have no idea who or what this hulking man is, as he walks out onto the stage, his face obscured by black and purple face paint.

" LOAD UP THE SPACESHIP WITH THE ROCKET FUEL!... WE HAVE ENTERED THE WORLD OF THE WARRIOR. Give me a fucking break this guy nothing more than a piece of shit hyped up wannabe."

" Who in the bloody hell are you talking too?"

" Bitch if I want you to talk I'll tell to speak."

Eric Dane is flying off Eclipse and even Andy is being flung off as the giant gets up and levels The Shadow with a clothesline, then kicking MJ off Silas and standing in the center of the ring with a wicked smile, looking down at everybody else laying on the ground.

" I'm looking at this walking adult Halloween costume and all he has going for him is this freakish strength. He looks like he can barely walk straight let alone actually wrestle I'm going to make this fuck my giant Bitch."

"That big bastard is going eat you up and shit you out."

Xander punches Celia in the gut causing her to hunch over in pain.

" I will take this knife and I will end your pathetic little life."

He bends down and grabs his opponent. Lift up. The strain is visible in his face. A primordial scream. One last effort. Eclipse is on the top rope, trying to grab onto something. A grunt. One push.
Ray Douglas: Eclipse has been eliminated from the rumble! The winner of the 2018 Golden Intentions Rumble and new number one contender for the World Heavyweight title - ANDY MURRAAAAAY!

" All this fucker is a big disappointment a disappointment to himself his family and his friends. He tried so hard only to fail everyone he cares in the end and that exactly what will happen when we meet in the ring. You will try so hard come so close only for me to crush your hopes and dreams."

Celia remains silent as to not be being abused by Xander anymore, as the video comes to an end Xander stands up walks to the VCR and changes tapes. 

on this video was Dick Fury vs Lew Smith from back in his Valor Championship Wrestling days. Xander then walks behind Celia leans done and pushes the knife against her cheek causing a bit of blood to seep out.

" Now this one took me a while to find so are you ready? Here we go."


 "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon begins to play, the strobe lights in sync with the rhythm, the arena lights dim to a single spotlight as Dick Fury appears on the entrance ramp, posing erotically for the cameras flashing. 
"From Hollywood, California, weighing in at 218 pounds...he is the SUPERB...DICK FURY!"

" He looks like such a jackass his just an overrated pornstar Richard Wingate because there is no fucking way I'm using his ring name."

" Why are you doing this to me."

" Bitch just watch the fucking video before I really hurt you."

 Dick takes his time to the ring, absorbing the attention like a sponge. He stops short of the ring, turning in place to show off his body, striking a pose as he does so. Dick finally decides to walk over to the steps, climbing them quickly as he steps into the ring. He again takes to the center, winking at Ann in the process as he strikes a pose, providing all a view of him to see. 

" I hope he gets his ass handed to him."

Celia cries as she struggles to free herself.

Lew Smith rubs his face as he turns away, before swiftly turning around with a hook, connecting to Dick's face. The fans start to get rowdy as Lew continues the assault, pressing Dick against the ropes. He Irish whips Dick across the ring, following behind. He lands flat as Dick hits the ropes but Dick lionsaults from the ropes onto Lew, shifting his body to collegiate wrestling style, grabbing ahold of Lew and pinning down to the ground. Dick continues the collegiate style, keeping Lew grounded as he controls the pace of the match, before finally standing up and proceeding to slap Lew's forehead, mocking him as he does so.

" Oh Richard always so busy with mocking, making fun of, or just plain trying to people feels uncomfortable. I dare you, I want you to, I beg you to make me feel uncomfortable I have seen and been through some fucked things. Things you couldn't even imagine so if you want to get kinky I WILL FUCK YOU RIGHT IN THE ASS!

" The T.V. is not going to talk back to you, you dumb fuck."

Xander moves the knife down to Celia's neck as if he going to slit her throat again but instead just leaves it there. After struggling for what seems like forever Celia is able to get her feet and hands-free without Xander noticing. All of sudden she pushes backward falling on top of Xander and to the floor hitting his head on the concrete. While he is dazed and confused she makes a run for the door but before she knew it Xander is leaping on top of her. The two again fall to the floor after scuffling he is able to get on top of her he puts his hands around her neck.  He begins to squeeze Celia begins to lose air, her life starts to flash before her eyes, and right before she passes out the side door slams shut. Its John Kreese as soon as he sees what is happening he runs and plows into Xander.

" I need this bitch to get whats owed to me."

Xander stands up and walks out of the warehouse in a fit of anger.

Fade to Black.





Xander Haze

Celia Lockheart

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John Kreese   



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