Title: So a Tormented Soul, a Psycho Gimp, and a Dick walk into a Bar..
Featuring: Krayzie
Date: Unknown
Location: Boston, MA/Jonesboro, AR
Show: Evolution 24

We find ourselves inside, now familiar basement/bunker that belongs to Duce’s father Krayzie. Panning around we notice that little activity has occurred here since Duce moved out. Particles of dust have caked up in several areas around the room. A light soon illuminates the room, after a door opens and the sound of footsteps can be heard. The footsteps drawing near we recognize the bringers of those steps are Krayzie and his wife, Ariana.

“This place hasn't look the same since Allen left..”


Ariana stated as her husband and her observe the room. Krayzie almost in a trance like state, she gently places her arm over his shoulder.


“I understand you were upset, but do you think throwing him out and cutting him off was necessary?”


“He put my babies in danger..”


“Their not just your babies, sweetie… Besides we both know that it wasn't him that got them in that situation.. It was Byson, who got all this mess started.”


“He shudda been stronger than that, caving in to that spirit.”


“What else was he supposed to do?”


“Embrace it..”


“Embrace it?”




“What's that supposed to mean?”


“No matter how tough he tries to act, he's weak. And he let go of the only edge he wudda had in this world. The only thing that would give him a fighting chance.”


“Fighting chance against what?”


“I've been saying it for years.. Shit’s bout to get bad bae. I've been telling that boy that since he's been born. Preaching it to him.. And his only advantage he granted life through some fuckin’ underground experiment!”


“He's always been a good kid. Just troubled at times and I don't blame him. Whenever this “fight” breaks out, the good in him might shine through.”


“Hmph… Yea right…”


Ariana shakes her head, heading back up the stairs, as her husband stands still. A somber look on his face, as if doing some reminiscing. He shakes his head as well, before heading back up the stairs behind her, turning the light off before he exits. Engulfing the room in darkness once again.




We all have a dark side, an evil presence that rest within us. Waiting to be provoked, waiting to be taunted into showing their face. Only a select few are able to suppress this entity, from showing their face, some fall victim and let them take over.


Then there are the ones who have mastered the balance.


The balance between having a moral conscious, and raving lunatic at the snap of a finger. You see some entities are selfish, they want to do the hostile takeover.. You know full control, wreak their havoc on a unsuspecting world.


Only because they can.


You see that's where I'm that balance. I realized my purpose a long time ago, and I realized that I am that sacrificial lamb sent to hold that line. To take the fight head and fist first to anyone who poses a threat.




You're a threat.. You're a threat to the very existence of my daughters’ future. This darkness that you're trying to cast, is something that I'm not quite comfortable with that.


Whatever personal vendettas you have with Duce is strictly between you and him. I have my own path that I must walk, and eventually they will cross with him as well.




A 2003 Orange Cadillac Escalade comes to a halt on front of a tow yard. As the doors open, Krayzie and Duce step out, the blistering heat from the sun casting a sweaty glaze across their foreheads almost instantly.


“I still can't believe you came to get me out. I cudda bonded myself out Pops.”


“I know, but we needed to talk about some thangs..”




“Just because I did that, don't think shit is good between us. I owe you an ass whooping, one so bad Joe Jackson is gonna be begging me to let up off yo ass…”


“Well wheneva you feel the time is right, I'll be waiting on ya.”


“No you won't..”


Krayzie climbed back inside of his vehicle, throwing it in gear, pulling off the lot. Duce, himself walking inside of the building to retrieve his own vehicle.


Later that evening.


Krayzie pulled into his home, his wife Ariana standing on the front porch, apparently waiting up for him. As he exits his SUV, she runs up to him giving him a hug, eidolon m berating him with questions.


“Is he okay? Where is he? Did they hurt him!? Because if they did, I got some old friends on the force that can take care of things!”


“Calm down..” He said holding her tightly. “He's fine, not shit he can't handle.


“What are they charging him with?” She questioned with an upset expression on her face.


“Possession of cocaine…”


“No. Oh no… You don't believe that do you?”


“Naw, I know Duce, he don't do shit like that.. He's going to get through this, everything is going to be okay.”


She began sobbing into Krayzie’s chest as he walked her into the house.




You know that night was supposed to be Duce’s night. You know winning the chance to enter number 30 in the Golden Intentions Rumble. But soon after his victory over former Paramount Champion, Christian STARR, I showed up, punted his head into a wall. And then…


Then he goes and gets locked up on false pretenses. I guess I'm sorta who to blame for his recent short comings. I'm the one who jump started the spiral down.


Do I care?


Not really..


The fucka deserved that kick to his skull. He needs that extra boost to get off his ass and make a difference.


Sounds familiar Xander?


Maybe it doesn't, maybe your family terrorized you cause you were weak. A feeble individual, a non fuckin’ factor!


I see the same traits in you, that I see when I look at Duce. An individual who tries so hard and fail so miserably, it's almost sickening. But through the torture, arose the monster who I will share the ring with.. Hellbent on ending lives, only for the sake of a thrill.


My kinda hombre.


At Evolution, four men step into the ring with an opportunity of a lifetime. A shot at the CWF Paramount Champion, Jarvis King, but when I look at all the contenders. I don't see men fighting for a chance at a title shot.


I see at least three men who want nothing more than to cause carnage and violence, myself included. And the fact that this match has no rules proves quite intriguing.


What are the lengths you're willing to go to, to prove your dominance Eclipse?


How much pain and violence are you willing to dish out, just to show that you belong?


How much Dick will it take…


I can't believe I just said that..


Dick Fury….


The new residential Dick of CWF, you are quite the character I must say. You see Eclipse asked the question on whether I've ever faced anything like him..


To answer that question Clipse is yes, I've fought monsters, aliens, spirits, cowboys, ninjas, spirits, Guido's, hell I've even fought a few clowns.. But this Dick.


Oh this Dick might be my toughest challenge to date.


With you Clipse I know what to expect.


With Xander I know what expect.


But with this Dick… I'm clueless of how to handle the situation…


I'm a man who doesn't take Dick lightly though. He may girate and prance around, thrusting whatever object in site. But if you bring that shit my way, I'm gonna punch you in the face.


Simple as that, I’m not to fond of Dicks, so bringing that fuckery in my direction would not be wise.


Come Evolution….


A Massacre Is Gonna Take Place…


Brought To You By...


One Krayzie Muthafucka…..


Let the fun begin gentlemen...

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