Title: Defending Championship glory... Contender Unworthy... Go back to RETIREMENT!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: March 06, 2020
Location: The Rafters of Eastlink Centre
Show: Evolution 77

”He has worked so hard.
To get to just this point.
Fought through it all.
Emotional displacement.
Personal anguish.
Finally reached a goal.
Now it is time to defend that glory.
Problem waits in the wings.
An unworthy CHALLENGER!!”


Defending Championship glory… Contender Unworthy… Go back to RETIREMENT!!


++==LOCATION: Prince Edward Island==++
++==DATE: March 06, 2020==++
++==PLACE: The Rafters of Eastlink Centre==++

*The shroud of darkness is removed and we see, blurry for a moment, but we see him. Draped over his right shoulder is his Championship Wrestling Federation Paramount Championship Title. His hair is pulled back loosely. His torso bare, two lights are shining on him from his feet area, we cannot see them, but we can only see two sources of light illuminating him from below. His arms are relaxed at his sides. After a moment, he kneels upon one of the cross members. His eyes are currently hidden, whether they are closed, or aren’t illuminated just yet. Another moment passes and we are met with her soft angelic voice.*

He still stands. He holds a championship. And like he has stated, brought it from nothingness to reverence. Brought the Paramount championship to the forefront of the Championship Wrestling Federation. We will not discuss what happened at Evolution Seventy Six. That was a disgrace to him. No. Ladies and parasitic organisms, we are focused on this upcoming Evolution show. On this show, your Beast of Chaotic Rage will stand in the ring against someone that hasn’t been around in a couple of years. Not only will Zolton be facing off against this person that goes by the name of Nina. She gets an ultimate opportunity. She gets a chance at the Paramount Championship. Please open your minds and pay close attention to what is about to be said.

*Her voice trails off in an odd echo. Then we see his eyes begin to glow. Their normal deep, piercing blue. Zolton seems to be staring straight at us.*

“What did you do Nina to gain this opportunity? Come flying out of retirement because she was promised this? Well woman, you were promised an opportunity, and that is all you are going to get. During this chance at looking at this beautiful and the infamous Paramount championship belt, infamous due to me, your return and hope to regain past glories will fall just as quickly as they were promised to you. I didn’t scratch and claw my way through parasite after parasite during the Alpha and Omega tournament. Nor did I put my body on the line for almost an hour in a match that made no sense to attain this title just to hand it over to a woman that is more meaningless than that KY fellow.”

*He pauses a moment as the blue disappears momentarily.*

“I am not sure where you were, or where you have been but if you truly think that you have any kind of chance to defeat me. Defeat a beast such as I. You better turn right back around and go back to wherever you were before this booking happened. Do you have any clue what I am capable of? It doesn’t matter that I can sit here and make you look like your reading level as I speak. But inside that wrestling ring, I am unmatched. I have evolved. I am evolved Nina. Do you have any comprehension of what that might mean? If you can’t or have no real ability to read or research, I will be glad to show you what I am capable of and how evolved I am when we meet up at Evolution Seventy Seven.”

*Again he pauses. He rises up, grasping his left wrist with his right hand as he stands completely balanced on a maybe four inch wide beam up above the world. We have no clue what is below us, we just know that we are above stuff.*

“You have done nothing of recent memory to have earned this place. But don’t you think for one millisecond that I am looking past you. I focus on each and everyone of my opponents now. I made that idiotic mistake during the tournament. I saw myself in the finale before it was even close to being here. Will I do that ever again? No ma’am. Nina, I am not even sure you did anything in your past run in this company to have earned this spot? Wait did you hold this belt when you were here before? I can’t say for sure you have done anything or held this belt. Did I bother to research your past like that? No. I researched your skillset. Your abilities. Your training. I have to admit that it didn’t amaze me, but I am not going to let my guard down. I am the Beast of Chaotic Rage for a reason. Evolution has brought me here. Free chance at a championship has brought you here.”

*He turns to look at his belt now, his eye glow turns from piercing blue to an amazing green. Bright. Almost blinding. The lights below him seem to vanish as well.*

“Your return to in ring action will be a disappointing one. Not for me. No. You will be the one disappointed. You will come in all high thinking that I am some new, millennial, hipster douchebag that you will be able to run through without hardly any effort. Go ahead and think and feel that way Nina. It will only end in your demise. I will become the beast of your nightmares. The Chaos you wish you could control. The Rage you wish you could have to accomplish what I have. Quick list. Mainstay, and staple in two different companies at the same time. Burned through two round robin tournaments in two different companies at the same time. World Championship contender in one. Champion in another. A Man of pure Chaos. And the world’s Beast of Chaotic RAGE! Welcome to your Evolution Nina. I am your fuel so that you can fly to that evolved state. Or it will be what ultimately destroys you and any further evolution you may want to achieve. I am Zolton. Welcome to my chaos.”

*With a quick flash of that amazing green happens and he vanishes. Where did he go? We don’t have time to ponder it because her voice returns.*

Well it was short and to the point. He has no time to talk and expand on such a disappointment of a challenger for his Paramount Championship. He will successfully defend and retain his championship. Going on to continue bringing that belt into the prominence it deserves to be. All the while going after Freddie Styles and that World Championship. Inside the Eastlink Centre. Nina’s return to in ring action will come and then go just as quickly as her answer to take on your Beast of Chaotic Rage. The reign of Chaos has begun and will not be ending anytime soon. At Evolution Seventy Seven of Championship Wrestling Federation on March tenth twenty twenty will be the first step of many. He has spoken. The time for words is now passed. Time for action. He is ready. Are you ready Nina?

*Again her voice trails off in an angelic way. We are seemingly left alone for a moment or two before all goes dark and we are unable to hear anything.*

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