Title: ...aces up
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 5/20
Location: Birmingham, Atlantic City
Show: Paradise 20-5-2018

After a nice little vacation between the last Evolution and this week's PPV, the flight back to Birmingham left Aurora and I drained. I think tonight was going to be a night of take out and a long night of rest.

As we pulled in to the driveway, I finished the last drag of my cigarette and flicked it on to the driveway. I killed the engine of my Camaro, popped the trunk and got out. I smothered the still lit cigarette on the tar, and grabbed the bags from the trunk. Shutting the trunk, I grabbed Aurora's hand and led her in to my home. Unlocking the door, I allowed Aurora to walk in first, and switched on the lights. I led her through the living room and up to my master bedroom. I put the bags on the floor, and wrapped my arms around Aurora's waist.

"So welcome to my other home. Heh. I hope its to your liking." I said as I smiled at her, gazing deep in to her eyes.

"I figured we could order some chinese and stay in for the night. You know a nice romantic evening. Because to be honest, the flight drained me."

It was funny though, because with the amazing condition I was in, and with all the conditioning I did, I was exhausted. I usually was this tired after matches, never after flights. I mean I've been on so many.

I looked around at the place smiling, it was an amazing home. Freddie really did have great taste and he knew it. I looked at Freddie and wrapped my arms around his neck. Never in my life had I ever been happier and he knew it. I had never thought that the day working at the bar when I met him that it would have turned into something like this. Everything really does happen for a reason; my meeting Freddie Styles was to help me have a new and wonderful life.

"It's beautiful Freddie, truly. I love it just absolutely love it. You have exquisite taste."

I leaned against him then, feeling so tired from the flight. I also had the feeling I was coming down with a sinus infection, something I wasn't going to admit to Freddie. He already had a match to worry about and need not worry about me being sick.

"But staying in tonight sounds really good. A nice hot bath and a lazy night here is just what I need."

"Ohh, a bath, I like that idea. You planned on including me, right?" I said with a shit eating grin.

I gave Aurora a kiss, and broke away. I then sat on the bed and pulled off my Timbs. Then standing up, I slid off my jeans. I walked over to my duffle bag and pulled out a pair of gray, baggy sweats. I then pulled off my t-shirt, and threw on a black wifebeater. God I was amazing looking. Heh, yet I still didn't miss the nights of fucking random bitches. Aurora was enough for me, I sure the hell hoped it didn't change.

"So what do you want to grab for food? I was thinking something along the lines of chinese. Or we can order out from this real nice Italian resteraunt. It's whatever you want though."

This night should be perfect. Teaming with Duce for the tag titles against the Lost Boys. Duce was a little worse for wear after our match, but damn it felt good to get that W. I needed it. Hopefully he isn't too banged up, but if I have to carry the load, then I was ready to do so. But first I had planned on fulfilling Aurora's needs; anyway she needed it. Heh, I was sitting well.

"Actually I really don't care, anything you want is fine Babe."

I said, even as I said that small sentence my throat was starting to really hurt. I could only picture what it might look like; beet red, raw, just awful. I gently rubbed my neck and slipped off my boots. I went straight to my suitcase and pulled out a pair of flannel pajama pants and a matching button up baggy flannel pajama top. I slid off my jeans, top, and bra. I then threw on my pjs and curled up on the bed, grabbing a pillow and holding it against my chest. I smiled sweetly at Freddie and gently closed my eyes.

"Chinese it is then. I'll be right back."

Aurora looked exhausted. Not in the way where she looked bad, but to the point where she wasn't as bubbly as usual. If that's even the correct word for it. She looked as if she was swallowng harder than normal. I knew it wouldn't be anything serious, but I was still a tad bit concerned.

"Are you feeling okay?" I asked with genuine concern.

"Yeah I guess so..."

I said this as I laid on my side and looked at Freddie. His concern for me made me smile. I held my arms out to him wanting him to come over to the bed.

"I'll be fine I promise. I'm probably just exhausted that's all."

"Alrite, just sit tight. I'll be up in a little while after I order the food, and do a couple things."

I walked over to her and kissed her on her lips, and walked out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. I had some good Chinese restaurant menus somewhere in the drawers. I hadn't been to this house for sometime, so the task ahead of me was finding them. I ended up finding the place I was looking for, only after the fifth drawer I had looked in. Sometimes I wondered why I had to be so over the top when picking my houses. Oh well, it was one of my fine qualities. Heh.

