Title: Scattered Thoughts
Featuring: Duce Jones
Date: June 30, 2018
Location: Memphis, TN
Show: Evolution 24

“When I was younger, the world was such s beautiful place. Filled with mystery and danger. So much yet to be explored. Then the years passed by, the truth starting to become clear.”

“Since the beginning of time, there has always been a war for the sake of humanity. Secret societies or cults, as my homegirl MJ always so eloquently puts it, such as Ouroboros fight for the very roots of this earth. Looking to stake claim for themselves, rule the world with an iron fist.”


“I don't see that happening.”


“When I first came here, Elisha was an enigma. He was a man to be feared, he was just someone you didn't fuck with. But I kept scouting, I kept watching…”


“I watched as Flair took him out.. I watched as his battles with The Shadow and the Forsaken raged on. The stigma surrounding him soon became a fading memory. I saw the Sunbaby for what he truly was, a conniving con artist who gets others to do his bidding..”


“And that what's surprising to me, usually you would send your lackeys to do your dirty work. Chorozon, Cassandra, Revenant, you have an army at your disposal. But it is you, who has “chosen” to step inside of that ring with Judas to face the Aces.”


“Then that brings the question of why? Why would the overlord choose to clash with us. Is it because he recognizes a real threat when he sees one? I wouldn't blame em, he knows that any other member within that sorry excuse for soldiers would fall against the likes of Freddie and me. Or maybe it's just a test for you Dean, I mean Judas..”


“Since you made your decision and your brother turned his back on you, you've been going off the deep end mane. I just don't know though, if I was a lil older when my mama got sick, would I had made the same decision you made.”


“Like I seriously thought about it, and the only thing that I could come up with, is that my soul is not for sale. Seriously Judas there's some decisions you just can't back from in life. And once you make that deal with the devil. Your fate is already sealed, and come Evolution!”


“Duce may be on the loose, but Freddie’s not looking to steady, and I'm just as anxious as anyone of you to see the pain he's gonna bring. The madness will be unleashed, and anytime the Aces step inside that ring.”


“The magic just seems to unfold…”




I sat Indian style in the middle of my living room, meditating. In deep thought, something I hadn't done in a long time, thanks to the voice of Byson, which use to cloud my head on a daily basis.


Life was starting to become more than just a rollercoaster ride as of late. If the issue with my Pops wasn't enough, the arrest, losing the tag titles. Now this matchup against Ouroboros, it was almost getting to the point where it seemed liked someone, was seeing to my personal downfall.


In order for that to happen, I would have to go back to the basics. Meditation, training, scouting, everyone of these things foreshadowed by how good I unconsciously felt I was. But when negativity is brought into your life, it seems to have a ripple effect. And once my world crossed paths with Pops. Things couldn't get much worse right?


But hey that's the story of my life recently. But that all would soon change, I heard the words of my father. I resented them, he may have raised me, but he has the slightest clue of who I am.


In the end I am my father's child.


My best friend, my brother if going through a crisis himself at the moment and that kinda got me feeling some type of way.


I heard Freddie after we lost the titles, that night.. Talking to the voices, he didn't know I was there. Having stepped out for a minute, only having to return. Seeing you sitting there, arguing with it, reminded me of myself. I was at there at one point in time. Now free from it's clutches.




I still felt empty inside, Pops was right on one end. No matter how much I tried to act out this facade. I was no longer that same kid. That same kid who refused to stay down. And if he did it was because he was dead. Now, just the shell of a hollow man, searching for what's missing.


I knew the answer..


That wasn't a route I was willing to take. Because as the saying goes, with great reward, comes sacrifice. And I knew sacrificing very well, the days would get better. The nightmares would soon come to an end. My brother and me would rise up victorious in a battle many would deem unwinnable.


My eyes closed, the thoughts racing trying to put pieces of puzzles together, connect this dot with that one. Tryna figure out how all of this played in together.


Golden Intentions was a blur, losing the straps, then being thrown out of the rumble before I could even make a scratch. What had I become, where was that killer instinct that held so true to my heart? Where was that urge to keep fighting when my adversaries wanted to keep me down..


I've lost it, that edge to go out and compete every night. Prove that some of these big names within the company were only that..




Lately it seems I struggle more now than I ever have, where there used to be one voice, there are hundreds. Maybe even more, but this spiral that was happening, was going to end.


Very soon at that..


There was a time when I was invincible, and those prick cops where the final straw, in proving that I wasn't. I needed to make a change. And I think my brother Freddie had the right idea. Unleash that darkness for the greater good.


For my sake though, it was all about getting it back. And I'm pretty sure Byson would laugh in my face, just for having the idea. Hell I would laugh at myself.


But if I was being honest with myself, I realized Byson was the one keeping the voices in check. And once he left, the field was wide open for a new leader.


Question now is, who will win this round!

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