Title: Aftermath
Featuring: Mia Rayne
Date: What are nuts Alex?
Location: The mind, manner, hospital, and more! Or not...
Show: Evolution 24





Or Bewm. Same effect.


All are words that when seen imply a fantastic noise that can be heard from outer space, with little exaggeration. On the night of Golden Intentions, all three could be heard as Amelia goes through the announce table by the hands of The Not So Lost Boy, Sam Whatever The FUck.


It was honestly kind of nice to have a slight reprieve. The lumberjack match took a lot out of Amelia, followed by the tag match and headbutting, while fun, leaves one feeling dazed and confused for hours after. Try it sometime and remain un-loopy. Uh huh, not so easy is it? The lights above her spin dangerously fast. Wait, the lights are spinning? No, that can’t be right.


Amelia shakes her head and the lights start to stabilize, allowing her to regain her equilibrium and once again feel the table under her sore back. She stands and stumbles, grabbing at another table to regain her balance. Announcers talking, fans...Cheering…





Blow a kiss, wink at the Rolashy one. That will teach him… For.. Something.


Amelia turns back toward the ring, chaos in front of her, Golden Intentions on the line, promises of future shots at glory.

It's too early. We're.. We're not ready...



Shut up Mia, you wanted Amelia tonight, you have her… A weird feeling of detachment washes over me. I don’t care… Survive. That’s the name of the game right now. Survive. Go as far as we can and push further. Amelia can go further.

We… We can go further. We are Amelia. 

If nothing else on this night everyone will remember my name. Who was it that called out a False Prophetess and her False Deity and proved them to be the fakes they are?


Who is now one half of the Tag Team Champions and one of the crazies that was in a headbutting contest?

That is Amelia too.

Now say the name and let’s finish out the rest of this rumble shall we?


Location: Das Manner! Told you there would be one!

Mia is sore. Or at least she’s pretty sure she is. She moans as she rolls over in her sleep and grabs the closest fluffy thing to her, a purple and blue tie dyed bear with a small knapsack over it’s head; a smiley face drawn on the front of it. Hugging it close she re-positions herself and moans again before opening her eyes slowly, not really trusting her perceptions.


She pushes the blankets off of her and blinks a few times to figure out where she is, feeling the familiarity slowly return to her. The coziness. The black out curtains that are so freaking underrated but are so wonderful for keeping the light out. Guess that would be why they’re called “black out” curtains then huh?

Mia pauses from stretching and a confused look passes across her face. That narrative was… New. Unexpected. Unfamiliar. Mia scrunches up her face and tries to remember Golden Intentions. She closes her eyes and pictures it all. Or at least attempts to. She hits the proverbial brick wall and bangs on it within her mind’s eye, her frustration palpable as images return to her fuzzy. 

Lynk being misused…


Winning the first match of the night.

Winning the tag team match.

Winning...Golden Intentions? No, that can’t be right. Could it?

All the images flash before her mind as she does a quick inventory of her body. Multiple bruises, her face felt sore and she is afraid to check her reflection out. Some scrapes but doesn’t look like anything major. She stretches, testing out the range in motion for all of her muscles, yep, everything seemed to be in place. So why the feeling of…

“Good morning my Starshine…

Mia starts and hops up in a defensive position in the bed only to find Ataxia sit forward from the shadows, his keen eye trained on her. She smiles slightly and makes her way to the edge of the bed, biting her bottom lip mischievously, and before Ataxia can respond pounces right onto his lap and wraps her long arms around his neck. 

The two share a long kiss, informing the other that they were missed. The pull apart and Mia lays her head gently on Ataxia’s chest, content in the moment. A part of her wishes she was just a fluffy kitty, because if she was, she would TOTALLY be purring right about now. A soft knock and Mia takes careful consideration to ensure that she is at least somewhat modest in appearance, a mental checklist that takes all of a second to complete, but a lifetime to experience. Satisfied she says, 

“Come IN!”

Followed promptly by her light giggles as Ataxia pokes her lightly in the side, tickling her. His expression turns from one of pure mischief to one of downright glee.

“I didn’t realize my little crumpet was...TICKLISH!”

As Shadow opens the door he walks in on a scene that can only make him sit back and smile. Ataxia pinning Mia against the floor, jabbing his gloved hands into her sides and forcing her to squeal, laugh, and wiggle herself free from his playful grasp. Shadow can do nothing but shift on his feet somewhat awkwardly, but only because of the two title belts he has slung over each shoulder.