I stayed upstairs for a little bit as I knew he was ordering the food but as cheesy as it sounds, I missed him too much. So I got up off of the bed and walked downstairs to where I saw he was at looking through a menu. I walked over to him from behind and put my arms around him. I rested my forehead against his back and closed my eyes. As crappy as I felt, the position I was in still made me feel somewhat better. I only hoped I would be okay to go to the show with him.

"Find anything good?" I asked and it was obvious my voice was becoming as raw as a piece of meat.

"Yes. I'm gonna call in some chinese. I've got a good little place I used to go to before I moved down to Atlanta. Now go upstairs and rest, you sound hoarse as hell." I said as I kissed her again."

Aurora kissed me back, and smiled before walking back upstairs to our bedroom.

I finally got upstairs and to the bed, however I went into the bathroom and got myself a glass of ice cold water. I then found a thermometer and took my temperature; after a minute it showed me that it was one hundred and two point five. I didn't want to worry Freddie so I got myself some asprin and took it. I then walked over to the bed feeling extremely dizzy and pulled the covers back. Before getting into bed there was one more thing I needed.

When I was five years old my mother had given me a stuffed dog that had seen me through many sad times, especially her death. The dog's name was Santa Paws, I got him for Christmas, what did you expect? I pulled him out of my suitcase, he was something Freddie didn't know I had. I held Santa Paws to my chest and walked over to the bed, my head was feeling warm but I was freezing. Feeling like shit, I climbed into bed and closed my eyes, still holding tight to the one object that was a symbol of my somewhat happy childhood with Momma.

I called in the order; a pu pu platter for two, and then clicked over to the other line, as there was a beep.


"I see you came back to the Ham for a while, eh?"

The woman's voice on the other side sounded familiar, but I couldn't put a name nor face to it.

"Yeah, only for a short while. By the way, who is this?"

"It's Salem. I'll be right over."

Before I could protest, she had already clicked off from the other line, and I did the same. I stared at the phone, knowing that this was only going to put me in a weird predicament. I knew Aurora wasn't fond of the idea of me being the player I was, but I hoped she knew I wasn't like that anymore. It was about her, and only her. I'd have to get Salem out fo the house as fast as I could.

Salem was the neighbor across the street, and a convenient hook up for me when I had broken up with Krystal. She was banging; nicely tanned black/Cuban mixed model with an amazing face and body. But that's all she was; a fuck. She didn't have the personality to keep me intrigued like Aurora did. I was hoping she had seen Aurora pull in with me, which I knew she had. She was still going to try to come over and play homewrecker; I could already sense this. I'd have to put my foot down this time, and make her leave as soon as she tried something. I didn't need Aurora becoming insecure or jealous over Salem.

I heard a knocking on the door, hoping it would be the chinese delivery guy, but knowing it would be Salem Mendes. I was dreading the confrontation that awaited me, because at any minute with Salem being here, Aurora could walk down and find me in a compromising situation.

I walked to the door and opened it, seeing Salem in front of me; looking better than ever. I was going to keep my hormones in check tho, I had to.

"Hey Freddie, good to see you again."

"Yeah... likewise."

"How have you been Freddie? It's been a while. I've seen you on a couple wrestling shows. Looks like you're doing good."

"Yeah, things are looking up."

I was feeling extremely uncomfortable. I had a burden of guilt on my conscious....a feeling I had never usually felt. With Aurora, I had experienced many new feelings. My responses to Salem were short, and without interest in what she had to say. I wanted to get her out of my house as soon as possible. I didn't feel like dealing with drama tonight.

"It's lonely across the street without you around Freddie. I miss our intimate encounters. I figured since you were going to be home for a little while, I could make your stay worthwhile."

"I actually am-"

I was cut off before I could finish my sentence as Salem firmly gripped my crotch. I shuddered with pleasure, but it wasn't anythign like what I experienced with Aurora. When we got intimate, we made love. Not these casual fucks I was used to before her. I pulled Salem's hand away, and took a step back. I had tried to tell her that Aurora was here, but I was never able to finish, with her constant groping of my balls. I felt like I was in an Billy Anderson promo.

"Listen I can't do this. I'm seeing someone. She's actually upstairs."

I spoke softly, not wanting to startle Aurora and have her come downstairs to see this. I was doing my best to keep my sexual urge down. God it was difficult.

