Title: Scavenger hunt
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: At my house
Show: Evolution 78



“Throw every curveball you want at us buddy.  Ain’t nothing gonna stop us now.” - @clawofthenight [Autumn Raven, twitter]


The world as it stood, was in an uproar.  For the past few weeks, everyone was panic buying things that most of us blink an eye at every day.  Stores were empty of some basic things, and people were wearing gloves and masks just for protection or out of the fear that was pushed upon everyone daily.  Businesses were changing, or shutting down, forcing people to literally stay indoors and go crazy. Autumn didn’t really want to fall into that category. Being in her house for an hour was enough to make her go nuts.  Besides, she had a job to do and places to be. Staying safe was key, but moving forward with ideas and plans was important too.


Staring out at the quiet, yet inviting city from her hotel room in Oslo, she tapped a finger on her arm, quietly waiting for that phone call that was supposed to come in.  Any interviews or public press stuff were being done over the phone or FaceTime, something with a video feed, due to the virus fears abound everywhere. Even the employees at Thon Hotel Opera were taking no chances and using gloves to do their work, sanitizing everything as if it were a game.  Autumn was respectful of all that, but the second she got away from it all, she shook her head, wondering what the hell would make people go through all of this.


As she saw it, the weather was nice enough, but not too bad as to keep everyone inside for long.  The craving for social interaction, she could see why people would want to push all of it aside and just find someone to...talk to.  Her tag partner was in another hotel in Oslo, but doing her own things.


“I should probably tell her what I think about that tag team name she had for us.  I haven’t said anything in a while. Probably thinks I hate it, or her.”


The two of them had been without an actual ‘name’ since their inception months ago, just going by their own names for the time being.  Now that they had made a sure name for themselves, they needed a good ‘name’ to finally call themselves. PJ had quietly asked her about it a while back, and Autumn simply hadn’t given the girl a straight answer either way about whether she liked it or hated it outright.  She still hadn’t given an answer to this day. She really should. The name was gaining a bit of traction with wrestling fans online, and they were eagerly waiting for official conformation that that was what they were going to call themselves finally. It had a good ring to it.


That would have to wait, there was an interview to conduct.  Whenever the person would decide to call. Probably was going to be Tara Robinson.  That was the word filtering around.




The familiar gutteral tones of ‘Judas’ by Fozzy blared through the hotel room, shocking the Beautiful Psychopath out of her own thoughts.  She quickly turned to where her phone was lying, on the bed, and quickly walked over to it. She flopped down, swiped her finger on the screen and answered the call.


Autumn:  Hello?


Tara:  Ahh, yes, Autumn?  This is Tara. Sorry I’m late with the phone call, I had to take care of some other business before hand.  Took a little longer than I would have thought.


Autumn shrugged, not really caring what her reason was for being late with this.


Autumn:  It’s fine.  I wasn’t busy with anything anyway.  Let’s get to this.


There was a cough, and some shuffling around before she heard Tara speak again.


Tara:  First off, let me start by saying thank you for giving me and the rest of the CWL universe this time to hear your thoughts on what’s been going on so far.


Autumn:  Not a problem.  As far as what’s going on so far, the world’s done gone and turned on its ass with all this virus shit going on.  Everyone’s panicking, hoarding stupid crap, and afraid to do anything without worrying if someone’s been sick. Like I get it, I do.  We should all practice ‘social distancing’, but does that include hoarding essentials as if they’re going to disappear overnight? This stupid fear crap, needs to stop.


Tara:  Right. It’s been tough on everyone in the business with all of this floating around.  Upper management has been taking every precaution to make sure everyone is safe and doing what needs to be done to stay healthy.  Onto the more important things. You and PJ have been on a tear as of late, really taking the whole company by storm since the two of you joined forces.  Where do you see things going from here on out? Everyone with a partner wants a piece of you two.


Autumn shrugged, picking a piece of lint off of her blanket and throwing it aside.


Autumn:  Anywhere they want to go.  We’re the team to beat in the division right now, and everyone wants a piece of that.  It’s understandable. There’s a lot of great teams out there, don’t get me wrong, but no one’s really stood out so far as being the ‘one’ to take that spot to challenge us.  We’re more than ready to take on whoever it is.


Tara:  There’s a rumor going around that your tag-team name is going to be ‘Daughters of Darkness’.  Any truth to that?


Autumn:  Um, I’d rather tell PJ about that first then make it official to the world.  I feel bad for not telling her either way sooner.


There was a moment of silence, before things picked up again.


Tara:  This week brings the Unhinged qualifier matches.  Your partner is involved in her own match against Nina, whom you’re very familiar with while you get to take on a brawler in Terry Gould.  It’s going to be an interesting match up, and people are wondering how such a man is going to take on someone with your speed and agility out there.


Autumn chuckles, tilting her head.


Autumn:  Hey I’m just as curious to know what he’s going to do out there as well.  He takes to the ground when he wants, and I take to the sky, much like my namesake says.  Raising your fists is fun, but when you have to deal with someone who can outrun your swings, then it gets a little interesting.


Tara:  Do you doubt what Terry can do out there?


Autumn:  No no, I don’t.  I just wonder what his thought process going into this is.  His typical tactics are going to have to change, and change quick when he encounters someone like me.  He’s got talent, but he’s going to have to do more to get over me...and I’ll be waiting to show him what I’m all about.


Tara:  How do you think your partner, PJ is gonna do against Nina?  You and Nina are no stranger to one another.


Autumn:  PJ’s a strong girl, and she’s proven that to me and everyone else time and time again that she’s a force to be reckoned with out there.  Lots of people don’t think that about her, but as her wins have shown, that’s the wrong thing to think. She’ll be fine against Nina. The girl likes to play her own headgames and twist things around, but if PJ gives her all, she’ll succeed.


Tara:  What are your thoughts about how your match will go?


Autumn:  Hey, I want to advance as much as Terry does.  It’s all in, just for a chance to move on but let’s be honest here.  When I come around and stand tall in that ring, no one can stand up against me.  I’ve proven myself to be a dominant star time and time again, and I will prove myself once again in this match.


Tara:  Awesome.  I think that’s all I need Autumn.  Good luck this week, and I’ll talk to you soon.


Autumn:  Later, chica.




Autumn sighed, waiting a minute before opening up twitter and a DM page to PJ Blake.


Autumn:  Hey, it’s me.  Daughters of Darkness is a go.  Spread the word.


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