With sudden strength that surprised even herself, she pushes Ataxia off of her and bounds over to a startled Shadow in a few easy steps. With a smile plastered on his face he laughs slightly as Mia takes one of CWF’s newly customized Tag Team Titles into her hands. She stares at her reflection in the name plate as Ataxia comes up beside her and brings her in close. She lets herself be enveloped by his presence as Shadow turns to leave.

“Thank you Shadow. For… Everything.”

An age old adage, turn of phrase, or whatever it might be called in a given vernacular is that one should always be weary of who they meet eyes with. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, the Being. A person could fall for every lie in the book but if they look someone in the eye? It’s entirely possible that they will be able to predict what the next move is going to be. Now, Mia Rayne was one that always has believed in the power of what simple eye contact means and she has always taken great care not to meet the gaze of anyone that wasn’t, well, anyone. She would of course read their emotions, but good luck trying to meet her gaze, the few that have, never truly talk about the experience.

Mia looks up from the belt and directly at Shadow’s back. He turns as if to say something and the two make eye contact and no more words are exchanged, there is no need. Shadow nods and is first to break his gaze, nodding his head as Ataxia continues to poke Mia in the side, a fact that up until this moment she had been able to ignore. However, as Shadow turns back and continues to make his way to his next task, Mia bursts out laughing, swatting at Ataxia who leaps back in a defensive stance, to which Mia responds with her best “crane kick” Karate Kid impersonation. Ataxia is the first to move and darts forward, aiming to knock Mia off balance, but she’s ready for him and manages to leap into the air from her one leg and into Ataxia’s surprised, but steady arms. She plants another kiss on his burlap covered face and they escape back into the room, the tag title still clasped in her arms close to her.

This… This is new. Who am I again? Mia? AMiala? Mmmm…..

I guess this is where we do our best to explain...Ourselves. Are you all keeping track at home or should I wait for you kids to get paper and pens out to take notes? What you’re experiencing, I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear us or if this message will get across. Maybe it will? Maybe it won’t. It doesn’t matter.

The Mia Rayne you know and love? She’s still around, she’s going to be there week in and out, lather rinse and repeat. But...There’s more. You’ve all seen me, she hasn’t. I’m the one that beat Cassandra and left her broken in the middle of the ring. I’m the one that said, ‘HEY FUCK FACE SAILOR MOON RIP OFFS AND BASTARDIZED VERSIONS OF COOKIES THAT HAVE NO REASON RUINING COOKIES FOR ME BUT DO ANYWAYS BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL EVIL FUCKS! What you’re all doing? It’s wrong. I’m going to challenge you and put a dent in your plans.’

What the hell happened? Huh? Did Los Oreos Gringos do everything they said was going to happen? Did that massive see-you-next-Tuesday of a phoney Cassandra predict what would happen or was it just another bag of hot air let loose by the warrior clan known as… Whatever the fuck their name actually is. In all honesty the reason I pushed for the cookie thing so hard? I forget their name. It isn’t intimidating enough to remember and I proved that they’re mostly bark with very little bite…


Anyways. It was this particular...Amelia that also won the tag team belts and got the better of the one and only Duce Jones in a headbutting contest that was just… Well, I’m sick enough to admit that I enjoyed that contest and I would be honored to do it some other time Duce. What say you? Want another… Head...Job...Contest…. I don’t know where I was going with that but you and Freddie? You’re good people. Let us know when you want that rematch.

We also got put through an announce table. Indeed we did. Then we got up and did...Did I help eliminate someone at some point? I think so, must have been a needle dick though if I didn’t notice him… Whatever.

The POINT of this diatribe? I don’t HONESTLY have one. Just know that Mia Rayne isn’t the person people should be concerned being with. Will you understand my presence right away? We ALL doubt that one. Hell, we don’t even believe Mia knows about us fully yet and that’s ok, for now. Mia will learn sooner than all of you and once Mia DOES figure out this little...Puzzle piece, she’s going to be like butter.

On a fucking role. Or roll. You meant what I understood. 

Colon capital D. 

Semi colon right parenthesis.

Later that day:


They never signified anything fantastic in Mia’s memory. She shivers as she hops out of her car and closes the door, slinging her messenger bag over her shoulder and wrapping her hoodie around her. She sighs as she makes her way up to the visitor’s entrance and gives a small nod to the security guard that is giving her the oddest of stares. Weird.

She shakes the feeling and quickly heads to the bank of the elevators. Sure she hadn’t been to visit yet, but from the snippets of conversation she hears in her sleep, when they all expect her to ignore their loud whispers, she had a general idea on where to go, which people to speak with for badges, sign ins, and whatever else that typically came up in a hospital setting. Anything involving people she already knows is something is enough to put her on edge but to do something in PUBLIC and ALONE? She shakes the feeling that sudden laughter from the nurse’s station isn’t about her and continues onto her destination. 