"Oh, really Freddie? It doesn't matter, I promise I'll be quiet. Just fuck me Papi."

Salem wrapped her hands around my waist and pulled herself in close to me, kissing my ear, and neck. I couldn't say I wasn't enjoying it, then I'd be lying. But I hated knowing that Aurora could come down at any minute and see this. Besides I had planned on staying true with Aurora, and I didn't plan on ruining it with this whore.

I must've drifted off for only a few moments, but when I opened my eyes I realized how much I wanted Freddie upstairs with me. I set Santa Paws to the side of the bed and placed a hand to my forehead, it was damp with sweat from the fever. I tried to swallow some water but my throat was hurting so badly that I just spit it back into the glass. I grabbed the comforter from the bed and wrapped my body in it, it was seventy degrees in the house and I was shivering. I knew I was sick and just wanted Freddie, so I decided to go downstairs.

I gingerly walked through the hallway and to the stairway, I caught a glimpse of my appearance in the mirror and sighed when I saw how pale I had become. I walked to the stairway and took a hold of the banister. I would have called out to Freddie to come upstairs but my throat hurt so badly. I walked down the stairs and slowly but carefully walked to the kitchen. Even though I was very unaware of my surroundings because of the fever, I still had a feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that something wasn't right. As I continued through the house, I stopped dead in my tracks because I saw what was going on.

"Oh my god..." I whispered in disbelief to myself.

There was Freddie with some beautiful woman all over him. He wasn't doing anything to her and appeared to try at keeping her away from him; he wasn't trying very hard. Feeling extremely dizzy at this time, I grasped onto the wall. At this point my heart was almost in two and the shattered off pieces were drowning into the pit of my stomach. This was the last thing I needed, I felt like hell and when I was sick like this I got over-emotional. Tears sprung to my eyes as I could hardly get any words out, what did come out was nothing more then a hoarse, raspy, whisper.

"Freddie what are you doing?"

God damnit. The last thing I could've have wanted, happened. Aurora had seen this, and was unbelieveably upset. I could see her shaking with anger, and the illness that was devouring her. I looked at her, wide-eyed. I was like a deer in headlights, and I didn't know what to say.

"Uh, nothing!?!"

Jesus, that's the best I could say? God damnit. Someone as smooth as myself had been caught off guard, and had said probably the dumbest thing possible. I was an idiot, plain and simple. I stepped back from Salem again, and I could see the grin on the bitch's face. She was evil. Most women were when they couldn't have what they wanted. Especially the good looking ones. I stepped away further from Salem and walked to Aurora to try and console her... make the best out of the situation which was presented inf ront of me.

"Leave! Now!"

My brownish eyes had been replaced with a deep red with anger. The bitch had set me up and done a hell fo a job. Salem laughed and said bye, and nice to meet Aurora. Just didn't stop did it? I tried to console Aurora by wrapping my arms around her, but she pushed them away. Covering her face, trying to hide the tears. I was just as hurt seeing her like this. How could I have been so stupid to let her in? Fuck Freddie, you really out did yourself this time.

"Seriously Aurora, I had nothing to do with that. I was pushing her away. I only want you I swear."

I could see she wasn't buying it, and that I had lots of explaining to do.

I dropped the comforter that I had been wrapped in and turned my back to Freddie. I didn't want him to see me crying like this, I thought I had been hurt before but it was nothing compared to this. This was the last thing I needed, why when it rained it had to pour. I coughed a bit but it came out as something awful. I began to walk toward the staircase in order to pack up my things to get on the next flight to Orange County, or maybe New Orleans. I didn't know but one thing I knew was that I wasn't going to put up with a cheater.

Freddie tried to grab my arm gently but I ended up slapping his hands away. I turned and looked at him, my face white as a ghost and tears streaming my face. I did all I could to stifle back my sobs but my body was shaking with them.

"Don't fucking touch me! Not after you've touched her! I believed you, I was so fucking stupid."

It was after that I collapsed onto the steps and began to sob uncontrollably. I wrapped my arms around my legs and rested my head on my arm. My pajamas soon became soaked with tears.

My god things had turned from a nice, lazy night with my girlfriend, to a night of drama, and her thinking I was a cheater. Figures, I start to be able to hold my head up, and it only gets dropped back down. My fucking luck, seriously.

