Title: Old School wrestling it is
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 10/3/20
Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Show: Evolution 77



Old School wrestling it is youtube.com shoot.

"Again, a very quick video because I don't have a whole lot of time today. Anyway, going up against a guy named Terry Gould who I've seen around CWF. He won his match two weeks ago against Jason Ryan, a guy I happened to have defeated at Frozen PPV. A great guy who can overcome many things in CWF if he keeps his head straight, however, I don't think that will be the case with Terry. I think he could spill trouble for me and could stop my winning streak if I overlook Terry.

I'm looking forward what Terry does and I don't think the guy will take too kindly to me, However tonight, I will do everything possible to win against Terry tomorrow night on Evolution 77 and will continue my winning streak to four wins in a row because I won't be stopped to get that win against Terry tomorrow. I still haven't made my decision to whether I'll go for the Impact or the Paramount title, but sooner than later Zolton and Johnny Graves, you'll find out that answer. I will be watching Zolton's match from ringside, so I can study if he's suitable to be my opponent or not, same would've been said about Johnny as well if he was defending the title on the show too.

However before I can think about that, I got to wrestle to my full potential against Terry, still carrying the Crystal Ice briefcase and I know you think only younger guys can pull off high flying moves. I'm fifty-three years old who's jumped in the Junior Heavyweight division and I can assure you, I can wrestle with high flying moves because I worked too hard to get where I am. I was overweight when I started, then got bored of the Heavyweight division to turn into a Junior Heavyweight wrestler because apart from winning a title in CWF, winning a Junior Heavyweight title is my goal and I'm getting close to winning both of those belts.

I hope you've researched and studied me, Terry, because I certainly have and if CWF wants me to wrestle old school wrestling style, they'll get it for sure as I know you'll likely throw me around across the ring, but if you saw my match against Vince last week you know I can lift men twice my size and I still won the match, regardless of the odds stacked against me. Tomorrow night here in Charlottetown, you'll prepare yourself to be Iceinated by The Iceman as I will pin you for the three count or if you anger me a bit, submit you."

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