”ThIRd floor. room THREE oh oNe.”

She speaks low, quite aware of the tremor in her voice. She curses herself for speaking aloud, but it was the only way to force herself to concentrate on the task at hand. She HAD to make it. HAD to see her. HAD…

Mia stops as she comes to a door with a cheap and plastic “301” on it. Taking a deep breath she raises a fist and knocks on the door… That is no longer the door but the burly chest of one Dorian Hawkhurst. Mia is distracted by ensuring that no one was paying her any attention but stops as she feels Dorian’s chest under her fist. She flattens her hand and pats his chest before finally coming to and paying attention to what she was doing. Dorian blushes slightly and Mia withdraws her hand quickly before managing to squeak out.
“Mind if I come in for a visit?”

The Forsaken Demon gives her a warm smile and nods in earnest, gesturing her into Chloe Hawkhurst’s room. Mia slides in and Dorian closes the door softly behind Mia as she goes straight over to the hospital bed containing a sleeping Chloe. Dorian closes the drapes, blocking the afternoon sun for a small while and Mia gives him a grateful smile and nod. Dorian takes his post back up at the opposite side of the bed, putting his feet up on the windowsill and grabbing the closest thing to read while Mia visits.

“It’s...It’s fine Dorian. I’d actually prefer to talk to you as well.”

He shrugs his shoulders and gives Mia his attentions, having a small feeling that he knew what this is about.

“I just… If it hadn’t been for… I’m…”

Mia starts and stops several times but doesn’t seem to get the words out, stopped short every time her eyes dart nervously to Chloe’s still form in the bed. Dorian stands up and walks over, putting his arm around Mia and bringing her in close. His voice has a reassuring tone to it, like an older brother protecting a younger sister.

“Chloe is perfectly fine, she’s currently just resting and can honestly sleep through three nuclear apocalypses, thirteen marching bands on parade, and the entire cast of ‘Stomp’ tapping across a freshly polished stage. She’s partly my kid Amelia, there’s not much that is going to keep her down.”

Mia looks up into Dorian’s smiling and reassuring face and she manages to just hold back her tears, instead focusing on Chloe’s resting face. Dorian goes and sits back down next to the window and puts his feet up. Mia goes to the opposite side of the bed and carefully places a familiar doll next to Chloe’s head, the same doll that Ataxia gave to her once upon a time. Feeling Dorian’s eyes on her Mia smiles and gently strokes the doll’s head while she talks, as if committing all details of it to memory, her voice quiet as she finally sets it next to Chloe’s head.

“I never meant for this to happen Dorian and while you say that you know that and she knows that… I never wanted her hurt or injured. I thought her being a little Forsaken Warrior was all cute and shit, even got a couple good licks in from what little I remember from the other night, but she wasn’t supposed to take that shot for me. I would never have asked her…”

Dorian stops her with a look, a feint smile. She smiles and looks back at Chloe who only rolls over in her sleep and snuggles the doll close.

“It won’t happen. Not with Auntie Mia around. Not again. Anything you two need, please let me know and don’t hesitate. There isn’t much that I can offer in terms of materialistic things, and I don’t know what else I can offer, but please… Let me help, let me make this right.”

Mia pleads with Dorian who only stares at her deadpan, tension mounts in Mia’s face and she gets ready to turn tail and run, if only to hide the tears. Before she can do so much as run though Dorian bursts out laughing, his bark of a laugh echoing throughout the room. Chloe Hawkhurst sits up in bed, slowly and painfully, a wide and toothy smile on her face as she stares at the stricken and confused Mia. Dorian hops up and comes across the room in a couple massive steps and encloses Mia in a hug. The look shared between the two eases all tensions and from that moment on, Mia knows for a fact that everything is good between them.

“Though… An autograph would be nice…”

Mia looks up from underneath Dorian’s arm and laughs, nodding the affirmative at Chloe who squeals in delight before she notices the doll that Mia had carefully placed by the pillow just minutes before. Mia sits at the end of the bed and Chloe climbs over to sit next to her, handing the doll back over. Mia smiles and take the doll, looking at it fondly as Dorian, uncomfortable with the sentimental stuff goes back to his post in the chair. Mia lightly brushes the hair from her face and smiles at Chloe.

“I want you to have this, Chloe. Just a reminder that… Well, this doll is important to me and led me to my new family, but has served its purpose to me. Now, I have asked it to keep an eye out for you.  Thank you for saving me from Lynk Chloe. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to say ‘thank you’ enough. But, what I do have is a very specific set of skills.”