"Listen Aurora, I'm serious. I didn't want anything to do with her. She was front he past. I only want to be with you. I haven't felt like this in a long time. I actually said no to her. I never wanted to hurt you like this. But you have to believe me. I didn't do this. She came here because she said she wanted to say hi. Even then I didn't want to, but she had already hung up, and started on her way here. I'm not lying to you Aurora, I love you and only want to be with you. Please, i'm being completely honest with you. Before I met you I could never stay true, but you're changing me. You're turning me in to the person I never thought I could be, and it's a change for the better. I can't lose you, or what we have. Please Aurora, trust me."

I looked up at him and wiped my eyes on the sleeve of my pajama top. I wanted to believe him, I loved him too much not to. However the sight of him with that other woman had scared me so much. She was gorgeous and had serious curves, something I didn't posess so much. I wiped some tear soaked strands of hair from my face and put them behind my ear. I leaned my head against the wall and breathed a couple of deep sighs. I began to speak but my voice was now almost a silent whisper.

"I want to Freddie but what I saw...It's my worst fear, you finding another woman. I love you so much and I've never been so hurt in my life."

I coughed a little bit more and wanted to go upstairs. However I was physically and emotionally drained, I had no strength to lift myself up so I just stayed in one spot.

"Aurora, this is about you and I. I'm not fucking this up, nor will I let anyone else. I plan on us being together for a long time. Trust me, I'm all about you, and only you. Lets go hit the sack, I just want to hold you tonight, its been a long night."

I lifted her up, and helped her stand. Seeing as her strength was completely drained, I picked her up,a nd carried her in my arms to the bedroom. I found that kidn of amusing. Atleats something made me laugh after this long, dreadful night.

"I'll call the Chinese place and tell them to forget about the delivery. I'm not hungry anymore."

It was true. The butterflies had replaced my hunger.

I had no strength to fight with him and I didn't want to. I rested my head on his shoulder and knew I was burning up. I struggled to keep my eyes open but closed them.

"Freddie...I do love you...I just am so out of it...I don't feel good and seeing her all over you I wanted to scratch her eyes out."

Before I knew it he had finally gotten me upstairs and into bed. I grabbed ahold of Santa Paws which I knew was right by where I was laid. I held the stuffed dog protectively to my chest and looked up at him. I weakly took my hand and grabbed his arm.

"Promise me you won't leave me tonight...I hate being alone when I'm sick, I have horrible dreams...Please Freddie..."

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."


The trip had took me a little over 3 hours to make it from Birmingham to Atlantic City. As I pulled into the parking lot of the Caesars Hotel, I notice it was the quite the sight. Quite luxurious honestly, I kinda figured CWF had this type of bread. This was my type of living, heh? 

I had spoken to Duce as I was pulling into Atlantic City and we were gonna meet at the front of the hotel. I figured a few games of Blackjack would pdo wonder as we discussed strategy for our upcoming Tag Team title match against The Lost Boys. They may not have vocally accepted our challenge, but the challenge is there, and we're going to make the most of it. But with their own turmoil, I wasn't certain if that would be possible. But still, better to chase the waterfall than stay in the river or lake that you're used to and hate…

I walk up to the casino entrance and see Duce waiting on me. 

“Freddie… What's going on bruh, you ready to win those belts?” Duce questioned as I approached him to shake his hand.

“Hell the better question is, are you ready? What the doc say?” I asked, a serious demeanor on his face.

“Nothing much, just told me to take it easy and get plenty of rest. Other than that I'm good to go.”

“Sounds good to me.. Let's go win some money and talk business..”

“Damn, why so serious man?”

“Let's just say last time I teamed with somebody, they flaked out on me.”

“Oh, I gotcha, you're talking bout Strong.. Don't worry I'm a functional pothead.” Duce stated jokingly.

We made our way inside of the Caesars Hotel/Casino, heading for a blackjack table. We both took seats at a table, placing our bets as the dealer began to shuffle the cards.

“I've been keeping up with the odds of us winning this match. And it looks like the odds are in our favor. You think we can walk out with those belts?”

“Our odds are better in that ring than at this table...and definitely better than my odds with my ol lady at home lol. I figure we can do a lot better crackin some Aussie skulls than I can calming my girl right now.”

“I know what you mean bruh, I don't even wanna go there.. Heh..”

The dealer starts to deal, his face up card showing a 10, Duce holding 7, and strangely enough, so is Freddie.

