Title: Facing a monster for the first time since December last year
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 25/2/20
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Show: Evolution 76


Facing a monster for the first time since December last year youtube.com shoot.

"I literally mean that as well. Last time I fought a monster is a guy known as Xander Valentine in SupremeCW, but that's long ago. However, it's been a long time since I fought a masked wrestler though. I admit you are intimidating, which is why it's rare you wrestle as a solo's competitor. Barely anyone can lift you off your feet, except monsters like my twin brother and my brother in law who are legit monsters in the ring. Not saying you aren't because you are, Vince. I've seen you with Most Known Unknowns team with Omar and Byson around you and trying to capture the tag titles.

But it didn't come to you. I don't think I need to brag about how I'm doing here, it's all written in the history books, but you should know that I'm a title contender now. What title I will decide to go for, I don't have a clue yet, although I got myself a special iced briefcase which I should have due to the PPV being known as Frozen Over. I wonder as to why I didn't get involved in iced based matches?

It slightly annoyed me when I didn't get an iced related match because it all revolves around my nickname of The Iceman. Vince, I know you'll be watching a skinny man getting thrown around, but I was once a heavyweight wrestler like you, being overweight and I literally did enjoy throwing people around, across the ring, playing other opponents as toys, but I wanted to change to be a Junior Heavyweight or in some companies, Cruiserweight champion, losing a lot of weight to get there.

I don't care for what you'll do to me, just bring everything you have Vince, even if you outweigh me a lot, but I'm willing to sacrifice everything just to win against you. I will use more of my high flying and in some cases, using you to break a part of your body. I don't care what you even say, the point is I will once again make you have either a pinfall or a submission. Go ahead, unleash your frustrations on me, because it will do you no good when I will pin you or submit you anywhere. You're better to prepare yourself for a war you won't get out of, especially when against a title contracted titleholder.

I haven't decided what belt to go for, that's hard for me to decide at the moment, but it most likely wouldn't be the tag team champions.  Anyway, I'm going to do everything to stop you from getting that win. The point is you don't seem to terrify me and can easily catch you off guard to win the match so everyone should and must be focused tonight. I will win this match either pinfall or submission because Vince will prepare to get himself Iceinated by The Iceman."

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