Chloe giggles and Mia smiles, handing the doll back over to the young Forsaken.

“Whenever you… Or your dad…” 

Mia glances over at Dorian who nods, showing that he understands exactly what Mia is saying.

“Need me, no matter what else is going on. You let me know, you come find me. No matter what, I will make sure that the next time you take a hit, you laugh it off and fu… Mess up someone else’s day.”

Mia hugs Chloe tight before gathering her stuff and heading to the door; Dorian getting up to follow her out. Chloe gets back in bed, cuddling the doll close and just waiting for the doctor to come and tell her she’s allowed to go back home. The Forsaken Psycho exits the door and begins to make her way back down the labyrinth of fluorescently illuminated hallways that brought her here.

“Hey… Mia?”

She stops and turns around, almost quizzical. Dorian just stands in the doorway, smiling at her.

“Thank you. It… It means a lot.”

Neither one of the two wanted to get sentimental, it wasn’t the type of person either of them truly were. That day though there grew a bond between Dorian Hawkhurst and Mia Rayne. Ironically enough, “The Forsaken” have turned more into a “family.” Now who would have pictured that?

Oh Dane. 

Daney Dane.

You only had one job. Help me to take out the people who have been giving you a hard time since. Even out the numbers and in return you get to regain some measure of revenge on the people that have been a constant fecking thorn in your side. 

Yet here we are.

What’s so “great” about you anyways Dane? Hmm? You’ve had a long career and I’ll freely admit to watching you on TV while I was a wee  young thing. If there was one guy that always had an answer for a problem, it was the Great Eric Dane, or whatever your nickname is anymore. I never found much use for them honestly, do I really need to call myself “psychotic” for anyone to REALLY consider me as such? Didn’t think so.

I want to be your friend, I REALLY do. Like, Spongebob “Friends/Fun” song that he sang to Plankton once upon a time. Don’t lie, you know EXACTLY what we’re talking about. There’s just one thing that seems to be getting in the way of that goal and that just seems to be the, heh, big as your nose, ego, that’s right, I went there. I get it, we all do, you have been around the block more than a couple times in the last five decades or so and have seen pretty much every trick in the book.

Pretty much.

Pretty much except for, ya know. ME.

There’s one thing I can promise you Dane and it isn’t anything crazy, “Cassandra worthy,” we can assure you of that. No…

What I promise you is that you have NEVER faced anyone like us before. Sure, I’m quite positive that we’re not the first “crazy, psycho, insert random word for ‘insane’ here” that you have faced in your illustrious career. I’m not taking away from you or your career. What we are saying is the fact that throughout your years on this planet, there has never been ONE person that has set foot in that ring across from you, looked at you, and said, “Hey, let’s play” and go all fecking out…

There’s only one of us. We’re the ones that within their first MONTH here destroyed a “legendary” tag team from the inside out. Where’s Billy Anderson now? Tyler? Nothing but silence? That’s what I thought. 

We’re the ones that looked at Azrael and called him out on his bullshit, “this person’s name means this according to that and therefore they’re evil and you should turn away from that dark path over yonder.” Sorry, that was our best Azzhole impression. I still haven’t forgotten you Azzhole, you had best hope our paths don’t cross again.

We’re the ones that called out the mother truckin’ most powerful group of cookies known to the CWF’nF, laughed when they sent their champion, their “Prophetess” and turned her away, proving that she’s only filled with hot air and false promises. That same night, we faced worthy champions and usurped them, helping Shadow put our family on the map. THEN, we were forced into a rumbly matchy thing and put through an announce table, yet still got back up, got eliminated but feck dude can you blame us? That was a hell of a night. 

So that brings us to you. Dane, I respect the career, we do… But when that bell rings and we go one on one against you, there will be nothing saving you from the beating that will be reigned down upon you by my fists of fury and boots of kick ass, plus two to kicking. We expect an uphill battle and this isn’t going to be easy for us. It has to be done though. You’re in the way of my streak of wins… That accumulate into!

I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. But we’d be lying if we said that winning wasn’t important to furthering our career. This is just another match, new age person against the wily ring veteran. Do you have any tricks old man? Are you going to be able to keep up with someone that you have NO earthly idea how to prepare for? I hope you have some game plan come Evolution that doesn’t involve your trained attack leprechaun with the crazy awesome mustache. Just like no one expects the unexpected…

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition Dane. NO ONE.

Semi Colon.

Right Parenthesis.

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