“Now, I know we’re kinda fresh as a tag team, but I think the circumstances are in our favor. Even in their loose and easygoing way, there are real issues they have right now. Dean is being pulled into that Ouroboros mess and who knows where his focus is, and Sam is probably fighting to try to hold the gold more than Dean is, along with the bigger issue of him either saving Dean, or Dean pulling Sam into that mess with him. Either way, this is a good window for us to jump into.”

“I totally agree, it's best to strike now, while their fighting amongst themselves. But to be honest bruh, I’d rather face them at full strength. When both are on their game. That way, when we do win, it's not considered a fluke or tainted victory.” 

“Indeed….that would be best. Hell, they may snap out of all of this mess anyway and we do get their best effort. But in this place, all this extra, supernatural stuff takes a toll, even if you’re brand new to it. We could always beat them now and hope they get their shit together and give them a rematch later...I’m just sayin”

“Hmmm.. Hit me..” Duce stated as the dealer flips a three. “Well… we can hope and pray for that to happen.. Besides, when we get those belts, they automatically jump to main event level. Haha!”

Freddie nods to the dealer for a hit, and he too gets a three. As the dealer makes his way around the table, Freddie makes an observation.

“Shit, they only wish they were main event. They don’t know what that feels like...to be the last match on...the biggest name on the marquee…they don’t have a clue. They’re not ready for what they’re gonna get in us...together. Hell, one night as a team and we’re already running good in this here game.”

The dealer makes his way back around to Duce, and as they look back towards the game, every other player around them has busted out...they’re left alone, Duce with the seven and three of clubs, and Freddie with the seven and three of spades. Duce motions for another hit, as does Freddie….and the dealer lays down the matching Ace for both….21 and the win for both Duce and Freddie. The dealer looks shocked, as does the rest of the table. One of the other players nods his head at the pair before saying, “Now that’s a pair of smokin’ aces right there!”

“Would ya look at that shit there!” Duce screamed. “I guess luck is on our side after all..” Beginning to rake in his winnings. “So what you think we should go by since we are an official team?”

“Well...we just won a couple grand off those “smokin aces”...I say we go with that. How ya feel about it?”

“Smokin’ Aces! Fair dinkum mate, I like it..” Duce said laughing at himself for the poor impression.”

“Then Smokin’ Aces it is” as we carry our winnings over to the pay window, like we planned on doing at the end of Paradise when we grab those tag titles.


What are words spoken by a man that has given up? Just words you see. That’s all they are. When you open your mouth and say something, either being when you’re happy or sad, burnt out or fresh. Or even depressed on the verge of insanity, they’re all just words.

Granted, words can be used to give you joy or sadness. But at the end of the day, they’re just words.

A man can sit down and talk for hours about how he loves God, how God is great, how God will save their souls. But then get up after all that talking, kill someone, and guess what? Everyone who was listening to his preaching would no longer care of what he spoke about, but the action he took.

“Just because I have decided to say very little these past weeks, doesn’t mean I'm any less dangerous. It doesn’t mean that I'm afraid; it doesn’t even mean I've given up. All that it means is that I don't have to sit around for hours going on and on about worthless chit chat that no one will remember after I steps in between those wrestling ropes.

For all of you that thought Freddie Styles had given up, that he was slipping from his duties as one of the best damn wrestlers in the world today…guess again. For Freddie Styles… you’ll all learn this real soon…actions speak louder than words.

Now now fellas, don't get me wrong. I admire you guys...I really mean it. You have that passion and drive that separate the pretenders from the contenders. What do you know, you two and me actually have something in common after all. But that's where all the comparisons stop, Dean...Sam. I want you to have something perfectly clear. Once Duce and I step thru that curtain and out into the arena, the Freddie Styles that's sitting right in front of this camera will cease to exist. The Freddie Styles that will come out of those curtains, walk down that aisle and get in that ring will be a different animal altogether. No more fun and games boys, we all know what's on the line here. The fact of the matter is that you're the next obstacle standing between me and mine...Duce and his....our ascension back to the top of the CWF, and I'm not planning on jumping over you. Oh no Boys, I'm gonna run right through you. Because like it or not, once the cameras stop rolling and the CWF logo flashes on TV screens across the world, there will be a winner...a new pair of tag team champions, and their names will be Freddie Styles and Duce Jones. I don't hate you Aussies, nor do I have love for ya. I feel for your predicament, but that means nothing when the bell rings. 

The Aces are here....and we're coming in hotter than our blackjack hands, ready to collect on some more Atlantic City winnings.


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